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Tempur-Pedic North America reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Apr 19, 2008. The latest review Terrible service - Warranty is a scam was posted on May 12, 2021. The latest complaint denial of credit was resolved on May 11, 2012. Tempur-Pedic North America has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 40 reviews. Tempur-Pedic North America has resolved 12 complaints.

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Tempur-Pedic North America Complaints & Reviews

Tempur-Pedic North AmericaTerrible service - Warranty is a scam

While attempting to file a warranty claim with the business I am being told the warranty wont be honored because of a stain. The customer service person acknowledged that the stain did not impact the product but would need to be cleaned before the warranty would be honored. What sense does it make to clean a mattress before throwing it away? This company is just making every attempt to not honor their warranty and passes me from one customer service person to another with no attempt to resolve the problem.

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    Tempur-Pedic North America1073515m-2604251a adapt hybrid queen w/ease base tempur sealy 2604251a

    I purchased this bed on 11/8 and it was delivered a week later. The bed in the showroom was so much softer than this bed. This bed is rock hard and sometimes feels like it is lumpy which is so uncomfortable. I purchases from Ashley furniture in Manassas Va 20109 and I am not happy with them either. They charged me $3, 049.99 for the bed and it replaced my old bed which I no longer have. I am extremely disappointed and I am writing you because I don't think I can sleep on this. However, I cannot afford a new bed. Please offer me some answers
    thank you Deborah Steacy

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      Tempur-Pedic$391.75 refund on returned on tempur-adapt-cooling topper

      On july 2, 2020 ordered tempur-adapt-cooling topper. I was not happy with the topper and customer service arranged for pickup and on 8/14/2020, it was picked up by tempur-pedic contractor, fidelstone last mile, inc. The customer service is confused with the paperwork and unable to provide me the refund so far. Quality management should be fired for doing such a lousy job in establishing efficient process in dealing with customer issues.
      Order#[protected]; pickup order# 3605126; SKU# [protected]
      Rao Palanki

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        Tempur-Pedic North Americatemperpedic base motor

        I called customer service because
        the motor to my headboard was not working. An agent returned my call on 12/18/19, but unfortunately I was flying home for Christmas that day and could not take the call. I returned the call on 12/19/19 and left a voice mail addressing it to Heather K. No return call. I again called on 1/7, 1/8, and 1/10/20 without receiving a returned call.
        Their recording when you call says they value your time and rather than have you hold, you should leave your name, number, and a brief message as to why you are calling and they will call you back. Doesn't say when they will call you back—maybe next year?
        A lot of people purchase their beds because of the name, but when you have a problem, you cannot get any help. I have definitely let my friends know how I have been treated so that if they were thinking of purchasing a TemperPedic that they may want to purchase a different brand. Their Customer Service is the WORST!!!

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          Aug 21, 2019

          Tempur-Pedic — Cloud breeze deluxe

          Do not buy tempur-pedic! I spent $5, 700 on a cloud breeze luxe mattress and box spring (which is now...

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          Aug 15, 2019

          Tempur-Pedic North America — tempur-pedic king mattress

          I spent almost $6000 on this grand sale they were having a sleep oasis. I got the bed July 2017 and I have...

          Tempur-Pedic North America — mattress/warranty/customer service

          We got approved by the warranty department. They want to charge us $175 delivery fee, if we buy something...

          Tempur-Pedic North Americacustomer service/shipping lies and delays

          Was told upon ordering a bed set that it would arrive in a week or two. Mattresses for the split king arrived within two weeks, but I never heard about the bases. I emailed, was given a carrier and tracking number... Which turned out to be wrong! After several phone calls and emails, I have now been told tempurpedic still has the bases and they are "being prepared for shipment." this is over 3 weeks after ordering!! I use a wheelchair and don't have time for such simple yet far reaching unprofessionalism.
          Will never work with this company again

          At this point I would rather send everything back and find another bed. If you can get the base to me by saturday, I will accept it. Otherwise you are very lucky you don't have a storefront, as I would love to toss my partial order through your front window.

