Texas RoadhouseI am complaining about my whole dining experience at texas roadhouse in cranston, ri on 4/13/2019.

A Apr 23, 2019 Review updated:

My family & I arrived there at 5:15 pm and was told by one of the young ladies at the desk that it would be 20 minutes before we were seated. It was 5:40 pm and we were directed to the back of the restaurant to a half table, half booth. There were some tables behind my chair and booths on both sides of our table along the walls. Sitting in one of the booths to my left was a young couple with 2 small children. One of the children was sitting in her stroller which was between our table and the booth. Because of the stroller being there, we had no way to get out if there was ever a fire. Our server took our order after 15 minutes of waiting. We waited over a half hour before we got our food which was the meantime before we got our food, there was a large group of people, so the server push the table that was behind my chair up against the booth next to it. Now I was really worried because between the stroller blocking the aisle next to our table, now the aisle behind my chair was also being blocked. I asked our server to speak to the manager, but he never came over, instead he sent someone else and so I told her they need to move that table so there is an aisle to pass through in case we had to leave. Her answer was "we can move you to another table". I was like you have to be kidding me since we just got our food and we had been sitting there already. She should have moved those people to a bigger table somewhere else, but she just ignored us and walked away. When the young couple with the children and stroller were leaving, both me and my husband had to get up from our chairs, move our chairs out of the way and we had to move out of the way. Also, when the person who cleared off the tables, sprayed the tables before he wiped them down. The bottle of cleaner sprayed all over. They need to use a damp cloth and not a spray bottle with chemicals in it because when you spray the bottle, it gets all over everything, not only the table. I am allergic to these spray cleaners and I don't want it all over my food or in my nose and eyes. I also placed an order to go of a whole rack of baby back ribs with 2 sides. I asked for some extra bbq sauce on the side. When I got the ribs home, there was no extra bbq sauce on the side like I asked. The bill was over $70.00 and they were the worse meals we had ever had and the worse service. I want to know why the manager didn't come to our table when I asked to speak to him instead of him sending over a server who was useless and rude. Another thing, when I called corporate, I asked to speak to the regional manager for the rhode island restaurants, instead I was given to a guest relations person. What is it with this place, you ask to speak to management and they give you a server or guest relations person. This is not acceptable. I don't like to keep repeating myself over and over again!!! I was told by the guest relations person that the manager for the restaurant I am complaining about will contact me in 24 to 48 hours. I won't hold my breathe, since the manager didn't come to our table when I asked for him in the first place. I want a full refund of $70.10!!

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    Kneelfist, it seems you make remarks on everyone who makes a complaint about a place. I am looking at everyone who has made a complaint about a place, and guess what?? Your name is on all the reviews!!! Why am I not shocked?? You must be getting paid to call people names and mention their mother's in your remarks. You are the pathetic one who needs a life. Maybe you do this or a living because that's all you can do. You complain about people who make complaints, how sad is that??? I noticed you call women little girls when you have no clue whom you are talking about or what you are talking about!!! You probably don't have a female in your life or maybe your mommy treats you like the little boy you are... Hahahahaaaaaa!!! Anyway, say whatever you want about me, I really don't give a f*k what you have to say!!! Now go away little boy, go suck on your bottle!!


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    kneelfist Apr 23, 2019

    Why on earth should you get a full refund. You ate the food so pay for the food. IF you cannot afford to pay for the food then do not eat there. Cook at home. Visit a soup kitchen. On another review you accused someone who has positive feed back of working there and making the place look. Now I can stoop to you level and claim that you made all of this up because you were fired.(which would explain why you cannot afford to pay your bills) I however do not make ASSumtpions. You have no business asking for a full refund just because you cannot afford to eat there. Cannot afford to eat there then don't. If there was really an issue with the food you would have returned. You are just looking for a free meal because you cannot afford to feed your family. I feel sorry for you. Now before you go around making a bigger fool of yourself and falsely ASSuming that I work there. I don't. I am a site regular. Grow up child. Mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face. Obviously she did not raise you right. Or maybe she tried and you turned out to be a pathetic loser anyway. IN that case I feel sorry for her having you as a child. Also obviously you are too lazy to cook. You do not know that food takes time to cook. When you thought you were in danger of the fire exit being blocked you could have left and cancelled your order. You did not. You did not really feel in danger. You are just using this as an excuse to get free food because you cannot afford to feed yourself.

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    kneelfist Apr 24, 2019

    I am not getting paid to post this. Another lie from you. Also why are you sending me private messages about how your father raped you and that is why you cannot afford to eat at the restaurant and want a full refund. If this is the case then unfortunately you should not be dining there.

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    Ann_Marie Apr 26, 2019

    @kneelfist Kneelfist, you are a sick m*r f*er. I am not sending you private messages, I am replying to your rude, ignorant post here on complaint board. first of all, my father never raped me and you making a remark about my father doing that to me is wrong. maybe it was your father who raped you & that is why you say the things you do to other people. you seem to be remarking on everyone's complaint on complaint board, so you must be getting paid by someone. you have nothing better to do then troll all these websites and make rude, sick comments & name calling. you are a sicko & a bully, and have nothing better to do with your time then harasse people because they complain about something. get a life and stop saying all those rude things to people when you don't even know anyone whom you are talking about!! seems your parents never taught you how to be nice to people, they probably bullied you and called you names, so you have to do that to other people because of what your parents did to you!!!

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