Tesco Bukit Indahcashier

S Sep 16, 2018

I would like to make a complaint about the cashier lady who was rudely treated us who's a customer, today on 16 September 18 around 7:35pm, after we have paid for the stuff we buy...she only gave us 2 plastic bag which we can't pretty much carry all of the stuff we brought, we asked for another plastic bag so we can carry our stuff since we lived in apartment so it's difficult for us to carry but she just rudely say there's no more plastic bag for us, so we asked kindly if you need us to pay for the plastic bag, we will pay for it? And she just point to some bag inside and say rudely go buy that bag then! Excuse me...but if you have a new policy that you can only give us 2 plastic bag whether we buy over 10 item, than at least be kind enough and explain? What kind of attitude is that suppose to be, is that how you treat your customer?! When we ask another cashier about it, she actually tell them not to give us? I have never encounter such a rude cashier ever! Makes us never want to buy stuff from tesco ever again!

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