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Good day

I am trying to get my Vodacom telephone number linked with my Telkom contract. After how many phone calls and emails. I waited 72 hours and it is still not done. I am so frustrated and after a call to 10210 a Mr Hlatshuwayo informed me that I have to go to a store to do this. I dont think he understand that not all Telkom customers can drive over a 100 km to a store to get something done.

It is a new South Africa and service is definitely not one of the areas Telkom gets any points. After I explained to this Mr Hlatshuwayo that I am frustrated and that I cannot go to a store. He would not sent me a email in writing to confirm what he said to me except that I need to go to a store to do this. And that he cannot give me any feed back regarding my case no. [protected] because if I didnt do it at a store he cannot assist me.

Now I need to ask how do a person that cannot afford going to a store get the assistance from telkom. And if I want to cancel my contract then they will not do that but they're not willing to assist a customer that cannot go to a shop over a 100 km away.

How can I talk to about this.

Please assist .

Adele van Jaarsveld

Sep 30, 2019

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