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TD Bankdirect deposit

TD Bank did some upgrading of their system from Friday Setember 25 until Monday September 28th, 2009. What they did not tell their customers was that anyone who was getting their payroll, pension, disability, unemployment or any other funds check deposited in this time frame will have to wait until the 28th to get their funds. There was no letter advising of this to their customers with the monthly statements. When I called the bank they said well if you bank on line it states we are updating our system, yes it did state that, however it did not state that direct deposit funds would not be available. Now what about the people who do not have a computer and do any kind of banking on line? what about the elderly people who would have needed that money for medication, or what if someones rent was due and they were waiting for their pay check to be direct deposited. For this TD bank has failed their customers. Shame on them..


  • Cp
    cpaw Sep 30, 2009

    TDBank had plenty of time to do their conversion without interruption of customer service

    even if they had to work 24 hours a day for three days

    this is a HUGE boo boo on their part and am sure they will be losing a lot of big companies who will now change banks as well as their regular customers who are fed up with the service

    Get your act together TDBank -

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  • Vi
    Vintagegal35 Sep 30, 2009

    Direct Deposit ~ No ones direct deposit went through. They can't give you any good answers and I don't have any money. I hate them. This is a real big problem.

    I am leaving the bank. Hit me back if you are having issues as well.

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  • Dg
    DGeezy Sep 30, 2009

    I'm having the same issue. I called them and they made $250 available for me as a "courtesy". Don't tell me it's a "courtesy" to free up my own money. I'll be leaving the bank along with you. I get paid once a month from my job, so I need my money TODAY.

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  • Ph
    phillygirl1976 Sep 30, 2009

    It's gotten worse now too. it's the 30th. I get direct deposit from my payroll on the 3oth. It's not there. They said maybe by 4pm today if not then by midnight but in reality they should have warned us. I mean it's Wednesday and it's still not fixed?

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  • Td
    tdbanksucks Sep 30, 2009

    this is horrible! I cant pay my bills until my check gets deposited and its not showing, nor was I forewarned!
    I am switching banks immediatley!
    I can not believe that they would leave us customers high and dry like email, no mail, no warning...and the fact that you cant call and get a straight answer is appalling!

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  • Mo
    MomOF5NJ76 Oct 01, 2009

    I hear you guys...i had a direct deposit yesterday (9.30) too. My husband and i live paycheck to paycheck, we both get paid every other week...i asked for them to take money out on the account for me too and they wouldnt, i have 2 kids sick right now and no money for meds! Friggin sucks! Ive had it with TD too...F**K their GLITCH! Give me my MONEY...not everyone is weathy and has money available all the time. And DGeezy the guy told me yesterday oh by 2pm it should be solved, then the recording said by 4pm...then i talked to an idiot yesterday and she tells me i dont know when its going to be fixed so i ask well, will my money atleast be there by tomorrow?? She says OH YEAH, itll be fixed by tomorrow...well its TOMORROW and i still have no access to MY MONEY!! So yeah, nobody can give you a strait answer...take care peeps and GOOD LUCK!!

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  • Th
    thesank Oct 01, 2009

    im having the same issues. i get paid once a month, and my direct deposit is not in my account nor am i showing the correct balance in either of my accounts (savings and checking). This is insane, i can't pay my bills as i live paycheck to paycheck, as well.

    so ###ing pissed off.

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  • Cl
    clurch55 Oct 01, 2009

    Hey, I'm in the same boat as well. Love the fact that when you call this morning you get a recording that says "your call cannot be completed at this time". I haven't been able to speak with anyone, and only found out by reading this blog that others are having the same issues. It's horrible what they have done and reading other people's situations on the's horrible what people are having to go through. I wonder if they're going to compensate people for this. They should! I'm pulling my money from their bank as soon as I have access to it. It's been 3 days now. They suck...used to be a MAJOR fan of Commerce...not TD.

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  • St
    Stacied70 Oct 01, 2009

    I agree with everyone here, I am having the same issue. Direct Deposit that was supposed to be in my account on Wednesday morning, still not in my account. I am in the process of buying a used car and I can't wait until TD returns the check deposit I gave to the dealer. I have been trying to call the 800 number since yesterday and it is disconnected, it gives a message saying that they can't answer your call right now and then drops the call. I called my branch and while the CSR was researching my account I was disconnected. When I called back I got a busy signal for 20 minutes, then finally a teller who said the CSR was with another customer and would call me back. That was 40 minutes ago. As soon as I get out of work I am going to close my account, this is inexcusable for a financial institution.

