Telkompoor service

P Aug 01, 2018

I recently had paid 1406 for my telkom router which was blocked because no payments was received, now after 4 days I have paid my line is yet still to be connected, I have contacted the call centre 3 times to ask for my line to be reconnected but even today I'm still waiting with no connected line or feedback what so ever from telkom.

The 1st lady I spoke to on Monday said the funds are there but need to be allocated in the right account and which will be done and I will be connected after 5hours, I waited and nothing still, which I decided to call the call centre on Monday again and then another lady told me I have to wait for 24hours and if not connected I should call again.

I called for the 3rd time yesterday and the lady told me my number was cancelled which got me so annoyed, when I asked how is it cancelled she told me I should hold while she checks which she then said it's not cancelled and further said yes the funds are there but not allocated to the right account which they are still waiting for the funds to be allocated and said I should wait for a few hours and I will be reconnected.

It's Wednesday and I'm still yet to be connected and or waiting for any form of feedback.i have called again today for the 4th time which i was holding for 16 min which annoyed me and I hanged up...

So my question is is this how you treat your customers because you don't care about the after service or you just don't care about your customers at all?

Am I going to get helped or should I just switch over to other network that is customer focused and more incompetent?

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