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I've read several complaints from various sites on Giant Eagle AKA Tamarkin and I have to say...shady! I have worked for them and had several friends who happen to be in various management positions and the company treats its employees okay on the surface but within each department and store it’s a totally different story. I assume or imagine that it's not the corporate policy to allow discrimination against women, the LGBT community, against people who have worked for the company for 20+ years, sexual harassment, "boys" clubs, and a few other things I witnessed.
I worked in the prepared foods department for various team leads some of whom were absolutely awesome and others who were completely horrible. I witnessed managers who would team up and have "boys" clubs where only men were allowed to enter. I witnessed several cases of sexual harassment's and discrimination claims that were reported to Brad the HR representative and nothing would happen if you were certain individuals within the company. First off the HR people were lucky to be there maybe twice a week for a couple of hours per shift, when they were there it always seemed they were too busy to be there for their employees. I witnessed a few people who were able to go in and complain about other individuals and either write ups or termination occurred to that other people without any kind of way to dispute the claims.
The newest store leader (Kevin) came in and within 6 months had replaced almost every team lead in the entire store, two were fired (fairly as they were changing dates on food for customers) two others transferred overnight literally never to be seen or heard from again (unless you were close friends). One woman supposedly had a slight disagreement with Kevin and was gone the next day transferred without cause or reason other than the store leader simply didn't like her. Funny thing everyone that filled the newly vacant spots within the departments had previously worked with him at other stores. Those that couldn't be transferred and had no other grievances against them were terminated for things that could have easily been actions that a simple coaching and feedback session would have warranted.
One of the Leads that I loved who was awesome and fair to everyone changed some times for employees who would come in late. I don't just mean one or two people I mean everyone. And by change times I don't mean she hid it or tried to keep it a secret. The other team leads would say go to "so and so" and they will put the correct time in. She was compassionate and understood when cars broke down, sitters didn't show up or you woke up late. She would accommodate you the best she could and adjust your time (at no expense to the company for most employees as there is a 7 minute rule for the company where no money is gained by the employee within that window). She was pulled in without notice and told she was falsifying records, she sincerely claimed she was unaware of the policy because she was allowed to let employees leave when she saw fit per the business needs same as she did when an employee came in late. In any other position she had ever held in management time was recorded but changes were allowed at the discretion of management. It wasn't as if the several employees were late everyday just a few times here and there. Needless to say they brought her in told her they were "considering" firing her but needed to do further "investigation". So they made her work another week and a half knowing that at any moment she could be fired when she deserved a small slap on the wrist and a coaching and feedback session. She was terminated just before Thanksgiving only to find out her replacement was there the day after she was gone (guess what he too worked for Kevin). And from other people who are currently still working there the new manager is doing the same things the other was fired for. ***Update she tried to file for unemployment as she should have been entitled but was rejected three times to do a final appeal with the unemployment office and Tamarkin. Edmond Ehrhardt the Tamarkin representative yelled and would not let her speak. Made her cry he was such an a**hole. He never let her talk even interrupted the unemployment rep and told him how to do his job! If people like this are allowed to represent GE I will do everything in my power to make sure that people are aware of the way they treat their employees. (Keep in mind this team lead was praised and given a great raise just before she was fired was told by the new store leader she didn’t deserve it but it was done from the previous leader so he had to give it to her, she constantly made their monthly goals and was praised consistently by the previous store manager before her termination. She had no write ups of any kind and had never in the year she was with the company ever had any kind of complaint against her.)
Another manager named Dennis Gaither who was mentioned in another posting about Giant Eagle was also a temporary lead for the department. He was hated across the board because he constantly would take credit for work done by team members. It got so bad people would call in before their shifts and ask if he was working if he was some would call out. It's pretty bad when you have to call out of a job to not work with your manager. He would also yell and constantly cut down his employees and would take over employee positions and kick them out of the positions they were trained for. He was a majorly glorified employee that was getting paid major bucks to cook the daily hot bar. He was constantly calling out and claiming "vacation time" as he was a long time (14+ years) employee at last minutes when coverage was needed making other leads have to scramble to find coverage or end up staying 12 or more hour shifts to cover. He even went as far as to tell a team lead (in the presence of about 2 or three other employees) that if anything happens and he has to throw you under the bus to save himself he would/will. He was completely serious. There was no joking haha it was a very specific point he wanted to make known that you were on your own. He was an all-around bad guy.
The Deli lead was terminated for date changes and her assistant lead should have been in line for her position he was trained and was the temporary lead for the department for over 6 months when she left, making it run smoothly. Once the new store leader took over he brought in one of his people and the 20+ year employee who rightfully should have had the position was ousted without a backwards glance.
The assistant store leader witnessed a department assistant throw a trash can across the department in front of customers and said it was okay for the assistant to do so because he was just having a bad day. In what universe is it okay for a grown man to throw a temper tantrum, throw a trashcan in front of customers and its okay? I've worked in several corporations in upper management roles and have never witnessed behavior such as that and not had a formal write up at the very least given.
I've read some of the review of people who claim it's a great company and perhaps within their stores and/or departments it may be but please be aware that not every store is this way. I was a good employee never got in trouble or written up for anything I was never fired either as I know some may think I'm just a bitter employee who was fired and giving a bad review. It's not the case. I didn't hate the company until I opened my eyes to see what they truly did to their employees most specifically their team leads and managers. I’ll add that most of the Columbus market for GE is not protected by a union so when they find something they want to get rid of you for they do without notice or just cause. I’ve read reviews about how the company is supposed to be so tolerant and excepting of people and again I have to dispute it. I know if it’s happening in this store it’s certainly happening in others. Maybe some are more under the rug so to speak and others are on the surface but even still it’s ridiculous that individual store leaders let some many of these things happen with no consequence. That certain people are protected and others are left to their own defense.
I should mention that again I’m not a fired bitter employee. I’m a very educated person who needed a temporary adjustable job to supplement my income while I was completing my third undergrad and master’s degree. I quit on my own and have an analyst position at the local university so I’m not someone who is just ranting because I’m mad at my personal situation with the company. Do yourself a favor and don’t work for them. Don’t trust them if you do. Have your own back because if push comes to shove most will throw you under the bus.


