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illegal advertising

I'm very unhappy with my is so uncomfortable and hot.

I spent 3000 grand on a bed that we should use

As a devise for torture.every morning I wake up I am lower back hurts so bad that I can't

Finish my business on the toilet without stretching

Out first.This should be illegal to charge this much

For a hunk of junk.ask those who know like the

Commercial says and I say buy an air matress or

Sleep on the sidewalk.u will be better off.

An unhappy customer,

  • To
    tom and linda Jun 14, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I have one better, we bought a Tempur-Pedic Allura and after 90 days and the smell which we couldn't handle we had it swapped out under warranty but still under Mattress Firms 100 day return. The new one came today and was in cardboard and wrapped in plastic but when they opened it and set it up it had a rip in the top along with a stain on the side. Not only was there a stain but in this triangular 12'" or so stain there were dog hairs in it. I started looking more into the bed after I was told a third bed would be brought out and looked at the tag. It was dated 6-2-2012 made in Albuqurue NM, yes the tag had the incorrect spelling and it had been glued onto another tag which had ben ripped apart but sewn to the bed. As I looked under the new tag I found a date of April 26, 2012 on the permanent tag. Yes 2 months earlier.

    My summation is that Mattress Firm requires any returned beds to be clean so they can rip off the permanent tags and glue on a new one which isn't even from Temper-pidic.

    Yes I would agree with you class action law suit, but with my iron clad suit I am not going to partner in a class action where the first person that starts it and the attorneys get rich but will be contacting my business lawyer and own Mattress Firm when I am done with them.

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stay away

For the past year I have been having horrible breathing problems. I would wake up gasping for breath, all day I'd gasp and be unable to catch a full breath. I could not understand what was happening to me. I went to the doctor but he could not find what was wrong. I stopped taking all my medicines thinking I was having a reaction to one of them. Over time it was getting worse. I would just be sitting watching TV and no matter how hard I tried to get a deep breath I just could not fill my lungs. I felt like I was breathing through a straw or something. I was so scared and confused. Finally one day out of desperation, I looked up tempurpedic allergies. I found a site filled with other people's stories about their health issues due to this memory foam that is made with toxic chemicals. I only had a tempurpedic pillow. I took it off my bed and got a new, organic pillow. Today is the 4th day I've slept without that pillow and as of today my breathing is almost completely back to normal. I just went through a year of *** due to that toxic pillow. Please do not buy any tempurpedic foam items! It is not worth it!

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    pobarjenkins Mar 31, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Certain people have reactions to tempur material but not everyone. I LOVE my tempur-pedic pillow.

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    pobarjenkins Mar 31, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Here is some more information: Tempur-Pedic mattresses get their distinct supportive properties because of the chemical processes used in manufacturing. People with chemical allergies or sensitivities may be affected by the chemicals in a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Symptoms include disrupted sleep, itching eyes, sneezing, rashes, nausea, headaches or respiratory distress. These symptoms are unlikely to lessen over time, so people with chemical allergies should avoid Tempur-Pedic mattresses. However, people with allergies to dust mites or other common allergens associated with bedding may experience allergy relief with a Tempur-Pedic mattress because it is resistant to allergens

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    Shopper25 Apr 23, 2011
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    I was sold a TEMPUR-PEDIC bed from SLEEP EZZ in Kitchener, ON and when it was delivered the toxic smell was so bad I couldn't even go in my room. We contacted the store and they said it would go away in a few days. Well it didn't and they refused to refund the product. In fact they told me it was all in my head and I was too sensitive. (Nice customer service...insult your customers) They even suggested to spray Febrize on it! Are you kidding me?! So spray more toxic artificial chemicals on to an already chemical wasteland they call a mattress! So after spending $6000 on a mattress I couldn't sleep on the bed, I couldn't sleep in my own room for that matter and it took 7 months for the smell to go away. I contacted the tempur-pedic manufacturer and they said they wouldn't replace it/refund it. They said the only way to get rid of the smell was to sleep on it! Which I did for a few nights but it made me sick! I was pregnant at the time too and can you believe they suggested that a pregnant women sleep on a bed that made her sick! This coming from a company that claims be concerned about customer health! Both Sleep Ezz and Tempur-pedic are all about profits and don't care what they put their customers through. Buyer beware for both Tempur-pedic and Sleep Ezz.

