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TD Bankcomputer system upgrade


I can not believe that after 7 days tdb still has not completed their system transfer of customer information. This is absolutely ridiculous. Td bank should not have commenced the process unless they were sure that all computer glitches had been rectified!! Not only did I have to deal with an embarrassing incident at a restaurant on 9/24 when my card was rejected but today 9/30, my husband's payroll check is not reflected in our account balance and shows that we are in arrears. And to add insult to injury, a recorded message at customer service says “we are sorry your call cannot be completed at this time, please try your call again later." we never had any of these problems when it was commerce bank!! Your bank is going to loose a lot of customers and to think I use to bragg about this bank!!!


  • Ph
    phillygirl1976 Sep 30, 2009

    I'm having the same problem with my direct deposit. They said now that it could be 4 today till they fix it or now midnight tonight. Ugh. I get paid once a month and need my money today as rent and student loans are due.

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  • Td
    tdbanksucks Sep 30, 2009

    This is horrible...since Saturday I have been having problems. They correct amount of money that SHOULD be in my account is not. When I attempted to pay bills, conduct business transcations, pay for food, etc at a store my card was declined. I call up and can't even speak to a person. They obviously knew the problems they were going to cause and shut their phone system down! HORRIFFIC customer service. My husband walked into a TD BANK and they too were of no help...basically telling us because of this "intergration" we would have to wait till everything smoothes out...WAIT?!
    tell that to my landlord who wants rent, and the rest of my bills that need to be paid???
    the money is rightfully mine and I cant access it?

    I AM SWITCHING BANKS IMMEDIATELY!!! this is ridiculous!

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  • Os
    Ostriches Sep 30, 2009

    They did the same ### to me. I literally just got off the phone with them. Call and complain, they will instantly credit the funds into your account if you're waiting on a direct deposit. They just cleared $800 into my account. Call this number: [protected]

    ###ing Canadians.

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  • Ms
    MS. S Sep 30, 2009







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  • Ws
    wsnj Sep 30, 2009

    I also can't believe TD Bank...I run a business where all the revenue is directly deposited. The bank has been unable to get things right for days, customer service is down, and to add further insult, both the website and branch said everything would be updated by 4pm today...When it wasn't, I had 1 hour to scramble to cover payroll ($30, 000). "America's most covenient bank"-Regis and Kelly owe me.

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  • Ja
    Jackie91802 Sep 30, 2009

    I get paid the 15th and the last day of every month and was in shock when I opened my account this morning to find my money not deposited. You can not get a hold of any customer service reps when you call the main TD Bank number. I went into my local branch in King of Prussia today where they were happy to give me $100, telling me that would be deducted out of my account when my direct deposit showed up - I came home to find they ALREADY took the $100 which made my account go negative. They also told me I could not use my debit card because it would be declined for insuffient funds. So how do I pay my bills and function with NO access to my own money... this is the most ridiculous thing.
    The bank employees also were not very helpful and had NO knowledge whatsoever. I have checks that are pending to come out tomorrow so right now I am crossing my fingers that my money will be deposited but the TD Bank employee "had no idea" if that would be the case.

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  • Mn
    mndomination Sep 30, 2009

    get over's still the same bank with a different name. you were all given pleanty of notice. When you change your software, there will be problems. The employees are doing the best with whatever the systems are providing.

    and you think threatening to close your account is a threat to a bank? It's one less person the call center and store employees have to hear ###. Feel free to change banks, God knows that bank will end up pissing you off eventually too...

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  • Ws
    wsnj Sep 30, 2009


    I cannot believe your stance on this subject. The warning you speak of was simply that the website would be patially down over the weekend. Nn no way was anyone prepared for what is happening, and it is materially affecting peoples lives. I sincerely hope you do not work in customer service.

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  • Mn
    mndomination Oct 01, 2009

    i work for td bank. and i can't see my account either, i learned how to keep a register. very simple.

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  • Br
    bridges01 Oct 01, 2009

    TD Bank is a mess. The online system continues to be down this morning. Accounts are still not being updated. They completed the update and then proceeded to move the back office processes from Cherry Hill to Canada. They were warned by many IT people that the work that was needed to be done was too large to be done the way it was being planned. As usual the powers that be chose not to listen to the IT people that know what they are talking about.