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  • Ab
    A Banker Oct 01, 2009

    I'm in the same boat. Its ridiculous that a bank of this magnitude did not plan this integration (or whatever it really is) better than this. I still dont have acess to my funds and havn't been able to get a true balance since the weekend. Then I called up to the company to speak to a representative and not only did she have an attitude, but also gave me bs infromation. If this bank doesn't lose "significant" customers over this fiasco then I don't know what is going on with consumers! I'm switching! Well, I am as soon as they give me access to my money. Wow...and to think when we are overdrawn we get charged for it! The opposite happens and "our patience is greatly appreciated". Capitalism.

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  • Ma
    Matt in Jersey Oct 01, 2009

    I hope this isn't a duplicate(having difficulty posting) .. but I think this will help someone...

    Calling TD customer service will not do anything for you. I have the same problem now for the past three days. Complain to your state's department of banking. In NJ the link to do that is...'BNK'

    Put your local bank address there. After you have done that call your local bank (not customer service! ).. and ask to speak with the manager. Tell them you have filed a complaint against the local bank about what happened with your direct deposit and that you will be doing it every day until the issue is resolved. Presto.. I had my money in 2 hours.

    Hope this helps someone.

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  • Di
    diloganzig Oct 01, 2009

    I can not pay my mortgage now and I am going to have to cancel my son's fourth birthday party because of TDbank. I live paycheck to paycheck, but my deposits won't go through now. I got fed up with the phone calls and went to my branch. they had no one there with answers for me. what if our paychecks aren't their tomorrow?will td pay my mortgage?

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  • Ba
    barkee Oct 01, 2009

    I just got paid and paid my student loan bill. After I made the payment, I went to the TD site to double check my balance and realized that my paycheck was not there. I went to my local branch to inquire and to make sure that even though it's not "posted" that the funds would still be available, and the first teller said "No, your money's not there and we don't know when it will be available." The second teller said "Our ACH system is down, we don't know when it will be fixed but your payment will still go through and you won't be penalized."

    This doesn't exactly instill me with confidence. I've never bounced a check in my life, and if my loan payment is not made, that will hugely affect my credit. I can't believe they didn't IMMEDIATELY email all customers to make us aware of what was going on BEFORE we paid bills. And even more than that, I can't believe that they would do this ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH when everyone who has direct deposits assumes they'll be there!

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  • Dr
    dragonfly21356 Oct 01, 2009

    This is ridiculous lets charge them $35.00 a day for not updating our accounts. I changed my direct deposit today with my company to PNC. Since most of the workers here have it and they had their payroll deposit yesterday! Anyone foolish en0ugh to stay with the Candian Bank ... well figure it out.

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  • Je
    jersey30 Oct 01, 2009

    I also had the same problem with TD Bank (New Jersey). Direct deposit payroll held for a day and a half with no good reason given. Debits went out of account, but deposit was held. After calling repeatedly, I asked for them to reach out to their "back office" to verify the deposit had been made and update account. (Co-workers had successfully done this as well) Not two hours later, my account had been updated. Although the glitch has been corrected, my trust has been damaged and I have already opened accounts at another bank.

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  • Td
    Tddownhill Oct 02, 2009

    Same problem here, supposedly this is a ONE DAY lag behind thing. Well, here it is FRIDAY morning (the 2nd) and the deposit that was suppose to be made WEDNESDAY evening/ THURSDAY (30th/1st) morning is still not there. Rent check will bounce if this isnt straightened out today and we just moved into a new apartment. We also live paycheck to paycheck so I am also furious about this. Has anyone received their direct deposit yet? I am well past the 24 hour/1day supposed BS delay they keep telling everyone.

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  • My
    MyrnDen Oct 02, 2009

    @ Tddownhill I finally received my money Tuesday morning which was way over 72 hours later, and I am now dreding tomorrow because my payroll will be in again and rent is due, now there are fees showing up in my account which TD Bank has alot of nerve charging since this whole mishap has been their fault from the begining. I tried to call the number 1.888.751.9000 and it tells me that my call can not go through, and when I finally get through I waited for an hour only to be hung up on from an operator who was having a personal conversation laughing with a co-worker in the backround...if I could post a little picture in my comment it would be of a woman with red steam coming out of her ears...

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  • Te
    Teach2 Oct 03, 2009

    I too am, and know many others who are, very annoyed by this whole situation. I do not work in the banking or computer business at all. In fact I am a second grade teacher...but to come on the computer and call the workers (who are probably under a ridiculous amount of stress and are also very angry about the results of this computer glitch that has come from the 'powers that be' above them, not the workers themselves who are people just like you and I with families...who are working overtime to help try their best to ease the customers minds...without anyone telling THEM what the mistake is) is absolutely saddening to me. Unfortunately we are all looking for someone to blame here and take our anger out on, and I feel as though calling the workers "idiots" or other words of the like, for not know what is going on is wrong. They, just like you and I, most likely do not know what the problem is...and they were probably hoping just as much as us when we called them to inquire what the deal was, that everything would just click and come together so they could get home to their families and go back to an average and less-stressful working environment.

