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Ive been to two Cheesecake Factorys. One in California and one in Dallas, Texas.

The one in Dallas I ended up leaving. I stood there for 15 minutes waiting to be seated, and nobody ever showed up to front of the restaurant. I never even saw any waitstaff. And yes, they were open, there was people in there eating.

The one in California...I was taken there by a friend as a "thank you" for doing some work for her. The wait for a table was short. We got our table and the waitress disappeared.

About 30 minutes later she shows up with menus and asks for our drink orders.

About 20 minutes later she shows back up. She takes our orders and then disappears again.
Our drinks were empty and she didnt even offer to refill them, or give us a chance to ask for refills...she just disappeared. We had to grab another waitress to get refills.

Other people had come in, sat down, ordered, ate, and left by the time our waitress brought our food! As soon as our plates were on the table she disappeared again. We didnt have any silverware, so we had to grab the other waitress again to get us some.

I had the fried fish and cole slaw, my friend had the pork chops and potatoes. Her chops were tough and she could barely eat one of them (there were 2). My fried fish was COLD and the cole slaw was HOT!

Again, we had to grab the other waitress to find our waitress and get our check so we could get out of there.

A 1 hour meal at any other place...a 3 hour catastrophe at Cheesecake Factory.

Never again.


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      Nov 26, 2011

    @heath2011 - no, those are just the vending machines ones. Even then, they're not always owned by Pepsi itself. the coolers at convienience stores and places like cvs are to be filled by employees. I always check exp. dates now since it seems like lots of conv. stores are either lazy or cheap and just leave the old expired sodas in the front.

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      Nov 26, 2011

    um, sorry about that post. the site went screwy somehow and posted my comment on a different complaint

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      Feb 27, 2012

    Im a employee of cheesecake factory in naples I would say its at the number one spot of the worst place to work at the Ekm is full of it and he needs to go your Gm.kevin.and Akm treat the staff with respect when he doesn't he sets his team up for failure and im disappointed and feel sorry for the rest of the team...

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