    For the employee above, mndomination, while you are in the same boat you are wrong about several points.
    1) Keeping a register doesn't make a difference when your account is not being updated with credits or debits.

    2) The quality of service on the phone has dropped drastically since TD took over.

    3) If the examples of spelling above are an indication of their employees what does that tell you if they can't even take time to spellcheck?

    4) People should have an expectation to have access to their monies within a reasonable amount of time. There is absolutely no excuse for these unconscionable delays of 3 to 4 days. People have lives to live and need their money.

    5) Quit trying to make excuses for a complete screwup by your company.

    6) You may also want to see of you are violating company ploicy by posting on this site.

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  • Rw
    rwhidbee Oct 01, 2009

    I 100% agree with bridges01. I had the "fortune" of having to go to my local branch last night to remove some fees since the 800 line wasn't working and still isn't working, and the bank manager kept saying I should go by my ledger. Well my ledger includes timely deposits that aren't going through. And I can't get in touch with customer service to find out what the hell is going on.

    I'm in computers and I understand a glitch but I also understand a backup, if the system isn't working, and this system has been having problems since last week, you don't continue forward when thousands of people are effected. You revert to the backup and slowly integrated over. Account by account if you have to.

    This whole situation was handled poorly and is still being handled poorly. As with many of you I may be switching my account.

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  • Nj
    njfamilyof6 Oct 01, 2009

    Yesterday, I was expecting my payroll deposit and my mortgage payment to be posted by the time I awoke yesterday morning and found neither of those major transactions reflected online. The online message said to go to your branch. Wanting to make sure that I was paid and my mortgage would be paid, I went to the branch only to find out that they had no information either. They could only tell me my available balance.

    Today, same issues – the deposit and debit are still not reflected. I have other bills to pay which I cannot do because you are only able to access the money that is available which is prior to my end of the month paycheck. I called my branch again this morning to see the latest and she had nothing to tell me – she said our region is down and she cannot even access any potential transactions.

    I am really frustrated as well because TD Bank has disconnected the customer service phone number listed on the website as well - [protected]. Overall, I am feeling very uncomfortable with the situation and am quite worried that as we head into the weekend, things still won’t be resolved.

    The bank says your money is safe – but you can only access the AVAILABLE balance which does not include anything that should have come in - therefore, it does not MATTER if you keep a register book. It does not allow you to access the money to pay bills, go grocery shopping, put gas in the car.

    The customer service folks at my local branch also feel frustration because they are not told anything either – except for you should see everything correct this afternoon which is the same message we have been hearing for days.

    Needless to say, I did a google search and found that TD Bank has a history of computer glitches, the last one being in December 2008.

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  • Ve
    vetstudent Oct 01, 2009

    While keeping a register is a wonderful tool, the most perfectly maintained register and adequete funds in your checking account don't count for a damn thing if your bank has screwed up so badly that you can't even access your own money. I went to the TD bank I've been going to for over two years now and asked them why my Department of Veteran Affairs direct deposit had been disbursed by the VA, but not posted to my account at TD. They said well, oh, our systems down, so hopefully by noon today it will post. I said ok...what about all of my bills that come out today automatically? they tell me hopefully noon and have the audacity to smile at me. (I'd bet dollars to pesos this will all get reordered so that I overdraw wildly and my payment goes in last. they do this almost every month, which makes no sense since the payment is disbursed earlier (i've checked the times of everything. If i move the bills to the next day, somehow my payment is a day late, funny, huh?) I ask them if I can take money out since my card isn't working (which is embarrassing and extremely inconvenient) and they say well, no as if they were talking to a slightly ###ed child who just asked if they could take a ### in the plant pot in the corner. I say why the hell not? it is after all my money, you can see my balance, my card isn't working because your IT dept overestimated their intelligence, I need to use my money to put gas in my car, because when it stalls and dies in the next mile my card won't work to pay the tow truck! Screw my bills, let them turn my cell phone off, I need to be able to go to school and work. BTW I receive a monthly payment in the same amount every month from the VA. they say one of the reasons they can't give me my money is because they can't be positive I'll receive a payment this month. I offer to let them speak with the finance dept at the VA, of course they refuse. Another reason is they can't be sure that's my correct balance showing and they'd hate to nail me with overdraft fees. I just can't process that they are still trying to pretend to be a fully functioning bank that just so happens to be holding my money hostage. FML. TD this is the last of the last straws. You've taken so much of my hard earned money, as well as time, and frustration, and I just can't take the mistakes and stupidity any longer. I'll bury my money in a ###ing tin can before I put it back with you.

