Telkom SA SOCtelkom account r21120,00

V Sep 06, 2018

Refno: [protected] FJ Swart


Cellphone numbers contracts: [protected], [protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

[protected] - wrong contract, we were suppose to upgrade decide to have the Iphone X for R1099 5gb over 2 years term. They start with contract over 1 year after months struggling with this payment of R2000, I confronted my child why is the telephone so high. Then eventually we went to George where we started with the contract. They've changed the package to the 2 year, now they said I need to pay R18000 for changing the package before time. That is not our fault. George in and out several times, phoning the 081180 number several times. George Telkom say it is fault on billing side. I will not pay for that mistake, in fact they still owe me for the 4 months like R3600. I need answers very soon before month end, otherwise we will have trouble. They cat our lines, they said they never received payment. They deduct the money from my mothers bank account every month then to tell us they never received the money. The suck. Sorry but you know what, I want someone to get blamed for this mistake, because at the end vof the day, it became now our problem. This is now matter of deaf. Where in the hell I need to get R21120, 00. They are crazy

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