Tempur-Pedic North America Complaints & Reviews

Tempur-Pedic / Cloud breeze deluxe

Aug 21, 2019

Tempur-PedicDo not buy tempur-pedic! I spent $5, 700 on a cloud breeze luxe mattress and box spring (which is now discontinued). It was firm for about a year, then I started having lower back pain. I've been going to a chiropracter ever since. I've never had back pain before I purchased thi...

Tempur-Pedic North America / tempur-pedic king mattress

Aug 15, 2019

I spent almost $6000 on this grand sale they were having a sleep oasis. I got the bed July 2017 and I have had nothing but problems since I got it it's very soft and it's supposed to be firm. My wife moved to the other bedroom after one or two days of sleeping right she...

Tempur-Pedic North America / mattress/warranty/customer service

Jul 25, 2018

We got approved by the warranty department. They want to charge us $175 delivery fee, if we buy something more expensive can't finance it unless it's over $1000 & if we find something cheaper they will not adjust our credit! They will exchange the same mattress, but you have to pay the...

Tempur-Pedic North America / customer service/shipping lies and delays

Apr 20, 2018

Was told upon ordering a bed set that it would arrive in a week or two. Mattresses for the split king arrived within two weeks, but I never heard about the bases. I emailed, was given a carrier and tracking number... Which turned out to be wrong! After several phone calls and emails, I...

Tempur-Pedic / mattress topper and pillow

Nov 25, 2017

I purchased the mattress topper and a pillow. When I received the order the first thing I noticed was the terrible smell. After smelling it I laid down on the topper and realized it was hard as a rock! After a week of back pain I couldn't take it any longer. I tried to return it and they...

Tempur-Pedic / tempur grand

Feb 17, 2017

Tempur-PedicMy husband and I purchased a Grand from Tempur in 2009 for about $11000 with the bases. It was a glorious bed for about four years. At the end of the fourth year however, we contacted Tempur because the bed was so soft and saggy. We submitted pictures and our invoices as well as the...

Tempurpedic / wrong size and I can't return it

Feb 14, 2017

I bought a mattress from company and when I received it I was not satisfied with my purchase. Size of my mattress was incorrect and it was two times smaller than the one I paid for. I contacted Tempurpedic and asked for a replacement and they agreed to give me another...

Tempurpedic / contour pillow

Aug 24, 2016

I purchased this pillow in May, 2016. Several days later, I decided not to keep it because of the smell. I contacted customer service and they emailed me a return UPS label. The pillow was received by Tempurpedic in May, 2016 as evidenced by my tracking the UPS #. When I received no credit...

Tempur-Pedic / the odor

Apr 28, 2016

Six weeks ago my husband and I spent over $7, 000 for the best mattress that was recommended to us for our back problems from our accident. The mattress was wonderful as far as comfort but the odor is horrendous. For three weeks I developed sore throat, nausea, sinus problems, headache...

Tempur-Pedic / product not same as tried in store

Feb 01, 2016

Tried a Tempurpedic Cloud Elite in the store and found it very comfortable. Ordered directly from the company and it was not the same firmness as the one tried in the store. I sank almost 5 inches unlike the one in the store. Called Tempurpedic and they said that sometimes the feel in the...

Tempur-Pedic / so disappointed in the pain I feel daily because of the bed

Dec 09, 2015

My husband and I bought a Tempur Pedic mattress from a well known retailer in Indianapolis in the spring of 2014. We had slept on a Sleep Number mattress for the last 9 years, and it was time for something new. He was eager to try something new so I agreed. We laid on it in the store and...

Tempur Mattress / refused to refund money paid after 3 days of payment and the product was not even delivered

Jan 06, 2015

hi I paid for a mattress last friday evening at a dreams store on part finance. the total cost of the mattress and 2 pillows came to £2223.00 (mattress - £2129.00 and pillows £80.74). I paid a deposit of £446.00 on my card and the balance of £1777.00 was on 0%...

Sealy Tempurpedic Matress Set / ridiculous and unbelievable way of handling damaged product sold and member's complaints

Dec 03, 2012

Sealy Tempurpedic Matress SetRidiculous and Unbelievable Way of Handling Damaged Product Sold and Member’s Complaints I bought a set of Sealy mattress from Costco on line. The mattress set was delivered to my home on 10/26/2012, with a damaged box spring. I contacted Costco several times and eventually Chelsea B...

Tempur-Pedic / sale scam

Sep 29, 2012

Tempur-PedicThis is a report about our purchase of a Tempurpedic Mattress at Teletron, located at 10796 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072, [protected], for the amount of 8, 117.67 charge on September 17, 2012. Teletron claims that it is the Elite Dealer for Tempur-Pedic manufacturer and advertise on TV...

Tempurpedic / health issues

Jul 01, 2012

I started sleeping on a Tempurpedic “Memory Foam” mattress in 2001. Within a short period of time I developed a cough that woke me in the middle of the night sometime between 1:30 and 3:00 AM. I would cough uncontrollably for 20-40 minutes to the point of choking from excessive...

Tempur Pedic / denial of credit

May 11, 2012

I went online to order a new mattress from Tempur Pedic. They provide financing through Wells Fargo. I was surprisingly turned down and called Tempur to find out what my options were. They gave me the number to Wells Fargo and I spoke with a representative at Wells Fargo who told me I wa...

Tempurpedic / lousy mattress

Jul 08, 2011

We bought a Tempur-pedic cloud. It felt like we were sleeping on the pavement|. We went round and round with Mattress World in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and finally after 4 months, just threw the mattress out|. We could no longer stand to not sleep They told us to "jump around on the mattress" to...