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  • Ye
    yes2000 Oct 01, 2009

    more then 24 hours and problem still persists

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  • Mr
    MR F Oct 01, 2009

    I would have to agree with all of this. TDBank had an awesome opportunity to keep the formal Commerce Bank software (Bankway) which was a success especially with all of the cash machines. I'm a former employee of Commerce Bank. Now with this new system, I've heard from many friends of mine that still work for TD that the software just completely SUCKS!!! Its slow and they keep going offline every day because of issues with transaction posting to everyone's account. They were not prepared for this to happen and it was rushed through. I'm not in IT and I know that major changes especially in a bank should not be rushed through and needs A LOT of testing before moving to production. The new applications (backend and teller/csr side) is not even completely finished either (cash machines admin screens don’t even exist yet). I of course was supposed to get paid today and guess what --- my money is not there!!! GRRR! I must say - TDBank did a really negative thing here and I really doubt they will get their 5ft JD Powers Award next year!

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  • Rw
    rwhidbee Oct 01, 2009

    What fraustrates me even more is the fact that TD Bank is so hush hush about this major problem. They can't even post a message on their website letting customers know what's going on. Instead I have to browse the damn internet for information.

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  • Td
    TDBankRipoff Oct 01, 2009

    They can't post my direct deposit to my account (which should have been done this morning before 4 am), but they have no problem charging me $15 because my balance fell below $100. When I opened this account, I never ever "signed up" for account with a $100 minimum requirement. But they sneaked a lousy fee into my checking account without my knowledge. My rent is due TODAY and I depend on my direct deposit being posted to my account to cover the rent. Well, low and behold it hasn't been posted due to the "CONVERSION". After several attempts at calling Customer Service, I finally called my local branch to tell them about my dilema (the possibility of being charged for a bounced check from TD Bank and my apartment complex). I was told (supposedly) that I shouldn't have a fee imposed. Well, I certainly better not! Anyway, due to ridiculous charges, ATM fees and poor customer service, I have made the decision to never, ever do business with this bank ever again. Citizens Bank - here I come.

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  • Du
    dude2000 Oct 01, 2009

    The only way to send a message to TD bank is to actually close your accounts, not just stomp your feet. I opened a new checking account online last night with Chase bank, took 10 minutes. I encourage all to do the same at the bank of your choice. Dont settle for this BS, there is strength in numbers. BTW Chase has account opening specials $100 - $150 to open a checking with direct deposit. Other banks may have similar deals. DO IT NOW!!!

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  • Jb
    jblivingston Oct 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went into TD Bank this morning regarding my $2500 paycheck that was (supposedly) a direct deposit into the bank on Tuesday. The Bank manager informed me that NO direct deposits have been credited to Client accounts since the 27th of September. Also, the Customer service line is down, the top of the TD hierarchy is no longer in touch with it's bank managers and they have no idea when the system will be up. Holding customer monies should be illegal, but when I called the SEC hotline [protected]) I was told that they already knew about the TD Bank's computer conversion issues and that there was nothing to complain about - TD is in contact with the SEC and we "just have to be patient". It is the end of the month and bills are due. Many people get paid on the last day of the month. The papers are just reporting about the web site being down, neglecting the fact that millions of dollars have not been credited to client bank accounts in five days. This is wrong and I urge everyone to take their accounts elsewhere once the funds are straightened out. As for mndomination telling people to "get over it" - you are an idiot. If enough people leave over this fiasco, expect layoffs in the near future.

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  • Ki
    kirstennpaul Oct 01, 2009

    I, too, am having some issues and patiently awaiting to make sure my mortgage payment is processed and my paycheck is deposited. I was explaining the situation to a co-worker today and she suggested that each day, I print out the online screen to make sure that debits and credits are done properly. As you all know, some transactions are present one day and the next day it has changed or appears different. This way, if anything happens in your account or monies are lost, you will have back up to prove your point.