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  • My wife and I bought a Tempur-Pedic mattress because of all the hype and their claim that it is the most comfortable mattress, yada, yada, yada... Well a year and a half later, this is the most expensive turture implement I have ever bought! We both wake up with aches and pains every day. I can't sleep for more than an hour in the same position before the pain wakes me up and I have to flip over. If you really look at their guarantee it is garbage. Basically you will spend a few hundred dollars to test it out (what it will cost to send back) for 90 days. After that you are on your own. Not worth buying in my opinion.

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mattress too soft

We bought our Deluxe Tempur-Pedic a year ago and we would not recommend it. The mattress is way too soft. It...

causes body pain

Replaced Foster and Stearns pillowtop matress with Tempurpedic Cloud. Pain started from night one and now for 2 months. Both wife and I have woken up with completely numb arms for first time in 24 years. Matress is as hard as a rock and trying to sleep on side is difficult at best. Wife just had spinal fusion surgery which is why we purchased bed. The support the bed offers is too firm and the name Cloud is misleading. I have chronic neck pain that was not present on old bed. Stiffness in shoulders and base of neck persist throughout the day. We strongly recommend against this bed for anyone who has a nervous system. Tempurpedic informed us that it takes time to break the bed in. We will be broken long before the bed is!

  • Cc
    CCCBQ Dec 20, 2013

    I have always had a bad back. Spinal stenosis is only one of several serious issues. Hence the new bed bought ironically from Healthy Back. It never occurred to me before, but after countless pain killers and treatments, including many epidurals, yet one more horrible debilitating night, and doctors puzzled by the endless aching all over my body, I finally googled reviews on my mattress.
    I am now convinced there is, at the very least, a connection between the mattress and my chronic joint and muscle pain. Therefore, I will sleep in another bed tonight and start checking this theory.

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  • Su
    SunnynVA Dec 26, 2013

    I have taken test after test, for arthritis, carpal tunnel, ct scans & an MRI with no negative results. And at my wits end decided to look up my mattress after recalling the woman who gave it to me after my house fire saying it hurt her husbands back. I hurt so much does anyone know how long it takes to feel better once you stop sleeping on the temper? I am gonna sleep on the floor till I can replace it and hope to get my life back!

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    Painfulme Mar 25, 2017

    after months of joint pains in my shoulders and hips there seems to be a strong connection between the discomfort of my ball in socket joints and my tempurpedic mattress. My shoulders feel as if they have been overused like a tennis player and my hip bones feel the same . I recently changed my mattress with one I had in another room of the house. I can tell the difference instantly the next night but the pain is still there. I am concerned that I may have waited too long. If you suffer similar symptoms, please act now

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unable to sleep on matress

I recently bought a tempurpedic cloud bed. I have had it 4 months and have not had a good night sleep since. It has to be the worst mattress I have ever bought and they will do nothing to make it right. I recommend that no one buys one especially from Mohr Furniture, because they do nothing to make it right.

  • Ma
    marcey halterman Apr 06, 2010

    We recently purchased a tempurpedic mattress from Sleepys. The salesman told us we would not find a better price on our bed. The sign in the store stated "Will beat any competitors price by 20% or its free". I found the same bed for $400 less and now thier claim is that the company selling the bed is not an "authorized dealer" so therefore they do not have to honor the price guarentee. The ad hanging in the store states "competitor" not "authorized dealer" and they will not acknowledge this fact.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know a lot of people who own them and enjoy them a lot. For the first month or so after you buy it, it does take some time to soften up. Additionally, I hear the room has to be on the warm side otherwise it will get too firm.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have heard about them being quite warm. It makes sense to me, and is part of the reason why I personally won't buy one.

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no fees were supposed to be charged to me!