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            Tempur-Pedicmattress topper and pillow

            I purchased the mattress topper and a pillow. When I received the order the first thing I noticed was the terrible smell. After smelling it I laid down on the topper and realized it was hard as a rock! After a week of back pain I couldn't take it any longer. I tried to return it and they battled me saying I couldn't. One representative told me her pillow was hard when she got it too but after about 30 days it was better (I'm guessing her neck adjusted to the pain). It took several phone calls to establish returning the topper and pillow and each call was as frustrating as the next. Each representative struggled with their "systems" and I was on hold most of the time wondering when the aggravation would be over. I was finally told I needed to return the pillow and should have received a return label (that never happened) and that the service set to call me to pick up the topper attempted to call me weeks prior (that never happened either). I would strongly recommend that you do not purchase from tempurpedic-save yourself the money and aggravation.

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              Tempur-Pedic — tempur grand

              My husband and I purchased a Grand from Tempur in 2009 for about $11000 with the bases. It was a glorious bed...

              Tempurpedic — wrong size and I can't return it

              I bought a mattress from www.tempurpedic.com company and when I received it I was not satisfied with my...

              Tempurpediccontour pillow

              I purchased this pillow in May, 2016. Several days later, I decided not to keep it because of the smell. I contacted customer service and they emailed me a return UPS label. The pillow was received by Tempurpedic in May, 2016 as evidenced by my tracking the UPS #. When I received no credit card refund to my credit card by June, 2016, I telephoned customer service. FOUR TIMES. LEFT MESSAGES. SENT EMAILS. NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER FROM TEMPURPEDIC. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the $138.03 that was owed to me. My credit card never received a response from Tempur-pedic so they issued me a credit for $138.03. Today, August 24, 2016, I received a demand letter from a CREDIT BUREAU stating that I owe Tempurpedic $138.03. I called Tempurpedic once again and left 2 messages. No one has called me back (surprise, surprise). This is a pathetic situation because my credit will now be ruined by the most incompetent, stupid, disorganized, disgusting company I have EVER dealt with.

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                Tempur-Pedicthe odor

                Six weeks ago my husband and I spent over $7, 000 for the best mattress that was recommended to us for our back problems from our accident.
                The mattress was wonderful as far as comfort but the odor is horrendous.
                For three weeks I developed sore throat, nausea, sinus problems, headaches,
                and other symptoms. I sent it back when I realized the odor was from the chemicals and ordered just a spring mattress since the odors were from memory foam. I was assured the new mattress had no memory foam.
                It arrived today and the odor is horrible. It is a Stearns and Foster and I called the company and it does have memory foam.
                So what is the best mattress as far as comfort and no horrible odors?

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                  • Pt
                    P_Thomas May 30, 2016
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    We are experiencing the same problems at our house with a new tempurpedic mattress. We purchased at Sleepy's who does not honor the tempurpedic warranty nor does tempurpedic honor the purchase from sleepy's. I sincerely hope we are not stuck with this mattress.
                    I did some research and found that mattresses made with organic foams, cotton covers with wool padding are the only mattresses that do not off gas. We purchased a Savvy Rest but there are other companies out there that have organic foams. Look for the words "Talalay" and "Dunlop" in the description of the mattresses.

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                  Tempur-Pedic — product not same as tried in store

                  Tried a Tempurpedic Cloud Elite in the store and found it very comfortable. Ordered directly from the company...

                  Tempur-Pedic — so disappointed in the pain I feel daily because of the bed

                  My husband and I bought a Tempur Pedic mattress from a well known retailer in Indianapolis in the spring of...

