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AD Malan id [protected] Tel nr: [protected] A/c nr: [protected] Address: 614 16th Avenue Rietfontein The following are the complaints I have regarding my ADSL account with Telkom. 1. Incorrect billing (initially was advertised for R580.00 mthly with all costs included) but on receiving the 1st bill the total was more than R700.00 (false advertising) 2. Debit Order arrangements were made for the 9th of each month, but Telkom allows it to go off different dates of the month. 3. On the 9th November 2015 it went off and came back on the 10th as insufficient funds, while there were funds. I receive regular messages that my account will be suspended, but Telkom does not abide to the debit order agreement we have. They do not even bother to phone me regarding the matter. No follow-up for improving the service is being made to resolve such matters. 4. Today I received a sms that my account has been suspended, but I made a EFT payment of R530.00 on 11/11/2015. I refuse to pay for failed fees that was caused by Telkom themselves. I will only pay R580.00 as advertised by them and this will be done via EFT from now on. I even complained to Hello Peter regarding this matter in August and Telkom promised to come back to me to sort out the problem, but to no avail, I am still waiting. I am prepared to look for another service provider that is interested in there Clients. If I have to take this matter higher, I will do so to get a response. Contact nr during the day is [protected]


  • El
    Elize1 Dec 12, 2018

    Poor service

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  • Th
    Theuns Botha Jan 05, 2019

    dsl line was supposed to be installed 21/12

    nothing done as yet. just lies and promises. Technicians missing in action.

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  • Ha
    hardus du plessis Jan 22, 2019

    BH du Plessis TIN : 3203704
    Installed optic fibre on 14 Dec 2018. Have been talking to Sales, Technical and Vumatel and no luck. This has now been almost 4 weeks since installation but no activation. What poor service.
    To make all worse there are no real complaints department, supervisors or managers one can talk to. All to easy …..

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  • Sa
    Sakkie de Villiers Feb 12, 2019

    Service was terminated due to non payment but payment was done on the 30th of December 2018. This was reported to Telkom on the 22 nd of January 2019 at 17:00. Case no 26694314 was assigned. After several times of phoning in no joy. It is now the 25th and still no reconnecting. I am using my phone for business and I am loosing money.

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  • Su
    Sudan Hansraj Mar 10, 2019

    Since last night my 10 mbps ADSL speed is painfully slow. Cannot even send basic emails. At 04 March 16h38 the speed is still very slow although there is a connection.

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  • Os
    Oschger Mar 16, 2019

    I having issues since November last year to sor.t out my account with Telkom. Everytime when I contact then you must explain everything from the start and everytime it is a different answer. Really no idea what to do next as on my ITC it comes up as I am a slower payer.

    I have about for case numbers my contact number 0832303765

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  • Ne
    Nerece Leonard Apr 15, 2019

    We are being charged for a telkom line and adsl that was never installed we have been phoning for months to get this resolved. we are now black listed and cannot purchase a home and we will be homeless with in the next 3 months

    stop giving me the run around and different ref numbers and case numbers this is not going to give me a home to live in

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  • Ju
    Julian Veermeer May 23, 2019

    Tried cancelling several times and yet I am still billed. Have photos of hand delivering the necessary documents to the Stellenbosch branch because the other times "they never received anything". This time around I took photos to help back me up line to be cancelled 0218868866

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  • No
    nonhlanhla mtayisi Sep 22, 2019

    june 2019 i applied for a sim only deal for R99 but i immediately cancelled within the cooling off period (7) days but months after that i was billed everytime theres money in my account telkom bills me i called the customer service numerous time they all keep sAYING THE SERVICE IS CANCELLED but they still billing

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  • Jo
    Johannesroodt Dec 03, 2019

    Good day I want to find out about my telkom data bundle account they are deducting to much money

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  • Na
    NARENG12 Jan 15, 2020

    I do have a problem with my service provider whereby the new router is not working started from 30/12/2019 until yesterday and no one is willing to help collect it and this matter affect my business because i don't have internet at my premises. I reported this matter at telkom shop in welkom Mr Isaac told me that it is none of they are business.

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  • Ku
    Kujeke Feb 11, 2020

    subscribed and unsubscribed the very same day I don't understand why u keep taking money from my account and when I go to the page it's even saying not subscribed so why are you taking my money ?

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  • Ca
    Carel Swanepoel Mar 07, 2020

    I bought a bundle of 5.25GB at R75.85 on Saturday 29 Feb 2020
    I haven't been able to use the bundle nor can I see the balance
    Effectively the money has been stolen from me by Telkom
    I require an immediate refund otherwise I have to take legal action at Telkoms expense

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