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I visited the Texas Roadhouse in Brooklyn, Ohio with my mother to celebrate her birthday (go figure, it's one of her favorite restaurants). The server seemed a bit overwhelmed the entire evening and when it came time to pay the bill she came and collected the checks and credit cards from our party. She returned to the table to distribute the charge slips and cards and was holding mine back. I noticed that she had a slip with my name on it for $48; I questioned why because my bill was only $20. She said that she mistakenly swiped my card for another table's check and she was going to rectify it. She returned saying that she deleted the charge before it went through. I checked my bank account online from my phone and realized that the charge had indeed went through and requested to speak to a manager. The manager came to the table and said that the charge had been voided but their system did not produce void slips and that the charge should come off my account within 24 hours. The next day I went to the Texas Roadhouse website and entered an email complaint because I felt it was ridiculous that something like this occured and the server nor the manager seemed to care that $50 of my money was being held for a meal that somebody I didn't even know consumed! 24 hours later the charge had not come off my account so I called and was on hold for 10 minutes (which is a long time to hold a phone) before a manager came to the phone. He stated that he had all my information and inquired if I'd emailed. He said that he didn't know why the manager told me the charge would come off within 24 hours because it takes between 48 to 72 hours to come off the account and asked wasn't it a pending charge. I said no the funds had been deducted from my account to which he replied 'yea that sucks'. He also did not seem to understand that this could have been potentially devastating if I did not have those funds available. I was never offered an apology (unless you count 'yea that sucks') or any offer to ensure that I would return as a customer. FINALLY yesterday 3 DAYS later the charge came off my account.
I don't know what world the employees and managers of Texas Roadhouse live in but in my world it's never OK to hold any amount of someone's money and not offer anything in return. Because of this experience I will not return as a customer - I wasn't given a reason to return!!!


  • Tx
    TxAgent Jun 04, 2010

    Actually he/she said it wasn't pending, and it was completely drafted from his account. An honest mistake is one thing, but one manager saying one thing, and the other saying another with an added "yeah that sucks" is unprofessional and not reassuring.

    But I wonder, did you end up getting charged for your own $20 meal?

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  • Fu
    fuma1986 Jun 17, 2010

    Tell us about your complaint at

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  • Jo
    joey0923 Dec 15, 2010

    this is why i pay with cash. and i love the service and the food at texas roadhouse.

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  • Mi
    miss_sumire Mar 16, 2011

    I work at TRH myself and I so tired to deal with such idioits, who can not make a diference between pending and posted charge. And also: you will not believe it, but there are ALIVE people working in TRH, which means they can (OMG!!!) make a mistake!!!

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  • Me
    me4 Jan 24, 2012

    If they would have given you something in return for the bank holding your money, would have given it back to Texas Roadhouse when the bank rectified the hold?

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