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Complaints & Reviews

bad customer service

Dear Sir/Madam,

While we were on our way to the Tesco check out counter, there was this lady by the name of Faridah whom seems to be the store Quick-Que representative. To our disappointment, she was suppose to assist shoppers but instead she was uttering loudly to shopper as follow:-
"Go counter 26 & 27. Pay quickly. We want to close the counter. People also need to go home now."

To our surprise, Tesco official closing time is suppose to be 1am and we were at the check out counter 15min after 12am. That leaves her with another 45min before her shift ends. This is thus far the worst ever customer service which we have encounter for some one whom is suppose to friendly ended up being so irresponsible and rude. We do hope that this feedback could help improve Tesco customer service. Thank you.

Regards, Upset Shopper

customer service terrible and tesco is going down hill fast

Placed order and out of stock lines on my order, customer service terrible and tesco is going down hill fast.

  • Si
    sickofmoaningcustomers Oct 28, 2011

    You say customer service is going down hill? And would you be saying customer service was going downhill if you had got the stuff you wanted? I doubt it, I'm sick of people who moan moan moan to get a few quid off their stuff, and don't give a hoot if they get someone told off in the process.

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  • On
    Onalde Oct 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very poor service, out of stock items, customer service very bad, shop elsewhere!!!

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  • Ju
    JULIE ANN VENNINGS Mar 07, 2013


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  • Ka
    kazar00 Jul 30, 2013

    24 hrs opening supermarkets are to clean the floors when julie ann vennings??
    if thats all you got to worry about, get an grip!!!

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That's it I've totally had it with the corporate c**t/profit whore that is tesco. Every time I shop there I come away angry. If it's not their CONSTANT changing the locations of items on shelves around...no it DOESN'T make me buy more, just makes me forget items and get so irritated the last thing I want to do is browse, whoever decided that was a complete ###!... it's also their constant discontinuing of my favourite items...over 50 now! And they can't claim they weren't selling, some of them regularly sold out very quickly. The truth is tesco doesn't give a damn about its customers, only the money in their pocket. I have given up complaining to them (after 25 plus times) as it is completely pointless, they don't care in the slightest and nothing ever changes, hence my complaint here. And we all know about their vile treatment of small suppliers and animals. Every time I here their "every little helps' slogan I have the desire to vomit and throw a brick at my tv, and I have boycotted any brain dead 'celebrity' that whores for them by taking part in their adverts. I have only shopped with them for so long as they obviously have a near monopoly in that their evil and foul virus has spread itself everywhere, like siome degenerate venereal disease, but NO MORE! I now hate them so much that I am prepared to travel an extra 10 miles to shop, at Waitrose, a store that actually seems to care about its customers and also is prepared to stock nmore marginal items, not just low quality fodder for the uneducated masses. May tesco get the karma it deserves and disappear up it's own ### that it may feed forever on its own infinite excrement. Unlikely I know but one can only hope, pray and curse...

changing store


This may sound like a simple matter, but it is extremely irritating to me as a regular Tesco customer (I shop probably twice a week for a family of 4). Can someone tell me why Tesco keep changing the way they place their products around on the shelves. Some shopping guru has obviously told them that, psychologically, we shoppers actually like being made to hunt for the fruit and veg - that it is actually good for us to have to dig out the apples that have happily been displayed against the wall for the last 2 years, and have now been positioned in the middle of the 3rd isle. The reality is FAR from the truth - and you only need to ask the other bewildered shoppers on the day/week this change has taken place (and it happens irritatingly frequently).

The majority of us are actually comfortable with our routines, and when faced with a quick dash and run with items required for the next few evenings supper, are intensely irritated with having to hunt, hunter-gatherer style, for our items. Unlike our Tesco shopping psychologist, I actually prefer not living in the stone age of hunting for food. I actually LIKE being able to know exactly where to find items and that I can therefore shop it in a specific amount of time. I do not like shopping on the internet, so please don't offer this as a solution!

