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I worked at Target for four years. Starting out as a cart-attendant, self-training as a cashier and guest services to help out fellow employees during rush hours, moving to the sales floor, then back to logistics and finally proudly becoming part of the security team. It was at this last position where I encountered some difficulties.
One day me and the other AP agent (the ones in the fancy suites that greet you) where left alone as the undercover agent had to get some lunch. We were told just to stand at the front as usual but my fellow employee decided to hide in the office and watch the cameras. Being still in training and her being my "superior" (she had the position a total of 4months more than me) I followed. Whilst viewing the cameras we came across two young girls shoplifting in the jewelry dept. Nothing big: sunglasses, a scarf and that cheap ugly jewelry that Target doesn't bother to lock up.
Now instead of staying put and getting some good video evidence she decides to stroll out there and stop it. The policy on minors is that you don't do anything to them with no parents around. And the rule on shoplifters is that you can't do anything unless they LEAVE THE STORE. Both these rules meant squat apparently to her. She strolled up, me in tow, and accused them of stealing. I was shocked. I thought that she would stroll around and let them see us, they get scared, dump the goods and leave. Nope. Wait it gets worse! She then demands that they dump their purses into an empty cart (4th amendment anyone?). Next, and here's the part that BLEW me away, she instructs them to dial their parents and tells the parents that their kids have been caught stealing. JESUS CHRIST did she even read the training material?!
After all this I inform the under-cover guy of what happened and the next day inform our supervisor. This is all very serious since it's harassment of minors and is a fire-able offense. Imagine my surprise when...NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENS. They basically don't give a damn about rules and ### apparently. Meanwhile I get chewed out for 15 minutes by the manager for not giving a timely report on graffiti ( I cleaned it). So obviously I decide that I'm being harassed (God forbid a security guy trying to uphold rules) and I ask for a transfer the new store after my training. Her answer (yes the AP manager and the AP agent were both women, solidarity sister) was a resounding no, as I was unfit to transfer (remember the graffiti?).
So what do I do? The next day I quit.
Dumbest thing ever, as it made me un-hireable again at any target apparently. I still haven't got a job and that was 2 years ago. So remember kids: don't let little things like morals and rules get in your way as a security at target. And if anybody wants to hire a hard-working go-getter with good morals email me:
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  •   Sep 08, 2010

    Bottom line is, you quit. You did it to yourself. I wouldn't hire a quitter. If you had a problem, take it higher up the chain of command.

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