Tempurpedic / bad experience

May 26, 2011

I needed a new mattress after a recent hospitalization and was excited to try a Temper-pedic mattress. Wow, was that ever a huge disappointment! The entire experience left me frustrated and sore! My husband selected one of their best mattresses, and from the moment we first tried to sleep on...

Tempur-Pedic / bed brings on pain

Apr 22, 2011

Buyers beware : we have only had our tempur-pedic bed for 5 months. My husband has slept on it fine, but I have not had a good night sleep on it once.. And for 53 years prior to this bed, I could brag on how great I slept. Since the tempur-pedic, I have been to the chiropractor about 20...

Tempurpedic / illegal advertising

Apr 16, 2011

I'm very unhappy with my is so uncomfortable and hot. I spent 3000 grand on a bed that we should use As a devise for torture.every morning I wake up I am lower back hurts so bad that I can't Finish my business on the toilet without stretching Out...

Tempurpedic / stay away

Mar 31, 2011

For the past year I have been having horrible breathing problems. I would wake up gasping for breath, all day I'd gasp and be unable to catch a full breath. I could not understand what was happening to me. I went to the doctor but he could not find what was wrong. I stopped taking all...

Tempur_Pedic / mattress too soft

Jan 15, 2011

We bought our Deluxe Tempur-Pedic a year ago and we would not recommend it. The mattress is way too soft. It gets softer and softer throughout the night and i always wake up with major pain in my lower back. Don't buy this mattress! Don't be fooled at how good it feels in the...

Tempurpedic / causes body pain


Replaced Foster and Stearns pillowtop matress with Tempurpedic Cloud. Pain started from night one and now for 2 months. Both wife and I have woken up with completely numb arms for first time in 24 years. Matress is as hard as a rock and trying to sleep on side is difficult at best. Wife...

Tempurpedic Mattress / unable to sleep on matress


I recently bought a tempurpedic cloud bed. I have had it 4 months and have not had a good night sleep since. It has to be the worst mattress I have ever bought and they will do nothing to make it right. I recommend that no one buys one especially from Mohr Furniture, because they do nothing to make it right.

Tempurpedic / no fees were supposed to be charged to me!


You delived my bed to me and set it up. I do like my bed. But, you were not supposed to charge me any fees for paying it off. You told me that. So why are you charging me fees? I am 82 and cannot afford much more and I am a widow. I am Jo Ann Danforth and I have had your bed for a few year...

The Room Store / Tempurpedic / missleading sales tactics


My wife and I purchased a new mattress. The cost was over $3000.00. The salesman explained they had free financing, 3 years same as cash. (O. K.) He also explained, if we decided we didn't like the bed, we could return it after 30 days. We purchased the bed with $1000.00 cash down and...

Tempur-Pedic Mattress / no apologies, no effort to resolve the problem


I went to Steinhafels in Kenosha, WI to purchase a Tempur-Pedic mattress. I knew exactly what I wanted before arriving. The first bad sign was when I saw their delivery truck being towed on Hwy 50. The second, third and fourth signs occured when "Jennifer", the sales clerk, kept moving...

Tempur-Pedic / poor quality!


I recently purchased a Tempur Pedic bed only to discover multiple factory defects in the workmanship. The removable zip off cover looked as if it was twisted on the bed and the odor coming from it was disgusting. If that wasn't bad enough, the feel of the bed was nothing like what i...

Tempurpedic Classic Queen Mattress / the smell does not go away


My new Tempur-Pedic Classic is completely unsatisfactory. I don't know how well it sleeps because I've had the mattress in my house unwrapped, "airing out" for 28 days and I've never slept on it. I and my pregnant wife have been sleeping on our pull-out couch for a month now...

Ashley Furniture / Tempurpedic / not honoring 90 night trial


My wife and I purchased a Tempurpedic mattress from Ashley Furniture. The store displayed banners with the 90 night trial advertised. We spoked about the trial period with the Assistant Manager of the store who advised us there was a "nominal fee" of about $300 to return the mattre...

Tempur-Pedic / strong odors


strong strong sickening odor from the material. we put the Neck pillows outside to air out... did not work...sickening odor to wake up and smell the wet rubber odor...and yes they are not returnable... DO NOT BUY these pillows.

Tempur-Pedic / mattress too soft


My husband and I purchased this mattress on the advice of our son and his wife. They purchased their mattress 2 years before we purchased ours and they have never had an issue with theirs. At first the mattress was really hard but we were told that it would soften over time. The 90 day...

Tempur-Pedic / awful quality products


Tempurpedic products are now in better mattress stores on the West Coast and since the price seems to be fairly fixed, I decided to purchase the mattress from and the you the manufacture even through there were additional transportation cost., so that I could enjoy any benefits of a direct...

Tempur Mattress / bad service


Me and my husband bought a 20cm Tempur mattress in = July 2005 as we were assurred by the salesperson that it would give a = really good nights sleep. Especially as I have had shoulder surgery and = had recently had a fall and fractured a spinal fusion. The shop = assistant made me lay on the bed for...

Tempurpedic / alergic reaction / hospitialization


I had a severe allergic reaction to my new tempurpedic mattress and ended up in the hospital. i ordered it from brookestone and it arrived straight from the factory. when i took it from the bag, the smell of it was really intense. its hard to describe, but sort of a strong industrial...

Tempurpedic / hell on earth


After much hoopla, I was pushed into buying a tempurpedic bed - I asked the salesperson, and I quote ' is tempurpedic a hot bed? I was told no!!! I was told that was just an urban legend and was absolutely not a hot sleeping bed. My first nihgt I was drenched in sweat, and my mattress wa...