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Tesco Complaints & Reviews

Tesco / my sponsor letter has been forgotten by hr cik siti

RonaldMcDonald on Sep 17, 2017
We have go to Tesco at 1 September and request to meet Ck Sit a Hr manager, To deliver a Letter of asking for sponsor for our event, we KPTM student that use Tesco as our main supply is really sad and frustrated by this situation. We are not hopping much even a pack of tissue is enough to...

Tesco Malaysia / poor customer service and delivery service

Arielle Fang on Sep 13, 2017
13th September 2017 Order : 13229-41698 I booked a slot from 12 to 2, never arrive until 2.30pm, make a customer service call, she said that the lorry can only arrive at 4pm, and since i have to leave my house before 3pm i asked if she can book me another slot and the thing she keep...

Tesco Malaysia / different price charge after delivery

zzarina on Aug 23, 2017
I ordered online from Tesco online store on 23rd August 2017, 5.30pm and asking for delivery on the next day 24th August 2017 at around 10-12am. I have been charge with delivery charges of RM4. Ordered 17 items. I get all the items but there is one substitute items which is okay and...

Tesco / nicocig refills.

solitairedave on Aug 5, 2017
dear sir/madame, i smoke e-cigs, but for the last month i cannot get any from my local tesco superstore in bury st edmunds, i, v tried thetford, they have some sometimes, but travelling is expensive, i have asked before bu to no avail, i am now getting my e-cigs from sainsburys which i...

Tesco / tesco 2 beef wellingtons

Stephen Moore on Jul 24, 2017
For Sunday lunch I purchased the product as above which I thought would be a nice treat for my partner and me. However it was a great disappointment. Whilst it was quite tasty, the meat inside was tough as old boots and did not appear to be fillet steak as it said on the label {"Two beef...

Tesco / vegetarian pulled pork and labelling

gregor condliffe on Jul 19, 2017
ON 14th July, at 2100 hrs approx, I wanted to buy some vegetarian food suitable for use on a barbacue. I unfortunately threw the packages away. Since, I intended to use it the next day, it was stored in the coldest part of the fridge. I became worried the barbacue temperature would not cook...

Tesco Semenyih / Security service very bad attitude

rays monsopiad on Apr 24, 2017
I would like to complaint about the security service at tesco semenyih is very bad attitude and rude to all customer and tesco staff. What me and my wife saw is the security not responsible to to their work, but all disturb all customer and also just few minute before I buy a goods inside...

Tesco Malaysia / Tesco's poor online service

edelweiss3201 on Feb 24, 2017
I placed an order for 24/2/17 2 p.m to 4 p.m order no. is 13226-96366, however i waited until 5 p.m the delivery still had not turn up. I called tesco customer service at 5.05p.m and she told me she can do nothing since the order was cancelled due to stock unavailability. I told her nobody...

Tesco / Bahagian sayur sayuran

Lia Lia on Dec 17, 2016
Saya agak kesal dgn pekerja Tesco 2 tingkat di sungai petani bahagian sayur2..sya dan suami selalu pergi membeli barang2 Rumah sekitar pukul 10.30mlm ke atas atas sbb husband selesai menjaga bisnes stall food court sendiri pukul tersebut.sebelum ni kami ada ditegur oleh staff di tempat...

Tesco / Attitude and behavior (no manners)

ATT92 on Nov 30, 2016
At the first, i am a customer where i just can't see the sign for counter 28 just for 10 types of goods... But she still accept me, and said this is just for 10 goods counter.. So i just answered, so what can i do? But she just ignore and continue with calculated my things... Its ok...

Tesco Malaysia / Overcharged / inconsistent price tags / rude and arrogant customer service staff

Fibbles on Aug 18, 2016
My visit to your branch last Saturday 13 August 2016 was a most unpleasant one. I already wrote in 1 complaint to the store manager @ Tesco Paradigm Mall (Malaysia) and 1 to Tesco Malaysia website on Saturday itself, 1 on social media, but have received zero response so far. Firstly, I was over...

Tesco / When order delivery, they deliver almost expired stuff, and also there is hidden fee

John8080 on Mar 30, 2016
I received the delivery from TESCO, I have a few experiences that the stuff I received were almost expired, and the package is super bumpy. I believed that they deliver stuff that has been stored long time due to they are not in the good shape to store in the shop. Who want to buy bumpy...

Tesco / The most dirty toilet and rude/inconsiderate cleaner

disappointedcustomer999 on Mar 12, 2016
Dear Management, Time and again, the cleaniless of toilet in Tesco Bukit Tinggi Klang has been getting worse nowadays. 5 toilets in a row, there is only 1 functioning in poor condition. Worst still, one with the toilet bowl full of ###. There was a long queue of customer lining up for their...

Tesco / Unethical services

wan radzi wan deraman on Oct 9, 2015
Last Saturday on (03/10/2015) i had applied for AEON monthly Installment to buy a freezer and was told by staff the procedure will took two days for processing. 05/10/2015-Received call from AEON STAFF, that application is processing. 06/10/2015-AEON told me that application is succeed and...

Tesco Malaysia Kepong / Accused of stealing and allowing my pictures to be taken without permission.

Jaganathan10 on Sep 27, 2015
Hi all, would like to voice out disapointment where my wife was treated rudely by personnel at Tesco kepong which is at the hq. There was a misunderstanding at the cash register where cashier had bagged and released the items without fully checking and key in. My wife advised her to come and...

Tesco Malaysia / Apples with a Big Nail poked inside

Reviewer65820 on Sep 14, 2015
Consumer name : Grace Loke Tel : 012 6325545 e-mail address : gin_gerd@hotmail.com Bought this apples at Tesco Kepong Malaysia . These apples fresh are from Kiddes Red Apples Delicious product of America. But to my surprise one of the apples have a big nail inside it . I was shock to...

Tesco / customer services

Ann Low on Aug 9, 2015
I would like to make complaint about Seremben Tesco Customers service of Cashier Counter number 21 staff name : FATIHAH today timing 3pm, I'm make a purchase of Liquid with all house home item during make a payment the Casiher Fatihan very poor of customers service talking to me in...

Tesco Sdn Bhd / poor management of Tesco Malaysia

new look on Jun 25, 2015
i, am going to make complaint with hope that you will be take action on my issues... sir and madam, i, m belong to" TESCO EXTRA TAMPING" johor bahru m doing own business there since 2012 till now. But now i have faced much noisome situation which have create your tesco management .So many...

Tesco / kad tesco

rugayah binti yahay on Jun 24, 2015
saya kecewa dengan sikap lepas tangan kakitangan tesco ...mengenai kad ganjaran tesco pemengang kad tesco saya dah shoping berkali-kali dekat tesco tapi voucer tak dapat bila pergi semak nama orang lain bukan sekali tapi dah 3 kali...ikut kan hati ni mau je buat report...

Tesco Malaysia / Rude Cashier

Kelly_ on Oct 12, 2014
The worst service I've encountered in my entire life! First of all your locker was dirty with some sticky sauce spilt on it, didnt noticed and I put my stuff in it. When I found out I shown your customer service and request plastic bags from them but they ask me to get from cashier a...

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