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I am writing to express my disappointment with Target.
Although I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, I have been living overseas since February 2010, partly in Afghanistan and partly in Kosovo. Living with minimals has been quite a lifestyle change. However, this was a choice that I decided to make thus this is why I am still living overseas. Prior to my decision to temporarily live overseas I was living a normal life in Orlando, Florida. As you know, you have many stores in the Central Florida area. Target has ALWAYS been my "go-to" store for shopping. I have always loved the service, the layout or the store, the cleanliness, and of course, the products. Therefore, when I found out I was pregnant; I decided to use for my registry. Due to my experience of living overseas, I am aware of the shipping restrictions thus I decided to make my registry and call and ensure that the products on my registry are able to be shipped to my current APO address. Thankfully, the crib, mattress, clothing, bottles, etc. could all be shipped. So, I finished preparing my registry and sent it out to my friends and family back home in the states.
On April 5th, my Mother purchased the Graco Lauren Classic Convertible Crib and the Million Dollar Baby Twilight Mattress from my registry and had it shipped to my APO address listed on my registry. On May 1st, I received my mattress and was expecting my crib the follow any day thereafter. Two weeks went by and I had yet to receive anything else from Target. So, I decided to give them a call and find out the status and how we can resolve this problem. I was told that my order confirmation states that the crib time frame is until May 21st therefore I must wait until May 21st before anything can be done to move forward. So, although this did not make me happy, I understand why I needed to wait, so I did.

On May 21st, I called and spoke with a representative gave her the reference number of my "issue" and expressed my concern. She informed me that although my order confirmation states that the crib should arrive by May 21st, I had to wait until May 24th in order for them to issue me a refund and re-ship another crib. When I asked the reason for this, she informed me that this was policy. However, my order confirmation states that May 21st was the last day I needed to wait. Not to mention, the previous representative informed me that May 21st was how long I needed to wait. She did not mention this “policy” of waiting three days after the last shipping date. Had I known about this additional three days the first time I called, I would have requested a refund and purchased a crib online, elsewhere.
I should not have to wait three more days. My order confirmation states that I am to receive my crib by May 21st. Target should have refunded and re-shipped that same day, no questions asked. Instead, I was offered a measly $15 gift card the hassle that I am experience. This was a slap in the face. I explained to her that I do not want a gift card, I want a crib. After a 20 minute conversation she provided zero results and I am left waiting three more days for a crib. Calling Target and speaking with someone should have left me feeling like everything was going to be okay, yet I got off the phone with them feeling even more frustrated than before I made the call.
The reason I am very disappointed is because I am due to deliver June 25th and I was told that I now have to wait until May 24th until I will be issued a refund and new crib will be shipped. This leaves four weeks for me to get my crib, which provides no guarantees. If the second crib is shipped on the 24th and takes as long as the first crib (never arriving at all or arriving 6 weeks after the original ship date) then I will not have a crib for my child. However, Target is not concerned with that. They have to follow some “policy” that was not mentioned in my initial call and is not mentioned anywhere on my order confirmation or Target’s website.
So as you can imagine, I am very discouraged by this answer from Target's management team since I might not have a crib for my newborn baby. I am living in Kosovo which is a poverty stricken country and I am not able to buy a crib here. I do not trust the manufacturing, nor do I like the expensive prices of the cribs. They are triple the amount of the crib that I have on my registry, not to mention, I will have to purchase another mattress since I have one sitting in my baby's room.
Prior to me putting the crib on the registry, I called and ensured that the very crib on my baby registry is able to be shipped to my address. In addition, I was home in March for 35 days and I could have purchased a crib and had it shipped from the states. However, I found no need for it as I was confident that Target would ship all of my items listed on my registry as I was told they would. It is unfortunate, however this experience has forced me stop shopping at Target. The service I received about my crib was very unappealing. Target did not solve my problem; they just made me wait longer. This is unacceptable. I will be sure to end my Target shopping days and I will be sure to spread the word in the community. It's unfortunate it had to be this way, but I have been extremely let down by Target.

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