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Talbots Complaints & Reviews

Talbots / Beware when ordering online and paying with a debit card at talbots

Shops123 on Mar 23, 2017
I would like to share a recent experience I had while shopping online with Talbots and paying with my debit card. My debit card is backed by VISA so it is guaranteed. I purchased an item and also used a $25 rewards discount. The item shipped so I checked by bank account and found that a...

Talbots / Service

Shelley Parrish-Reynolds on Feb 19, 2017
On two occasions, Ive encountered similar incidences. My first occurred at a Shreveport Louisiana location. My second occurred at the College Station Texas location. Not one time did someone acknowledge my presence or offer assistance. Each garment I chose, I personally took to the fitting...

Talbots / Credit services

Michelle Van Der Linden on Feb 8, 2017
I have been a Talbots shopper and credit card holder for at least 10 YEARS!!! In January of 2016, I made a purchase using the Talbots card, which triggered a series of errors (on their part) which required me to call each and every month and talk to someone else, explain the whole story...

Talbots / Return of shirt

Ann Rum on Feb 5, 2017
I purchased a shirt online that was too small. I returned the shirt to my local store and they did not have the size that I needed. I then asked the clerk if she thought a nearby store had it and she reluctantly looked in the computer and said, "maybe." She never offered to call the other...

Talbots / Placing in order today 3:10 pm

Louise Brunette on Jan 23, 2017
I just placed the order with you 012317TD73875. The attendant was very efficient, too efficient. No warmth as if I were at the customs or in a military office. I cannot believe Talbots train their representative that way. I was even tempted to hang up. But as I wanted to be more polite...

Talbots / Customer service

Lizbren on Jan 10, 2017
I have been a loyal Talbots customer for over 20 years. I never shop online because in the past I've always enjoyed the shopping experience at Talbots in Bellevue Square. The last time I shopped there I couldn't believe how awful my experience was. They have hired a new manager who I...

Talbots / Talbots charge card

LisaPV on Dec 31, 2016
Do NOT use their charge card! I opened card received first bill and paid balance in full. The payment was a few days late due to a death in my family. I never received another bill - though they state they were mailed - and then received a phone call on a delinquent account. I called...

Talbots / Service

KarenB655 on Aug 9, 2016
The worst shopping experience at Talbots in Bellevue Square. From the white haired sales lady named Nancy who not only ignored me until she saw I had an arm full of clothes. She never came back to check on me and then finally another sales associate with dark hair and a gray streak checked...

Talbots / Bad experience

Nancy on May 9, 2016
These people are nasty and rude and they refuse to provide any help! Bought a jacket from Talbots and after one wash it just fell apart! So I called the company and asked them if there was a way to get an exchange and they said that since I already used it and washed it no exchange and...

Talbots / Theft

CJMick on Apr 21, 2016
Talbots had an "internet service upgrade" issue this week that resulted in them charging my credit card $353.44 without ever placing an order, basically amounting to theft. I have not got a satisfactory response. Instead, I've been placed on hold for extensive periods of time, told the...

Talbots / Pathetic Service

Reviewer30574 on Mar 1, 2016
I am sick of shopping at Talbots in Bellevue Square. This last shopping experience was horrific. On my way out I made sure I got the names of these sales girls. First of all I was completely ignored. The 2 sales girls that were work there didn't bother to ask me if I needed help. I took my...

Talbots / Clothing and customer service

Stacey Aust on Dec 5, 2015
i am a long time customer of Talbots. Today, I visited the 54th and Madison Avenue store in NY NY. I inquired about where the women's plus size department was. I was informed that the department was on one floor and clothing on sale was another floor. I went to the floor and wa...

Talbots / Poor customer service

Sherrie F on Jul 19, 2015
It was my first time into a Talbots store. I have some neighbors who are avid shoppers and after much encouragement I heeded to their advice. Immediately I was greeted by this salesgirl who was well dressed and well spoken. I made sure I made note of her name "Naz" as she immediately...

Talbots.com / They charged me for additional sum, but I have no idea for what

dark-girl on May 15, 2015
I placed the order on the website www.talbots.com. Everything was ok until these jerks charged me for the order. They took money for the order and at the same time they charged for something else. I was shocked and tried to get this sum back, ‘coz it was almost $30. The rep refused...

Talbots.com / Fake charges and ### from this company ignored me

Warzo on Oct 18, 2014
I bought from the website www.talbots.com. I paid about $50 for the order, which was horrible and I wouldn’t advise to buy from this company. The quality was awful and the seller refused to return money. I recently checked my account and it turned out that they started to charge me...

Talbots / defective clothing, would not lower price

DABM on Oct 5, 2012
have been a loyal customer of Talbots for years and have been awarded your Classic membership. I went to your Springfield, PA store to shop and found a nice two piece set. But when examining the skirt there was a little hole in it and so I asked the manager, Susan if she can reduce the...

Talbots / Refused to Refund

Camarillo shopper 8 on Nov 30, 2011
I went to the Talbots Store in the Outlet Mall to return a pair of shorts I bought 6 weeks ago, with the price tags and receipt (they didn't fit). Since 30 days had passed, they wouldn't let me exchange or return them. Buyer Beware! They are very firm and uncompromising on thi...

Talbot's / Bad products and services

3deshen on Nov 1, 2011
Price is higher and higher. Meanwhile, the quality is going down. Their sales ladies in stores are treating the customers in a humiliate way. Very bad experience for shopping in their stores. Basically, they are showing they don't care about their customers other than making money...

Talbots Stores / bad manufacturing

ediapet on Oct 13, 2011
I just contacted Talbots today regarding a defective shoulder bag on which the clasps/buckles that attach the strap to the bag have been detaching on their own for about 2 years. I would simply use a pair of pliers to close the gap created. Of course all this first occurred way after the...

Talbots / poor quality - poor fit - over priced

Don't waste your money. The clothing is of very poor quality. The fits are erratic and, from my experience, never quite right. The cheap material in some clothing causes it to stretch as you wear it to the point that you look like you are wearing rags. I have had clothing shrink such...

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