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  • Da
    da_blade20 Oct 05, 2009

    My direct deposit is at least two days behind and I'm trying to figure out if it was even accepted or was rejected by the bank since no one there can find any record that it is even in the midst of processing. I loved Commerce Bank, but it had to sell out to a huge black hole of a bank which obviously doesn't understand how to merge systems. Maybe this sort of crap is acceptable up in Canada, but now, during a frickin recession is not the time to screw people over and not give them access to their money. I am lucky enough to have a reserve that was saved for Christmas to be able to use now to keep us from missing any payments this month, but god help me if I didn't.

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  • Kp
    kpark432 Oct 09, 2009

    THIS IS THE WORST BANK EVER!!! My card was NOT APPROVED recently at a business. thing I know, they are telling me it DID go through...and they are charging my $35.00! THEN...a few days later I made a wd from the ATM. Plenty of money in there, etc...few days later they had deducted MORE charges in the amount of $140.00 saying the balance was negative!!! I have written them COUNTLESS emails and I keep getting the same answer..."we are buried with correspondence and will get to your email as soon as we can!" That was one week ago!! I HAVE HAD IT! Terrible, terrible BANK!!! They have made us BROKE!

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  • To
    tom vo Dec 11, 2009

    One day TD Bank rep called me to market their SCA account protector. I asked them to send me the information for me to look it over. A few weeks later I got a statement showing a $99 dollars charged to my account under SCA protector. I didn't even agree to enroll in it. For nearly two months now I have been calling and trying to have them remove that charge. Their excuse was the system was showing it as "pending" and they can't do anything about it. The supervisors/managers kept postpone the issue and asked to call back later, he's still looking into the issue. Its been nearly two months now since i filed the complaint and still unresolved. I can't believe the BBB is giving them an A+ rating. This bank is a scam! Everywhere I looked on the web there are tons of bad reviews for TD Bank. However, there are no posting on how we can do anything to get our money back, there's only complaints. Can someone give some advise on how we can get our money back?

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  • Fa
    farrah11 Dec 13, 2009

    i bought an item with my tdbank online i had return the item then td bank tells me i need a written receipt of where i paid for the item even thou it was on my state. this bank are theives deceptive and at point had to contact sommerce to file complaint. wrse bank i ever delt with

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  • Fa
    farrah11 Dec 13, 2009

    run don't walk bad customer service outright dishonest theives

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  • Td
    tdbank-tdbank Feb 02, 2010

    I am tired of being scammed for every dollar I make from this bank. They are unethical. I have started a blog at the below address. Leave a comment. Leave lots of comments. If I get enough interest, I will start writing to the powers that be in our state houses and Capitol Buildings. I am not well-versed in how this kind of thing works, but I have to believe that if enough people complain about their practices, someone will look into it

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  • Ma
    matt_25 Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Boss just tried to set up direct depositat TD and he was told that they can't do it because credit union (the bank my wife banks with) is not a bank and so there for they cannot set up direct deposit what a load of crap that is. Then i went directly to my boss's bank to cash the check that he wrote me and they wouldn't cash it because i don't have an account with them. So now im stuck with 2 checks that i cannott get cashed or deposited. I hate banks they have no problem taking your money but the minute you need it or want it, it becomes a huge problem. I am so fed up this has been going on for 2 weeks i have bills and a mortgage to pay and i cant do it because of this bank. Where is the protection for the people who use these banks any idea who to call to report this?

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  • Pu
    PurpleMan Feb 07, 2011

    I a student in college waiting for my Financial Aid to come in (around 2 G's) That is for my rent, food, books, and basically everything you LITERALLY NEED to live! well its now 5 Am where I am, and I walked to the bank at 2 Am to check my account, and apparently instead of having $2, 000+ i have -$80.46... Its a regular student checking account...WITH NO OVER DRAFT! so... I've got no idea how they managed to figure that one out, but it is now been 2 weeks since I signed my loan documents. and at the beginning of the school year (Fall 2010), I was using CIBC and within 5 business days, (Closed account with them, Why? I don't know)... So I don't know about anyone else, but the fact that its still not there, I had to pull from my savings account, which I'm sure I will have a penalty to pay for that for pulling it out early (I set it up that way so I wouldn't spend it). I know dumb move but I'm bad with saving, and it would have worked if TD wasn't so unreliable for "DIRECT" deposits... now I'm going to miss class (can't afford the gas) and I've had to tell my landlord the situation, lucky for me, his son is also in school, so a LITTLE sympathy there... Thanks TD. supposed to get 2 G's and now I'm - 80$! YAY!!! hopefully when I walk down in another half hour its in there or I'm going to have one of those F****** days...

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