Telkom SA SOCtelkom installed router that has never worked

I took contract with telkom for wifi so the router was installed in april 2019 but it has never connected, never worked. I have reported the problem but it still never worked. I have sent emails, made calls, whatssapp to get help but till today matter has never been june I got a letter of demmand and the line was suspended according to the letter I received but till today they have continue to bill me for something that has never ever worked and I have been handedover to debt collectors but I cant pay for service that has never worked. I have even tried to write to telkom for help on their facebookpage but I got a respond that they do not pick up any product on my identity number as they requested my identity number and I got email on the 18 september 2019 saying my case has been resolved and closed see attached. Im very frustrated because I dont get help from telkom even if I go to telkom shop I dont get help and worse it reflecting on my credit record negatively it gonna affect my credit badly I need help urgently.
My service number [protected] and one of reference number I was given by telkom is [protected]. My adress is 407 cul 14 mmabatho my id [protected]

Oct 01, 2019

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