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I hate Telus with a passion. I would've never switched internet & phone companies if not for my brother deciding to do so. When we switched, with everything installed and ready to go the internet did not work. Calling in numerous times did not work. Their advice and installation tips did not work. We spent 2 weeks with no internet service and yet were being CHARGED for it.

My second call after going through everything the 1st guy told me suddenly brings up "Oh, your area is under maintenance. That's why you your experiencing connectivity problems". Well whoop-dee-doo, how come nobody knew THAT before hand? How come YOU didn't know that 20 minutes earlier? How did this SUDDENLY come to your attention?! For one call I just could not for the life of me understand the lady with her thick accent. We got disconnected because her phone was so damn staticy, and she did NOT call me back! (you'd think they would, they have all my info on screen when I call and tell them!) So i had to call AGAIN, wait another eternity for another available associate...

Ugh. Horrible customer service because all they could offer me the last call was that they are SORRY. Well SORRY does not get me WORKING internet service. I got fed up, gave up and EVENTUALLY it started working. It works now, however it's SLOW(and we've got the High Speed Enhanced) and lags and even with those stupid things you have to plug your house phones in, it interrupts each other.

If it weren't for a big chunk 300+$ cancellation fee I would've said goodbye to this incompetent service provider already. Just waiting it out.

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Jul 19, 2010 10:37 am

I have phone caiis from 31o-2225 from telus when I answer no one answers. I wish it would stop.

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I Have Had Telus for many years, Each year it has gotten worse and worse. My brother was with eastlink (Possibly An Alberta only company idk never seen them much) And They Ran circles around telus, Telus's internet couldnt Even Download an hour and a half movie without numerous interuptions. My brother downloads the same movie at his house in seconds. It just goes to show what Peices of Trash Telus really is. Put it this way, a whole pack from eastlink (digital cable, internet) for 35$ a month, as with telus we damn near pay quad that.

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Jan 09, 2014 10:37 am

Can you all please contact me, I am looking to initiate class action.
thank you.

[email protected]

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May 24, 2013 10:37 am

Telus keeps sending me bills yet I cancelled ALL their services months ago. A Bonnie Anderson called a said she has cancelled by bills and my account is cancelled. We will see.
Avoid Telus like the plague, their customer service is despicable.

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I am sick of the calls coming from toll free service such as [protected] or [protected], they keep calling and saying they are calling on behalf of Telus...takes a few minutes for them to come on the line and when you ask them not to call again, they call you 10 minutes later on another toll free service number. TELUS seriously if this is how you are conducting business. Please DO NOT include my number...same as soliciting calls and always supper time or later in the evening. consider me fed up with TELUS, i am considering taking my home phone down and transferring our company phones to rogers and NOT caring about any penalties that you may feel you need to charge for this BS.

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Oct 05, 2010 10:37 am

I am currently suffering from " a technican will be there". It's been five days. I've called twice and several of those times, they couldn't even find my Service Order. Now Bonnie Anderson has told me that it will be within 48 hours- for sure. I will wait to see what happens. I have recorded all the conversations and look forward to playing them to BBB and CRTC if all else fails. I'm hanging in because I've been offered 3 months of free service on internet, phone, and tv and free digital boxes.
It's all recorded so I'll see how they squirm out of it.

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Mar 07, 2010 10:37 am

I have been on a contract with Telus for 2.5 years. Not once have they held up their end of the bargain. I hate contracts and when I was looking at signing up with Telus I had a long talk with the Customer Sales Rep. I wanted on the high speed enhanced with the free computer (valued at $400). I said that all I want to do is play World of Warcraft on a fast, lag free connection. They guaranteed that I would never have to suffer with the fluctuations and disconnecting that come with Shaw High-speed Internet. They told me that since I was not sharing my bandwidth with the neighbourhood that I would never have to worry about peak hour latency issues. I needed a new computer anyway so before I agreed to the deal I asked to speak with someone who knew the specs of the "Dell" computers they were giving with the contract. They directed me to someone in their technical support who adamantly agreed (being a WoW player himself, so he said) that this computer could play WoW with no issues or lag. He seemed very sincere, and satisfied with that, I got him to redirect me to the Rep again and I agreed to the details. Might I add again that my ability to play World of Warcraft was the ONLY reason I agreed with a contract with Telus over Shaw.

The computer that I got would barely start. It had 512mb of Ram in it and it had Windows Vista on it (I was told it would have XP) and wasn’t even the Dell I was promised. It was a “Lenovo”. It couldn’t even handle the installation of the Sims 2 let alone WoW. I called them to complain and they said that if I had an issue with the computer I could send it back but would have to pay shipping myself. I put it in storage. I swallowed my pride and asked my mom to buy me a new computer.

