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Something happened one day at work. Lead took contents the wrong way and was nasty to me. Got called to office had 2 being nasty to me accusing me of people quitting because of me and has had many many complaints about me, really? For one thing I did have problems with 2 people they have hired, but so did other employees. No one has quit because of me ever!!! If I was such a problems why am I working still? I have been there almost 5 yrs the management is the worstever except a few. They treat us with disrespect always mad because work not done etc... They have unrealistic time schedule and has said as such. Not a good place to work at all. Also not aloud to be sick, Dr excuse or not!!#


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      Apr 22, 2016

    Real sorry to hear Target thinks it's ok for a man with male parts is welcome to go in a ladies rest room. .No common sense, or perception You are wrong. You just lost a my shopping at Target .Too bad I did like to shop there.

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