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At Christmas time I went to into Target where they talked me into applying for the RedCard. At the time I had in hand two prepaid Visa Cards from work (gift cards). I was purchasing a few gifts one being a printer. At checkout time, the girl rang up the printer and was about to ring up the smaller items when she said I could not use my prepaid gift cards along with the Redcard 10% off promotion.

I told her no way, I wanted to use my gift cards, obviously! She did not know what to do so she had to go get help to back off the charge and they were all confused on how to do it.

So finally we thought they had it all figured out and they rang up the printer along with the other items and I paid for them with my two gift cards leaving a small balance on one of them. I never thought anything of it until...

February 20 or thereabouts I receive a bill. Not only is it charging me for the printer, which I paid with on my cash gift card but it is also charging me late fees for not paying on a previous statement of which I never received-I also never received the RedCard.

When I called Target about this they stated that they indeed had sent the card to the wrong address but said they had sent the statement to the corrected address. Which I doubt as I did not receive it or I would been able to catch this erroneous error at that time.

They are saying because it is over 30 days they cannot go back to video to watch the transaction and are trying to say that I purchased a printer on the Target card at 8:46 PM then went back into the store and purchased another printer along with other items at 9:13 PM. The time lapse is because the checker (s) didn't apparently know how to back out the original charge.

I am disputing it with them but I was told that because of the time lapse and being over 30 days (because I never rec'd a statement prior to Feb) I would probably have to pay the charges. This printer is not worth twice what I paid plus the 29.00 late fee that I am not responsible because they sent all information to the wrong address.


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      Feb 25, 2009

    Over a year ago I set up automatic payments on for three months. after the second payment plan i notice that my bill included late fees, so I called target and they stated that they never received a payment and that there system didn't show an automatic payment online. So I believed them thinking it might of been user error but after the second time that I received a late payment I knew something was wrong. Again I called and again I receive horrible customer service with hang ups reps being rude and of course I being the cause of error on why I received two late fees.

    After many phone calls and many transfers I talk to a technical rep that helped me out with paying my late payment of 2 months and finding the reason why my payments weren't going through; There system wasn't accepting my bank routing number and they had to put it in themselves in order for it to work. Since the issue was targets fault I asked for them to credit the late fees and to also write in that this issue was theres so that my credit score wouldn't fall. It did I wrote into all of the credit companies and they couldn't fix the issue, so now i am screwed on my score with 3 late payments and a canceled account that was canceled by target without my consent.

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      Feb 25, 2009

    The Target National bank want to increase the APR and cash advance, they dont care people have excellent credit, that is not fair, If somebody have this credit card with Target National bank Please cancel, they want take our money, that economic is very bad for us give money to that bank right now. This is ABUSE

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      Apr 02, 2009

    I received a little notice from Target National Bank informing me that they were going to raise my rate to 18.9. It has been 15.9. Now this may not seem like much but it is for no reason at all. I have always paid on time...never ever late. I have always paid over the minimum. I am writing this to inform others to check their interest rates. I have written them a letter opting out of their new rate and closing my account. I despise sneaky, underhanded practices which punish those of us that bust our tails to pay their bills on time.

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      Apr 27, 2009

    I had applied for an target card and to my suprise the bank raise my credit limit up to 300.00 more dollars. I stated to the woman that I never gave permission to have my credit limit increase and she stated that but I was making my payment on time then thats why they raise it. I then told her to lower my credit limit back to where it was and she stated that once I make an payment then to contact them back and we could lower the credit limit back to where it was. to my suprise it did not happen and I receive an statement in the mail for over 800.00 in fees.

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      Aug 15, 2009

    Target sucks, first some # that operates their website, let it get hacked, now I have to enter 5 yes 5 freaking security questions.. wtf 5 come on, one your incompetent people cant do their job, fired that person or persons, then some educated idiot, woke up one morning thinking, I will raise all redcard holder, I mean all... what a dumbazz i'm done with you target, I could have seen this from walmart but from target... I hope target has to file for bankruptcy.. the ceo's jet crashes, and what other evil things that can happen, just like target chit on all their customers...

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