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After 30+ years of shopping at Targets in Las Vegas (and never stealing so much as a toothpick), I'm not welcome at T-0850 because I have autistic/mongoloid facial features. I've been around long enough to know how serious the shoplifting problem is - and when I'm being illegally profiled as a shoplifting threat on physical characteristics alone.

Shoplifting is a terrible problem for retailers, but labeling customers as "suspicious" can't be used as justification and cover-up for bigotry and discrimination because of race, age, religious affiliation, physical or mental disabilities, or just because customers don't fit staff's personal definitions of "cool." Retailers need to get it through their heads that customers are there to shop, not audition for a fashion show or lounge act.

  • Updated by Mickey Parker · Aug 07, 2018

    Target needs to get a clue in several areas. I was effectivey 86'd from store #0850, ostensibly for being a shoplifting threat, and all attempts to get managment to admit it was a bully-based, discriminatory policy breech have been ignored; likewise with Target Corporate ... no response. Free advertising slogan, guys: "Target: we don't give a damn ... and it shows!"

    Target hassles seniors, disabled, ugly, whatever, still have no control over shoplifting, their stock is down 25%, and they give red-carpet restroom treatment to transexuals, in case you haven't heard.

    Target has hundreds of online complaints from folks who don't want men who will abuse the policy wearing dresses and earrings just to scope out the women and children in the restrooms, and management doesn't get the fact that they're also giving a whole new segment of potential shoplifters free run of the store with "booster bags" (shopping bags lined with tin foil so the Sensormatic alarms won't sound for unpaid merchandise), a.ka. a "purse" like any "lady." Are you jivin' me?

  • Updated by Mickey Parker · Aug 09, 2018

    Manager was screaming at me from two aisles over, poised/coiled to tackle me at the checkout. I don't have a "guardian." Do you?

  • Updated by Mickey Parker · Aug 11, 2018

    I've tried everything else to get through to Target management, maybe some poetry will help ...

    You're saying I'm a thief; you're saying that I steal.
    You have no proof, and I've denied it.
    How am I supposed to feel?

    Reflecting your own dishonesty? The rationale's the same.
    Supposing everybody steals and everyone's to blame.

    You needn't be specific about what you think I took.
    I'm guilty and you know it; it's just the way I "look."

    With powers of omniscience, your impressions never fail.
    Got to keep your numbers up, so what if I go to jail?

    If not today, then yesterday, here or another place.
    I'm guilty and you know it; you "see" it in my face.

    Your family's more important than anything I claim.
    Even if I'm innocent, it's how you play the game.

    The only thing you can't explain, the only thing that's real,
    If false charges were against YOU,
    How would it make YOU feel?

    YOUR wife, YOUR children, YOUR parents. Would it really be the same?
    Still stickin' to your story that EVERYONE'S to blame?

    Because of your position, of course you're never wrong.
    May someone close - or you yourself -
    Fall prey to the same FALSE song.

    Why proclaim your innocence, even it's even true?
    Influencial testimony by some know-it-all like YOU!

    (If you've been falsely accused, feel free to use this; if you're truly an offender, don't you dare!)


  •   Aug 06, 2018

    Are you sure it was your appearance and nothing else? Were you alone or with a guardian? They simply came to you and asked y’all to leave?

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