Please can someone pass this on to Tesco (and every other store for that matter) not to do it - and pass the message on to the shopping psychologist too!!! STOP CHANGING THE STORES AROUND!!!

Yours faithfully
Sophie Mills

misleading/miss-selling/ miss-treatment

On 16th Mar 2011, I bought a One Month Contract SIM from Tesco Mobile worth 10£ (500 mins & 1000 texts) over the phone. I used my aunts card because I had no bank account at that time. The SIM arrived on 18th when I activated it using an online procedure. 10£ of first month were charged upfront from my aunt's card.

On 11th I received an email of my bill that included the second month's contract as well. Thats when I came to know that they have set my billdate to 9th.

Since then, I have been in constant correspondence with them over the phone and emails and they do accept that I have been missleaded/miss-sold but but they are simply refusing to accept that a ONE month Contract has to end after one month even when No where on their website (from where I initially saw and selected this contract) do they say this is a rolling contract and the bill date will be set to 9th. I did not even receive any prior documentation from which I could have guessed that.

  • Um
    UmerLeo Apr 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks very much Haven. I've already called them and they actually offered to cancel it straightaway rendering the SIM useless while they will still charge me for the line rent. so in this case I will be paying for almost 3 weeks of unused service :)
    I've asked them to cancel it on what ever the bill date they claim.

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customer care

I am writing to complain about an unpleasent experience within a Tesco Express store located in Battle Hill, Wallsend. I entered the store with my family on the way home from work and was hoping to get a bottle of alcohol for myself. I wasnt greeted, or even looked at barely but the cashier could see that I had no items from the shop and was waiting to ask for some alcohol, she then bluntly said I had to use the self service machines, did not explain why, I remained in the cue as I obviously could not use the self service machine without anything to purchase. The cashier then asked if she could help still no eye contact involved, i asked for the bottle of alcohol she then understandably asked for id, I went to hand it to her, she then asked if my ' friends' which was my sister and cousin, had any id I then stated no they did not, she then said she couldnt serve me, with no explanation, I was confused and felt belittled at the fact she would not serve me I also felt embarresed. I then stated if i was with my mother and she was getting herself some alochol would I then be asked for id? she did not answer and started laughing with the other member of staff. I felt so victimised and left the shop feeling a mixture of emotions. How can somebody so rude have a job? i am disgusted at the fact a member of Tescos, a well known supermarket could even employ bullys.

no stock

thrilled to here buy one get two free easter eggs been in every day for a week no eggs just signs saying
buy one get two free just a excuse to get us in store so time to shop at another supermarket been
shopping at tescos 30 years

tesco banned me without a reason

On 24/12/2010 did my shopping at Tesco Perivale (Hoover building), security turned up to me and start abusing...

rude ignorant staff

This is a mini food supermarket and petrol station. It has apparently always employed imported west indian...

2 in 1 problem

HI, i want to make an official complaints about Pizza Hut Delivery from Tesco, Mutiara Damansara.. Yesterday around noon, i placed an order for 2 Large Pepperoni Pizza.. 1 and a Half hour later, the delivery boy arrived. Without saying sorry for being late, the boy can even be sacarstic by asking "Banyak Kereta, nak satu, boleh? (Can i have 1 of your car since there's lot of cars here) When my family had our first bite of the Pizza, we was shocked because the taste was completely different. It tasted more towards Curry Pizza. So we make a phone complaints to the HQ and then the Pizza Delivery from Tesco delivered replacement for it.. 2 Hours later only they arrived.. Once again, LATE and the Pizza already cold.. This time, the the bread of the Pizza was so hard. Its like eating 1 day's old pizza.. But we just ate 3 of the slices from the whole 2 Boxes since the rest of the family members not into it anymore. The next morning around 4 a.m while sleeping, my family members that ate the pizza including me had a stomach ache due to the Pizza.. And its 100% Positive from the Pizza due to the outcome. It lasted for almost 4 hours of pain. Here, I would like to take a serious actions against them. Its like they sabotage us after we made a complaints about the first delivery and later on, send us an old Pizza.. We are truly disappointed with Pizza's Tesco Quality..

poor attitude/service

I was very disappointed with hp photo center at tesco puchong, malaysia!