You delived my bed to me and set it up. I do like my bed. But, you were not supposed to charge me any fees for paying it off. You told me that.
So why are you charging me fees? I am 82 and cannot afford much more and I am a widow.
I am Jo Ann Danforth and I have had your bed for a few years now.
The only compaint is the bed is so warm to sleep on, but other than that it is great. Is there any cure to render that?

missleading sales tactics

My wife and I purchased a new mattress. The cost was over $3000.00. The salesman explained they had free financing, 3 years same as cash. (O. K.) He also explained, if we decided we didn't like the bed, we could return it after 30 days. We purchased the bed with $1000.00 cash down and financed the rest. I was led to belive that the $1000.00 cash was not refundable and would have to be used as an in store credit. I agreed to that. After the 30 day trial we decided the mattress was much to firm for us and started the return process. We picked out a different mattress that cost about $2000.00. We thought this was good, we just saved $1000.00. Times are tough we could use this money. But no, the contract I signed used the word VALUE. Here is where they get you. IF you select a item that is less than the original purchase price, then the remaining (value) will only be available as in store credit. So wheather you like it or not you (have to spend), the original purchase price of the higher priced item. So much for us saving any money. Needless to say this was my first experiance at this kind of sales tactics, and we were rather upset to find out they had us over a barrel. I am surprised it's even legal. So buyer beware at the room store you will wind up with more than you bargained for, in a bad way.

no apologies, no effort to resolve the problem

I went to Steinhafels in Kenosha, WI to purchase a Tempur-Pedic mattress. I knew exactly what I wanted before arriving. The first bad sign was when I saw their delivery truck being towed on Hwy 50. The second, third and fourth signs occured when "Jennifer", the sales clerk, kept moving from computer terminal to computer terminal to find one that worked with a printer that also worked so she could complete the transaction. That's not the problem though. The real issue lies with the fact that I was told delivering to Burlington, WI on Saturday would not be a problem. When I was notified via email that my mattress was available for delivery, I was told they did not deliver to my area on Saturday. I explained I was told this would not be a problem when I made the purchase. "Well, we don't deliver to that area on Saturday" was the response. No apologies, no effort to resolve the problem. I can't be there for deliveries during the week. I may have to cancel the order. I will keep you posted.

poor quality!

I recently purchased a Tempur Pedic bed only to discover multiple factory defects in the workmanship. The removable zip off cover looked as if it was twisted on the bed and the odor coming from it was disgusting. If that wasn't bad enough, the feel of the bed was nothing like what i sampled in the showroom. I began to ponder if this was normal for this very expensive bed so i did some homework on line and discovered that quality seems to be a problem with this company. From what i understand, they recently all but disposed of their quality assurance program. In order to make sure that they were able to produce as many foam beds as possible, they put their production manager in charge of quality. Now, I have worked in manufacturing for nearly 30 years. When a company bypasses their QA department in order to push manufacturing number, you can bet that the quality of that product will be crap from that point forward. This certainly explains the defects that i received. Bottom line here is that the mattress has been returned and i will research the other mattress brands much more thoroughly before making my next purchase.

the smell does not go away

My new Tempur-Pedic Classic is completely unsatisfactory. I don't know how well it sleeps because...

not honoring 90 night trial

My wife and I purchased a Tempurpedic mattress from Ashley Furniture. The store displayed banners with the 90...

strong odors

strong strong sickening odor from the material. we put the Neck pillows outside to air out... did not...

mattress too soft

My husband and I purchased this mattress on the advice of our son and his wife. They purchased their mattre...

awful quality products

Tempurpedic products are now in better mattress stores on the West Coast and since the price seems to be fairly fixed, I decided to purchase the mattress from and the you the manufacture even through there were additional transportation cost., so that I could enjoy any benefits of a direct relationship with you. I was impressed with the quality of the product, the knowledge of the sales person and the service I received before the sale.

The first night on my new Tempurpedic was great! I don't think I turned over once throughout the whole night. Unfortunately this "restful bliss" was short lived. Mid way through the first month, I realized that I was a little stiff each morning despite a regular exercise program. I had been told that this mattress required a little "getting used to, " so I didn't give it much thought.

