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Telkom SA SOC review: cancellation of fax lines and junction line

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We are a registered NPO, known as ELSCA (The EAst London Senior Citizens Association) NPO 003-667. I Colleen Petzer, was appointed as the Executive Director for this NPO since 3 March 2010d.. In April 2014 we switched from Telkom to Fusion making use of voip lines which should have been cancellaed. Our account number with Telkon is Account no [protected] which is registered inthe name of Manor House (E.L. Senior Citizens Association) and at the time of opening the Telkom account the previous Executive Director produced a document with the registration no 1997/007888/23 which I do not know where this was taken from because we have no such certificate on record . I myself tried cancelling the following 3 No's linked to the account number [protected]
No: [protected] fax line
No: [protected] Junction Line
NO: [protected] Junction Line
The only time we get a call is not from a consultant of Telkom but from debt collectors as Telkom has handed us over . This is ridiculous that we are exepcted to pay each time because all the debt collector is worried about is receiving his commission for the call he made to me but perhaps Telkom should first look at the reasons why the accounts are in arrears. Once again the debt collector informs me that we must pay an amount of R3887.20 . Only once I have paid this amount must I go online and apply online to cancel the above 3 lines and not bother to email like I have been emailing to: [protected] I have also tried phoning Telkom but they refuse to give me any information even though I have provided them with all the documenation which I have for these lines to be cancelled with immediate effect. This is absolutely ridiculous and maybe a senior official at Telkom should give me a call on [protected] and they should advise me as to how I can cancel these lines or maybe they prefer not to because they can then collect R1, 003.20 per month. If you calculate this, Telkom should be refunding me for 9 months instead of handing our Organisation over to debt collectors. This matter is now serious and is causing reputational risk for the Organisation and NPO do not receive excess money that can be wasted.

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