I spent a long time to edit my photos with self-service pc (many pieces of 8x10r), and finally the hp staff told me the printer for bigger size was down! No sorry from the staff but the response was “because you didn’t ask so no will tell you anything!”. This made very disappointed! I have spent an hour!

I told the lady staff: if service not available, hp/tesco should put a note saying the printer down in front of every pc so the user will know!

Very poor attitude of hp store tesco puchong!

  • Su
    SuperHP Jul 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the staffs looked sleeping!

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sgm attitude and behaviour (so rude)

Saya mewakili beberapa sm yg lain ingin membuat aduan akan perilaku dan perbuatan biadap sgm mr. prem kumar. sgm ini baru saja ditukarkan ke store rawang beberapa bulan yg lalu. tetapi dalam masa tak sampai 2, 3 bulan dia bertugas 8 sm telah meletakkan jawatan dan 2 tm juga telah meletakkan jawatan, perihal sikap nya yg terlalu kurang ajar dan tak hormat org. di sini saya nyataka apa yg telah dilakukan oleh mr. prem terhadap kami.

1-satu ketika semasa sgm memanggil saya didalam walkie, saya kurang dgr dan jelas, lalu sgm menjerit dan ckp, kalau saya tak nak kerja, keluar dari stor ni... didalam walkie talkie dgn didgr oleh semua tl/sm dan duti manager. malu dn marah saya bersemuka dgn sgm ini.. kerana rasa maruah saya dimalukan.

2-sm ila dr hardline pernah dilemparkan brg oleh sgm semasa membuat morning walk, malah saya pun dh pernah kena... saya hanya mampu menanggis. malu dilemparkan brg, ditenking depan staff dan contract worker. dimana status kami sebagai manager?

3-kami sebagai sm wanita selalu dimaki oleh sgm tak kira tempat, walau didepan customer. baru-baru ini sgm memanggil saya seorang perempuan yang tak guna. sapa dia untuk meletakkan tempat saya dibawah... sgm kah itu.

4-sgm prem juga selalu membangga-banggakan kuasa yg dia ada, selalu ckp saya sgm, saya boleh buat apa saja. kamu semua hanya sm saja. malah kami diugut dgn warna bonus. kerana dia ckp hanya dia yang akan tentukan sama ada kami layak atau tak untuk mendpt bonus.

5-sikapnya yg terlalu kurang ajar, biadap, pilih warna kulit, membuat kami semua hilang respect dan hilang sabar dn sm kini mula buat prangai... ponteng keje, sebab tak mood nk kerja dibawah sgm gila ni. kami semua memang dh tau perangai buruk sgm prem ni, sejak dia dr stor lama... tapi hairan kerana tiada tindakan diambil keatas dia..

6-tldp - lebih baik hapuskan saja... di rawang sgm tak pandang tu semua, staff yg baru naik tl tak sampai 2 bulan dh dinaikkan jadi sm. bagaimana tl yg sedia ada, yg menanti peluang kenaikkan...??? sebabnya, warna kulit... terlalu byk perkara yg tak betul terjadi di stor ini.. staff semakin lama semakin ketandusan, kerja staff kami juga lah yg terpaksa lakukan...5 sm telah mencari pekerjaan yg baru, saya sendiri telah ditawarkan kerja di sebuah hypermarket.

7-jika keadaan berterusan, tak mustahil, rawang akan jadi mcm bukit indah.. saya sayang tesco, sebab saya dh berkhidmt di tesco selama hampir 10 tahun semenjak pembukaanya di puchong. kami dh tak ada jalan lain. hanya ini harapan terkahir kami. jika benar ruangan ini adil dan dpt menyelesaikan masalah, bantulah kami. kami tak mau prem kumar di stor kami. cuma satu persoalan, adakah hak kami akan di dengar, kebiasaanya hal yg membabitkan sgm, akan senyap begitu saja, kerana apa? kerana dia sgm, dia ada kable, dia rapat ngan org atas... kami ni sapa? tapi kami cuba juga dgn harapan kami akan mendapat khabar berita yang lebih baik dan melapangkan hati kami.