By the end of the 5th month however, my "stiffness" had become so pronounced that it was actually painful to get out of bed in the morning. I noticed also that I was getting only about three or four hours of "good" sleep each night, followed by a couple hours of tossing and turning. By the end of the sixth month, I had developed an almost continuous pain in my lower back and it was now taking a half a day to recover from the stiffness I was experiencing each morning. I then started a rather travel pace, that I didn’t get back to the issue until about midsummer this year.

Because everyone I had talked with who had a Tempurpedic had nothing but praise for it, I began to think that maybe there was something wrong with me, so I stayed with the bed a little longer. I visited my doctor, and was told that he had been treating a few people who had a Tempurpedic bed and was experiencing similar issues. I started sleeping in the guest room. After two months on a queen sized Simmons Beauty rest, my aches and pain was almost gone. This convinced me that the Tempurpedic was the problem. Fortunately, (so I thought) I might be able to exchange the Tempurpedic mattress for a mattress that didn’t dip in the middle. Buying my bed directly from you turned out to be a major disadvantage instead of having bought it from a reputable dealer and not from the factory. I think I would be treated a lot differently.

I am really disappointed with my experience because I really wanted to like this mattress. In retrospect, I think it was simply too soft. Upon first lying down, the feeling was wonderful. But as my body heat warmed the material, it became softer in the middle where I sleep (it dips more the middle than it does then on the sides, when I am lying on it) Once my pain began, I started paying more attention to the mattress. I found that by morning, the area directly under my body was much softer than the area where no one had been sleeping. This softness is what I think was causing my back pain. I have always slept on a firmer mattress.

I don't think it would be fair to overly criticize (at this point) this product because there are too many other people who like it. For me however, the Tempurpedic was totally unsatisfactory. I have made a request after talking to your customer service person, who says that the mattress has to be defected because that’s not the way the material is not suppose to do that.

I did what she asked, (stripping the bedding off & taking a picture of the bed, and filling out the appropriate paperwork, ) only to be told that I need to do it again, what on earth do you expect to see?, you have to lay on the bed in order to understand the difference between the middle and the sides of the mattress. I have really given this bed a chance, this is your chance to do the right thing, and I expect to get this resolved without being made to feel like I did something wrong by buying your product. Unfortunately I am going to copy your VP of customer service, you CEO, and a friend who is a television consumer advocate who will shine the light on this on a more macro level, only because I think this is what this situation is going to require in order for you to do the right thing, and even if you don’t, it may save someone else from having to go through the same issue.

  • St
    Steve Miller1 Dec 18, 2009

    I have the same complaint. However; with the first mattress I had there was no problem. The problem began when the mattress was replaced (permanent sag) with a very cheap version that's compatible with a sheet of plywood. My problem was dealing directly with the company. They are very difficult to deal with and the matter was never resolved. I would never buy another one from them and when I pass by their stores I do my best to let customers know what they are getting into.

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  • Mi
    Mike Beauregard Jun 10, 2010

    I have the same issue and my wife has not slept in our bed for over a year. But mine is the sides, each side is soft where you can roll to the outside and off the bed but good luch rolling to the middle. It takes all your effort to roll to the middle so if you are just laying still then it feels like you are fighting with the center and all lopsided. I have been a couple of months trying to explain this to the dealer and get a replacement. The technician came to the house and used a piece of string and said well no sag to this bed... I almost fell over saying that is not the problem. This is a memory foam mat and it goes back to its original but the density or strength is not the same through out the mattress, he said it looks fine to me and sat on it and said seems good. We asked hime to take it home and sleep on it for a night and then try to tell me it is fine. I feel deprived of my sleep the last year and I have lost the warmth of having my wife beside me at night. If I can save one person from experiencing this dreadful life I am dealing with from the lack of sleep and the sore body and aches that take hours to go away and then really never do then I am glad you read this.

