Telkom SA SOCcontract cancellation fraud

C Nov 22, 2017

I had a month to month data contract with Telkom and tried to cancel this contract on the 1 December 2016. I went to the Telkom store in Rosebank and filled out their cancellation form. Subsequently, from then I went to a number of Telkom stores, called the Telkom call centre number and sent emails to ask if this contract was cancelled. Telkom however would never respond and continued to send me invoices on a monthly basis. When calling the Telkom cancellation department I continued to get the same response, which is to send an email with an attachment of the cancellation form and someone will get back to me. The only problem is that no one ever got back to me and my contract remained active, with Telkom invoicing me on a monthly basis. From the time I cancelled the contract, my account was fully paid up. I am assuming that the Telkom staff are so incompetent that they cannot cancel a contract or they are a bunch of criminals who refuse to cancel my contract. This is surely against the consumer protection act and amounts to extortion. Telkom has subsequently handed my details over to a debt collection agency called MBD - Transaction Capital Recoveries. For a number of months I have been harassed by this agency with multiple sms's and calls stating that I owe Telkom money. I continue to send this agency proof of the cancellation documentation and chain of emails as to why I do not owe Telkom money. This agency however do not care to look at their emails and different people call to deal with the same case, which means that I have to re-explain the situation over and over again. Their staff are rude and do not care to listen to my explanation. It seems as if their staff salary is commission based and based on their debt recoveries. They do not care about the customer side of the story. Their staff are also completely incompetent and do not speak coherently. I do not have much hope with getting this resolved, but hopefully someone who reads this will think twice before signing any form of contact with Telkom.

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