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    dikobraz Apr 07, 2015

    I worked for them as a pharmacy manager. Worst place I ever worked. I am gay, supposed to be a "protected" status. And I have always been moral & ethical personally and professionally, and I worked my butt off for them. Then one day, I needed to hire a new pharmacy tech. As a manager I have always kept my eyes open for potential new employees, in every place I've worked. I approached a smart young man working in the grocery department, and he was ecstatic. So I asked the store manager about it. The piggly sob Jon told this young man I was only interested in him because he was "eye candy" and that I was NOT to be trusted. Wtf? Never in my life have I ever met this kind of blatant discrimination and disrespect...and I live in a small town in Northwestern Pennsylvania! When I brought this up to my supervisor, todd r., he blew it off, then had the audacity to suggest that "I" apologize to the store manager for stepping on his toes. Wtf?? This young man whom I sought to be a tech actually went to bat for ME, complained to HR, and what does HR do? Send the store manager to a store closer to his home, just a slap on the wrist, contrary to ge's legendary "Zero Tolerance" policy. But it gets better. The grocery department manager, todd m, starts his crap, targeting my employees, literally spying on them behind shelves, following them around, harassing them over "too long" bathroom breaks. Really? And then the front end manager, who covertly was dating a subordinate, was pissed off because I didn't hire her nasty, ### daughter to work in my pharmacy. Together the front end & grocery manager started these ridiculous "compliance" checks which did nothing but totally disrupt the pharmacy, get everyone all riled up and kill morale. They harassed my best tech, got her fired, and then they dragged their feet for 3 MONTHS to get me another tech. The pharmacy supervisor todd r was completely spineless, did nothing to support me, despite my repeated requests. Human resources is a freaking joke, this lisa chick was so afraid of todd m that she folded to his whims faster than superman on laundry day. Even higher up in HR, dan g., did nothing to support me. The best part was the day todd m came back into the pharmacy and removed a cabinet door, and my spineless supervisor todd r had the audacity to tell ME to put it back up. Last straw? The recruiters have consistently scheduled tech interviews against my explicit requests, or would schedule them when I could be available, but then never tell me about it. I blew up, lit into that recruiter and let her have it. I get this patronizing poor excuse of an apology from her supervisor, so I let her have it too. HR wants to see me, then starts in on me, claiming I don't respect other team members. Oh really? Where is my respect? Pathetic todd r, the store manager & HR have no answer for that.
    By far, ge is the WORST company I have ever worked for. But I must thank them for giving me the motivation and determination to open my own pharmacy, which will be right across the street from them. I don't put them out of business, but I will make them hurt right where it counts; right in the pocketbook. And they've earned every bit of pain. Rumor is they're closing in September, so as a favor to their potential buyer, I will let them know my plans to open my own pharmacy, so they won't be paying more than what they might get. Pathetic todd r was always worried about being thrown under the bus, yet he was the first to do that to me. Not only will he be thrown under the bus, he'll see that I'm the one driving it. And I will be smiling.

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