    If there is anyone stating a class action please let me know so I can join. My email is [email protected] there are 2 underscores in my email

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  • Ho
    HollyZ Oct 24, 2010

    Adam's story sounds like mine. I have owned my Tempur-Pedic for around 5 years and I want to love it... I really do, but I now have chronic low back and hip pain and I'm realizing more and more each day my pain is caused from this mattress. I loved my Tempur-Pedic the first year or so (after the initial "getting used to it" period), but I've been struggling to "love" it ever since, and I feel stuck. I paid so much money for the damn thing I can't see getting rid of it. I mean, isn't it suppose to be a "high-end" mattress? Isn't it the best of the best? If so, why am I sore every morning? Why do I have this low back - hip pain only when I sleep on this mattress? I have spent the day reading negative reviews and each story sounds like mine. I am a PTA and I've suggested this mattress to my patients... I think I regret that now. I wish I would have known about the negative effects of this mattress BEFORE I spent 5 grand on it. Now what?

    Does anyone want to buy a Tempur-Pedic?

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  • Ma
    marcia poll Feb 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My complaint is the same as the stories above, i really tried to like the mattresses but i can't because it has given me lower back and hip pain, when i first get up i can't hardly get out of bed, the mattresses looks good till i get into it and then it sags really bad in the middle.. For the money we paid we should be able to get a really good sleep the only time i sleep well is when i sleep on the couch, and i don't ache in the morning. Also my foundation squeak's they should change it for us. Will they even read this and get back to us?

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  • Ca
    CATHY DUFOUR Nov 17, 2012


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Resolved bad service

Me and my husband bought a 20cm Tempur mattress in =
July 2005 as we were assurred by the salesperson that it would give a =
really good nights sleep. Especially as I have had shoulder surgery and =
had recently had a fall and fractured a spinal fusion. The shop =
assistant made me lay on the bed for quite some time reassuring me that =
you do get used to it as it molds around your body. We thought this =
would be a good idea as our 11 yr Seally posturpeadic mattress was due =
to be replaced. As time went by I began to get noticibaly in the fact =
that I was in more pain than usual. I thought that it was just my =
injuries getting worse. My husband never got used to the mattress and =
found that he was getting aches from his shoulderto his neck and back =
and severe headaches, corrsponding with the time the new mattress =
arrived. As he had just been promoted at work to a manager's position we =
were putting this down to stress. He also would vomit violently every =
morning due to lack of sleep and would always complain how tired he was. =
I began to sleep in our recliner in the lounge room as the pain kept me =
awake all night. We decided to swap our old mattress, just this weekend, =
that our son was using and give him ours to try just to see if the =
mattress was the problem. For 2 nights we have slept without any sleep =
disturbances and my husband has woken up without any nausea. However our =
23yr old son has had 2 nights of no sleep and has taken 2 days off work =
as he is also feeling sick from sleep deprivation. He said he has never =
slept better when he was on our old mattress that we took back from him. =
I have notified the distibuters in Victoria Australia Ph:03 [protected], =
who told us to notify the store where it was purchased. She said they =
would send someone out to see that it was not faulty. But as we live =
3hrs inland from the store I don't know how this will be accomplished. I =
have looked at the mattress and find that the indentations bounce right =
back into place when you get off the bed. So therefore do not see it as =
a faulty mattress. We also purchased 2 pillows that we don't sleep on =
either as we get headaches. We have only just realised the problem was =
the mattress as it was sold to us as some super dooper new technlogical =
Nasa certified and recognised by Nasa. I guess gravity affects us more =
than we think as it may well work much better in space with =
I have notified the store and am awaiting there call back but just =
thought that you also need to know of our experience with this product. =
As we spent our all our money on furnishings and this mattress we are in =
no position to just throw it away. Because of the high cost of it =
initially you could even recoup half your money if you sold it.

Resolved alergic reaction / hospitialization

I had a severe allergic reaction to my new tempurpedic mattress and ended up in the hospital. i ordered it...

hell on earth

After much hoopla, I was pushed into buying a tempurpedic bed - I asked the salesperson, and I quote ' i...