    I know when I speak to customer services, they state they will cover any fees or penalties associated with this process, but that doesn't help me much when bills start going past due, etc. I hope they have this resolved shortly.

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  • Ih
    ihatetdbank Oct 01, 2009


    Another 'genious' working behind the counters at TD Bank! Walking into TD Bank now feels like walking into DMV. No one can help you with anything. You say you work at TD Bank, then obviously you should know what's going on as well as an ETA as to when this issue should be resolved... OR maybe TD is not telling their own people ### either!!!

    Call it like it is, anyone that shuts down their customer service number to avoid contact is a coward. It's a job function to answer the phone, so DO IT! I get it, it takes some time for systems to get back up, but come on, holy ###, it's 2009 here and almost a f'in week without funds...

    mndomination must be a typical 18 yr old punk employee from TD that walks around with nothing else better to do while watching lines back up at the counter on a Friday afternoons...

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  • Ba
    bahamut1028 Oct 01, 2009

    wow... you guys really are dumb. I started an account 5 years ago as a 16 year old kid... If you guys heard what they tell you, instead of what you want to hear, they tell you its a FREE checking account for the first YEAR. After that there is a $15 service charge for falling under that balance. They also have accounts that charge you $3 a month but have no minimum balance. But once you hear FREE thats all you hear. Read the literature they give you instead of throwing it away and you will understand. Also, about the whole direct deposit ordeal, yes, they are having problems. But you guys are taking it out on the tellers, who have no control over the situation. They can only do what is instructed of them. Having irate customers does not help the situation. If you go calmly up there and explain your situation you will realize that you arent the only one having the problem and if you are calm, you are more likely to get your funds made available than someone who has an attitude...

    but wait... that actually makes sense. people tend to act irrationally and yell until they get their way which i, personally, have no tolerance for... so continue to get mad, but all banks go through this and they arent stealing your money, there is just delays.

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  • Rw
    rwhidbee Oct 02, 2009

    I find this whole situation appalling, this is a debacle of the worst kind. I’m in computers, if after a day there is a major effect on the system, rule 101 is you revert back to the backup. Fees are incurring on my account, not small fees either. Hundreds of dollars in fees. All customer service numbers are none operational. The website keeps going up and down. And the people in the bank (I know it isn’t their fault) are of very little help either because they are also in the dark or because they are over worked as well trying to keep the customers at bay. TD Bank is going at this situation like Bush did on the war on terrorism.
    Little tip of advice if you step in sh*t you don’t dig your foot deeper into it.

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  • Hk
    hkhkhk Oct 06, 2009

    how does a bank loose customers? what's so tight on you?

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  • Ga
    GardenGirlNJ Oct 07, 2009

    2 weeks out and I am now looking into Wachovia. I am done with TD Bank. After this amount of time, and with a consolidation that was in the works for 18 months, I have had it.
    Phones and computers remain down, money continues to be unavailable and accounts are not only incorrect, but also untimely.
    It is obvious they are unable to handle any new customers

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  • Fk
    F**k TD Bank!! Oct 10, 2009

    I've been having the same problem since 9/30 as well I thought I was the only one experiencing the agonizing experience of this damned computer glitch. I went to the branch in Valley Stream, NY, the employees there said that this problem should have been fixed along time ago. To make matters worse, I have been unable to get thru to customer service. They know that they have a ton of customers that are ready to crack some heads so their customer service line plays this horrible muzak while u are waiting for a customer service rep to get on the line and rip them a new one. I am seriously pissed with TD Bank Americas most inconvienient bank!!! F**K TD Bank

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  • Tr
    Transactionagent Oct 12, 2009

    Well, they only say they're the most convenient bank, not the easiest to deal with or the one with the highest satisfaction rating.

    RIP Commerce Bank. They used to be really great.

    Wachovia is soon to be Wells Fargo - and that's no customer service bargain either. They had an employee sell thousands of peoples' account info. When fraud occurred, they denied anything had happened. Once it became public knowledge, they stonewalled on investigating the problems.

    They are still causing problems for customers over this mess.

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