8-kami semua nk kerja dengan gembira dan tenang, tak kisah kerja lebih masa, asal kami tak kena kacau, kena maki, dan mcm2 lagi...

  • Ha
    Hates Pos Malaysia Jul 29, 2010

    Pilih warna...I got no comments la...I think the guy needs wake up call. In Malaysia, I find races that are not bumi get by passed the same coz we r not malay. It's sad whats happening to malaysia. Why can't we live happily like we were before? When i was younger, we had a muhibah gang and life was so fun, ...now everyone is so racist. Sucks

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  • On
    onedyn Feb 05, 2011

    saya adalah staf yang telah dibuang kerja serta merta dari tesco extra selayang kerana didapati minum setin air. saya mengaku perbuatan saya adalah salah tetapi, kenapa tindakan yang sama tidak diambil terhadap manager yang melakukan kesalahan tersebut. seorg manager bernama muruges yang bekerja di Gro dept didapati minum air botol yang dipamerkan untuk jualan. akhirnya tindakan yang diambil adalah manager tersebut mendapat pekerja baik (blue) pada tahun tersebut. mengapa keadaan ini berlaku.. sampai hari ini manager tersebut masih makan dan minum minuman yang disediakan untuk jualan. kenapa tidakan tidak diambil lagi... saya berani melakukan kesalahan ini dari ekoran perbuatan manager tersebut...

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lack of care

My car wouldnt start this morning due to a flat battery. I rang Tesco breakdown and told them I`d broken down, man didnt ask for any details of my situation just about my policy etc. I had changed car since renewing so was put through to another department to change my details, I was on hold for 15 mins then the lady I spoke to said she`d contact Greenflag and get someone out to me. 45 mins later nothing, rang back spoke to different man he said no mechanic had been sent out, took my details, couldnt find my policy said Jones was a poular surname so he`d run a check and ring back, waited another 45 mins. No ring back. Rang a 3rd time, got different lady, was really upset and angry by now, she put me through to someone else, who put me on hold AGAIN!!" So I hung up looked up Greenflags number, which is freephone -Tescos wasnt and sorted it myself, man said they had wrong details but could do me tempory one, job done HOORAH!!
The reason I felt the need to write this was Tescos staff complete lack of concern, I was so upset the 3rd time I rang I was nearly in tears, At no point had ANY OF THEM asked me where I was broke down, for all they knew I couldve been stranded on the Mway with young kids in tow. If they couldnt find my details why didnt they suggest I phoned greenflag direct or at least offer to send someone out that I`d pay for until it was sorted? I rang them at 10.30 and was put on hold/ asked to wait for someone to ring back til 12.40 when I thought enough was enough and rang greenflag myself.
They claim they`ll get someone out to you in 30 mins, huh! I was on hold longer than that.
I will NEVER use any of Tescos own services again. Be warned everyone!

children inside shopping trolleys

i have reported a this few times to tescos by email, but still parents will insist on putting there children in side the shopping trolleys where food goes not only is this very unhygenic put dangerous for the children if they stand up and fall out . whe will this finally be stopped parents letting there children sit in the shopping trolley where food is placed ? some staff see this but say nothing to the parents with children sitting the trolley where food should be only why ?

tesco meal deal valentines

My friend am I bought the meal deal on 10th february, 2010. I forgot to buy my chocolates. We both checked our receipts. She had bought all the items, but she was charged full price for the items. We both went back to the store that evening. I wanted my chocolates and the £9.74 refund for my meal deal. They refused. My friend told them that she had bought the whole meal deal package but she was charged the full price and not for the meal deal. The staff told her that the chocolates were the wrong ones and they also refused to reimburse the difference. On principle, she returned all her 5 items for a full refund. I, on the other hand, wanted thes items for my father.
My other friend told me that the same thing happened to her earlier that day. She insisted that she saw the manager. She got her chocolates and the difference.
She took me to the store the next day and stood her ground. They scanned the items I had bought, and gave me £9.00 and my chocolates. It was short of 74p and my friend had to use a calculator in front of the staff to prove they owed me an extra 74p, which they then reluctantly payed me.
I feel that they had made a mistake with the deal that they were offering, wrong chocolates on display and paying full price for these items, and if we had not checked our receipts, we would not have noticed. They chose to treat the same complaint differently with different customers to cover up as much of their mistakes as much as possible.