Within 3 months I was suffering from hourly disconnects and latency fluctuations so high that I could barely play WoW. Again this game was the ONLY reason I agreed to my terms with Telus. I have called them over 12 times in my 2.5 years with them...and each time after a battle with their Reps they say they will fix the issue and to call back if there is a problem. The problem goes away for a few months then comes back. Several times they would send someone over to fix it, and would call me if there was an issue. There has never been an issue with my side of the connection and after each of these “visits” the problem went away for a short while.
I have also wasted several days of my life waiting for a call back from Reps who are “monitoring my connection” and told me to wait at home, and they wouldn’t call me back like promised.

This has been an ongoing power struggle with them and I found out a few months ago that this computer that "Supposedly" came free with the contract, I am actually being charged $20 a month to "rent".

Then I find out that this new cheap high-speed comes out with Telus about 6 months ago that is DOUBLE the speed at half the price than the one I am on, calling in hopes of fixing my drooping internet connection...they refuse to raise me up to the faster speed or lower my price to match.

The point I’m trying to make is that the Reps have been dishonest, sneaky and broken every promise they made me in my carefully approached agreement and even the "managers" refuse to let me out of the contract. They say to leave I have to pay for the $400 computer as my "Cancelation Fee" to leave. the same computer I have also been "renting" for 2.5 years, that I have already technically paid $600 into...that I wasn’t even able to use.

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wow, I can't even write the amount of issues I have had with Telus, the amount of hours I have spent dealing with them. The amount of money. I'm a small business and over the last 4 years have had such shotty internet service from them an independent networking company deemed it less than dial up. When I finally contacted the Presidents office (through lots of research) I got put through to Bonnie Anderson (I'm sorry Bonnie but you don't make a good negotiator or representitive from Telus). She sent a Telus Field Tech in who apparently either lied to me or lied to her with the report. Bonnie said there is of no issue on Telus side and that they only have records of me calling twice? Over 4 years? I said 'then why would I get bumped up to a special representitive to deal with, why would I have upped my account to a managed service and paying almost 500 dollars a month when I was paying 70 dollars a month? This is Telus, go through the bills and highlight the Telus numbers that I called, you will see the amount of times. ' (consequently, after I said this she said she would drop the 900.00 early contract termination fee that she nailed me with yesterday and that it was more than fair and that she should be able to 'pass it through' regulation to justify. Really? Thank you. I was told that I should be more than happy with that. I really wasn't. At this point I want my money back for those few years because now I feel they have broken our contract. They really have charged me 500 dollars a month for dial up service. I would like further testing to find out. She said that if I wanted to have an independent company come in and test then fine. I again told her I already did and that I had even given her the companies phone number when I first talked to her. Bonnie stated that she wasn't going to spend her time tracking down people or something to that effect. I guess it doesn't matter that I have spent countless hours going through hoops when I call to complain. Telus never lets you talk to a manager when you are not happy. That is their policy. It should be an illegal policy. I too have gotten the...there is noone above me. Really? you are special. Who hired you then. Do you sign your own paychecks and decide your own salary? Where can I apply? Oh wait I don't need to apply since I would have no boss...(I'm sure you all see the broken logic in that statement). When I first talked to Bonnie she told me how she was friends with the top press people and the person in the crtc who decides which cases to accept or not. Bonnie had said they would never accept this case and that the press would never run a story etc. Well the crtc accepted the case instantly. Well here I am now, still investing more infuriating time on Telus because I just had this last conversation with Bonnie and it feels better to type it out to someone. I ended the conversation with "I understand you are doing your job and have to have Telu's best interests in mind but I will continue with the complaint to the CRTC' I recieved a small grunt before the line was disconnected. If Bonnie reads this, I have to say that the way you treat people and try to make yourself seem 'alpha' is absurd. There are people other than yourself that have deggrees (I would think that you would have one, hopefully)and businesses and life experiences that make them more than knowledgeable than you seem to think. I get the feeling that your problem solving is geared for an 8 year old. If there is anyone out there that knows the law and can help the large masses of people right the wrongs that Telus is doing and done I would gladly give my full time and attention to help. Unless people get together and raise their voices nothing will be done and Telus will take advantage of people more and more with each passing bill handed out.
Tired and frustrated in BC.

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Aug 11, 2009 10:37 am

When I used to call Telus, I would immediately ask for a manager or a supervisor, because I'd always get some cluster-### of an idiot who just fell off the boat. The only thing these ###s understand is "Hi, ### off and let me talk to your boss, ###". I just can't stand these ###ing idiots. But, remember, ### flows from the top. I actually managed to speak with a Telus VP (went to their corporate website and found the name). This idiot had as much ### in his head as the dumb ###s they hire in the call centre. Oh well, my contract finally expired and I moved to Shaw. Any chance I get to tell people what a piece of ### company Telus is, I do so. Hey, ### YOU Telus.

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Feb 20, 2009 10:37 am

I had a contract problem with Telus and was being overbilled. My first call connected me to a very rude person that refused to put me through to his supervisor, stating that he knew more about this and had as much authority to make any changes as any supervisors. I got no results from this call and filed a complaint with BBB. I also got a call from Ms. Bonnie Anderson and she was very helpful and pleasant, and offered a selection of ways to correct this. Problems like this definitely go to BBB they have enough complaints Telus will be looking over their shoulder instead of looking down on the little guy.