                  Tempur Mattressrefused to refund money paid after 3 days of payment and the product was not even delivered

                  hi I paid for a mattress last friday evening at a dreams store on part finance. the total cost of the mattress and 2 pillows came to £2223.00 (mattress - £2129.00 and pillows £80.74). I paid a deposit of £446.00 on my card and the balance of £1777.00 was on 0% finance.
                  But on Sunday I found the same mattress at at outlet store for £1345.00.
                  due to the big price variable (£784.00) I called dreams to cancel the order as i had not received the delivery which was scheduled for the following weekend..
                  They said they might try and price match the order which i was fine with but they refused to do so when i told them that it was an outlet store.
                  Now they are saying they cant refund my amount or cancel my order as it is written in a contract that this cannot be cancelled.
                  I never received any information on such a clause when i was sold the matteress!
                  I dont even have a copy of this contract. When i asked them to give to me in writing that they cannot cancel the contract they refused and said they could now give me a copy of contract which states that!
                  when i paid for the bed i only received a finance contract which is retractable within 14 days and a pre-order confirmation slip!! and Nowhere in any document given to me at the point of purchase did it state that this was a non cancel-able contract!!

                  I call this daylight robbery and cheating customers!! When I asked to be transferred to a manager or supervisor the the lady - Asma was unavailable at that moment and said she would return my call but the answer would still be the same anyways!!

                  This is has turned out to be more of a nightmare than a dream!!

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                    Sealy Tempurpedic Matress Set — ridiculous and unbelievable way of handling damaged product sold and member's complaints

                    Ridiculous and Unbelievable Way of Handling Damaged Product Sold and Member’s Complaints I bought a...

                    Tempur-Pedic — sale scam

                    This is a report about our purchase of a Tempurpedic Mattress at Teletron, located at 10796 Bellaire Blvd...

                    Tempurpedic — Health issues

                    I started sleeping on a Tempurpedic “Memory Foam” mattress in 2001. Within a short period of time...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Tempur Pedicdenial of credit

                    I went online to order a new mattress from Tempur Pedic. They provide financing through Wells Fargo. I was surprisingly turned down and called Tempur to find out what my options were. They gave me the number to Wells Fargo and I spoke with a representative at Wells Fargo who told me I was turned down because I had other accounts with available credit. HUH !!! I am Like what does that mean??? Seriously, so I am either suppose to close my other credit accounts, use them up to the maximum and then Wells Fargo will approve me for the loan on my mattress? This makes no sense at all. Wells Fargo is the only financier that offers the interest free account with Tempur Pedic and now they are closing the doors and me. I have had a Wells Fargo account in the past and believed that they were an upstanding fair company but now any time i need credit and Wells Fargo is the bank providing the financing I will decline it myself. That's It no more with Wells Fargo...

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                      • No
                        non compliant Nov 29, 2011
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I am very happy I read your complaint, I experienced alot of itching after reciving my bed also.I had no idea thjs could come from a suppose to be new mattress, I donot sleep on the bed without blankets on top of it.because up to this day I am still itching, I also wrote a complaint please read it.Thanks,

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                      • No
                        non compliant Nov 29, 2011
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        In November of 2007 I went to sleepys to purchase a pillowtop bed. The salesmen were hounding me hard, especially after I informed them that I had very bad back problems.They talked me into purchasing a tempur-pedic.I paid over 5, 000 dollars including delivery. Please tell me why they claim this is such a good mattress when I havent had a good nights sleep since I purchased it, And know it has split. Someone please help this mattress is supposed to have a twenty year warranty.but I cant get no satisfaction.

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                      • Sa
                        sarahaviv Nov 28, 2010

                        Bought a memory foam tempur pedic mattress about 2 years ago. My husband started to experience dry throat every night. I complained to the manufacturer & they said the best they could do was exchange it for another similar mattress. What good is that?
                        Now, about 1 1/2 years ago, I started experiencing severe allergies & asthma, which we are relating to the mattress also.
                        Went online & saw many complaints from people about getting sick due to this mattress. It releases tons of chemicals, including petroleum, and we are breathing that in.
                        We've decided to sleep in another room for now.
                        I know the company has gotten away with not helping people out when they have these severe reactions.
                        Anyone interested in doing a class action suit? I thing there are enough of us out there.

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