bad behavior and insult

Today I checked in an website and found that recruitment process is going on in tesco hindustan service centre, # 81& 82, epip area, whitefield, bangalore, karnataka, india 560066. The following link gave me the information:
I called the board number of the company at 91-80-[protected] which was provided in the advertisement. The receptionist made me connected to the concerned lady priya nair. I asked her about the opening but without replying she disconnected the phone. Again I called the reception and they made me connected to priya nair. I asked her whether she disconnected the phone or it got disconnected. She asked me who made me connected to her. I replied her and she again disconnected the call doing a bad behavior.
I am lodging a complain against priya nair and I am asking the question to the concerned company that why they give the contact number of such persons who even don't know how to respond a job query and they are so ill behaved? They should sit in gutters not in polished companies. Are we beggars or job seekers?


Clearly displayed at the point of sale - Frozen diced lamb, was £2.89 per pack, offered at two pack...

2 comments Coventry Food

found long hair in food

I was enjoying the chicken and bacon pasta bake until I came to the last mouthfull and found a hair hanging out of my mouth

  • Ol
    Olie1 Apr 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just so wrong.

    Tesco should have refunded and made sure this doesnt happen again.

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arrogant and egotistic mall manager

First thing is that…. Congratulation on the new opening of tesco sp selatan, sungai petani, kedah in malaysia.

Since the opening it have been the attraction for all costumers in the south area,.. As for taking avantage…I as a small businessman also become one of your tenant inregard the rental is so high.

For the first week business is going well…but when it come to 3rd-4th week. Then it getting worst.

But that not the issue…we stand as business is like a wheel.. We can accept the loss, but the major thing is that your mall operation manager, (riza azliza) is not handling/manage the situation properly.. But her attitude become more arrogant and egotistic.. And her selfish decision make lot of tenant droping out from tesco.

So as a tenant that still try to hanging on, please send somebody to guide her…. Or let other with experience to handle your new tesco sp selatan.

And lastly …thanks for all that tesco have giving.. Me the hope to become a succesfull businessman.

  • Se
    selvarani Mar 10, 2011

    my son just joined tesco puchong after spm in jan 2011. He got caschier job front line, what happen is sort of rm400 when close the counter first day at work. its happen to all the new cashier at the time, i suspect the supervisor incharge just took the money and put the blame on innocent young boys new to the work place. the person incharge must be honest person or dont give cashier job to new boys u put theier moral value down. person incharge pls do something. concern parent

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be aware

After going through a total saga with tesco's, over the last 6 months, I have a word of warning to fellow drivers out there! If you value your sanity please stay away from this organisation. As a result of their 'persistant harrassment of me', which has taken me to the point of near 'suicide' and has resulted in me having to seek counselling for severe depression and loss of work. Even though I had gone right to the top, to sir terry leahy it got me nowhere, and they still maintain they did nothing wrong. Their chief executives office in edinburgh is staffed by people who tell lies, and the same can be said for their liverpool office. Also I have found out that the organisation which is masquarading as tesco' motor insurance is actually called 'uk assistance!!!'

To make matters worse they offered £100 in compensation, and then said smugly you can always go to the financial ombudsman service, knowing full well that's a waste of time.

If there is anyone from bbc watchdog, reading this can you please investigate this company on your programme!!!

  • Pi
    Piet Retief Jun 29, 2013

    Tescos is the most parasitic dehumanising carbuncle on the face of humanity.
    Read my review on this site about Tesco Kennington and margaret the screeching harridan on till 2

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