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A Sep 10, 2018

The whom it may concern,
Re: problematic cancellation of service - telkom fixed voice service
Service details
Type - telkom fixed voice service
Telephone # - [protected]
Account # - [protected]
Acc. Holder - mr otto coetzer,
Id# [protected]
On behalf of mr otto coetzer… here follow's the details of the cancellation process followed to date;
1. 2017/10/31 - filled in consumers request for contract and service cancellation as supplied by telkom, vincent branch, east london.
2. 2017/11/3 - emailed said form + copy of id to [protected]
3. 2017/12/08 - mr coetzer paid notice month account dated 2017/11/19
4. 2018/02/01 - phoned customer care "10210", spoke to mrs modiale. She requested copies of all original forms and emails to be forwarded to her and she said she would attend to the matter.
5. 2018/02/02 - copy of all forms and prior communications emailed to mrs modiale at [protected] requesting her to attend to the matter as she promised via the previous telephonic communication.
6. 2018/04/17 - emailed mrs modiale again to follow up. Receive no response.
7. 2018/05/14 - visited telkom, vincent branch, east london to enquire about cancellation of service and account, and regarding the [protected] address. A telkom employee, mrs zimkhitha, confirmed that this email address is no longer in use. Mrs zimkhitha took copies of previous cancellation form and of all previous communication and filled in a general enquiry as to "cancellation escalation" form. She supplied mr coetzer with a copy of said form and assured mr coetzer that the cancellation would be done. Mr coetzer received a sms with a reference number, 877799 on the same day confirming receipt of communication.
8. 2018/08/31 - mr coetzer's son visited telkom, vincent branch, east london and was informed by an employee, name unconfirmed, that all cancellation processes have to be captured online. He explained that mr coetzer would have to register as a telkom account holder online, link the necessary account, request the cancelation of the account and load / attach a. Pdf file with notes and copies of documentation regarding previous cancelation requests. The telkom employee confirmed that by doing so the cancellation date would be backdated to the original date.
9. 2018/09/07 - mr coetzer registered as a telkom account holder on line and followed the process explained above. However, when the cancellation of the account was requested the process could not be completed as the online service indicated "this service is suspended".
Mr coetzer went back to telkom, vincent brach and explained that he could not cancel the service due to the system indicating a "suspended service". The same unnamed employee explained that in this case mr coetzer would have to settle the outstanding balance on the account to have it reinstated and then cancel the service online and backdate it to the original date i.e. 2017/10/31
As far as we are concerned we proceeded with due diligence in accordance with telkom's terms and conditions at present date and time. All errors and misconducts experienced while attempting to cancel this service occurred on telkom's part and in future all time and money spent to resolve this matter should be for telkom's attention.
Take note that the last account received was dated 2018/07/18 and was for an outstanding amount of r 1, 829.15. We do not accept this amount as it includes accounts for every month from 2017/11/19. Mr coetzer paid notice month account dated 2017/11/19 on 2017/12/08.
Due to the current problems experienced and telkom's lack of professionalism with dealing with this matter, we have no guarantee that if the said incorrect balance was settled by us just to reinstate the service to then cancel the service according to telkom, that this error will be corrected and the money paid, reversed.
We include all documentation referred to…
We consider this matter been dealt with and no further action is required on our part.

For and on behalf of otto coetzer

Anton coetzer

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