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Nov 13, 2008 10:37 am

Laura I totally agree with you. I have my own story to shar with you.
My nightmare started in Feb 2008, I got the high speed enhanced service from Telus in Feb of 2007. In Feb of this year, my internet started disconnecting every 15 minutes and the only way to do anything was to restart the modem. Every time I called Telus tech support, and tried to tell them that I have been restarting my modem every 15 minutes just to check my email or do my banking, they would only made me restart the modem and use extremely abusive language if I tried to reiterate that. Finally, I started asking for a manager, who was never on duty and they never would give me a fax number as according to them they didn't have one.
Then my internet connection just disappeared and after my day and night calling the tech support for 2 weeks, it was restored with a speed that even google home page used to take 4 hours average to download. I decided to go to BBB and surely, Telus client executive representative Ms. Bonnie Anderson responded and ensured that things will be fixed. They sent me a technician who did something on the outside line and the connection was restored for a week. The BBB closed the case stating that the issue was resolved. The very next day, the internet was gone again. I tried calling Ms. Anderson on a cell phone that she provided earlier to me to tell her about the problem as per her advice. The response was amazing. She actually scolded me that I was calling her on her personal cell phone.
After that I was so discouraged that I didn't do anything and used office internet for my banking and personal needs, so used to stay longer or used to go earlier. With no service for a month, I received the bill with extra service fees cost (the explanation was, I must have broken a telephone jack so they had to repair it and charged me for it even though they never entered my house). Again, I had no choice but to call Ms. Anderson. After going through significant abuse from her, she finally listened to my problem. She told me that she was sorry and the charges will be fixed and she will send me a new modem as recommended long time ago by the technician. She also offered me to break the contract without early termination fees. After two months, with no service but full bill payments, I decided to break out of the contract and contact BBB.
So, far Ms. Anderson has sent me two letters via BBB stating that the early termination charges were cancelled as showed on Oct and Nov statements. The statements on the other hand shows the early termination charges along with the accrued interest on them.
I was wondering, if you guys out there want to do something against Telus. I mean, either contact media or something even bigger such as a class action lawsuit. May be one person is not significant but we are quite a few.

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Nov 05, 2008 10:37 am

My nightmare with Telus began years ago.
I use to be a shaw internet customer, then one day telus called me with this wonderful DSL rate of only 19.99 a month! So I took it. They were a month late in sending my modem. I had to call again to get my modem sent, apparently the first person I signed up with forgot to send it. Then they started to bill me 29.99 for my internet instead of the 19.99 they telemarketed to me. It took me 6 months to final get some action over this mistake, they gave me 3 months free internet in return, I took it because I basically had given up at this point and it came as a surprise when they called me with this news. This wasn't too bad compared to the other things telus has done.

A couple years later I decided to disconnect because I was moving and I wanted to buy a new computer before hooking up with telus again. After moving telus ran the IPod promo so I took the 3 year contract. No problem right? A month later they debited 600 dollars from my bank account causing my insurance payment to bounce. I called to ask them WTF was happening. They said I cancelled my internet and that was my cancellation free. I had never cancelled. I explained this to them and told them I was using my internet right then to look at my bank account. They said they were sorry and that I was going to have to fill out a claim to get my 600 dollars back! This was not my fault, it was complete and utter negligence on their part. After pointing this out and getting a supervisor to talk to me they promised to return the money within a week, which they did, but I was still out my 30 dollar overdraft fee that should have never happened.

2.5 years pass and I move. I called Telus on Oct 24th to have my internet moved to my new place for Oct 29th. they said it was no problem, but it didn't happen. I called on Oct 31st and was told my internet would be on within 24 hours, it didn't happen. I called on Nov 3rd and spoke to a supervisor who gave me a discounted rate over my trouble and told me it would be on for the 4th and I didn't have to worry. Of course it didn't happen. I called them at 5:50pm on the 4th to only be told my new hook up date would be Nov 20th. How can they treat people like this. I could have already been connected with Shaw.

Telus treats you like crap if you sign a contract. they don't care about customer service because they have you locked in.

I am changing my internet to shaw in 6 months when my contract runs out. I am changing my cell phone from Telus too. I dont own a land line and I won't because the only choice is telus.

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Jul 10, 2008 10:37 am

As someone who has a business account with Telus I pay high monthly fees to get the service I need. When Telus and Bell come out with additional charges on text messages it seems infuriating. I receive a half a dozen text messages from Telus each year as an attempt to sell me on other services, wish me a happy birthday or inform me of a need to contact them. Will we get charged for their marketing efforts now? The fact that these companies are doing this at the same time smells of collusion and price fixing. Adding insult to injury is Rogers slap in the fact to Apple fans with its high priced plans. Do they really think their 20 day price break is going to send people running to the stores?

We have some big problems in our wireless telecommunications industry in this country. It's time that government and regulatory bodies step in.

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