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refused to refund

I went to the Talbots Store in the Outlet Mall to return a pair of shorts I bought 6 weeks ago, with the price tags and receipt (they didn't fit). Since 30 days had passed, they wouldn't let me exchange or return them. Buyer Beware! They are very firm and uncompromising on this 30 day limit. I used to buy a lot from them, but I won't shop there anymore.

  • JuliePooh51265 Nov 30, 2011

    So you are blaming them because you waited too long to return the item? Policies are set for a reason. Not their fault you didn't adhere to it.

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  • Qu
    queenie1956 Mar 02, 2012

    It is written plainly on the receipt THIRTY DAYS. NOT 6 weeks!

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bad products and services

Price is higher and higher. Meanwhile, the quality is going down. Their sales ladies in stores are treating the customers in a humiliate way. Very bad experience for shopping in their stores. Basically, they are showing they don't care about their customers other than making money from them. I will never buy this product any more and not recommend to anybody.

  • Ge
    Gene Loop Jun 24, 2009

    Just got home from the hospital. Finally got to sleep and Talbot's calls our home phone with an automated phone call. They hid themselves from the caller ID which, I believe, is illegal.

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Resolved bad manufacturing

I just contacted Talbots today regarding a defective shoulder bag on which the clasps/buckles that attach the strap to the bag have been detaching on their own for about 2 years. I would simply use a pair of pliers to close the gap created. Of course all this first occurred way after the 30 day return policy was up. All I wanted was to have the bag returned to the manufacturer, but was told there is none to contact, and that I would not be granted a return, which is not what I wanted. I actually would love to have the defect addressed and the bag repaired, as the design is not your usual bag/strap attachment. And I bought 2 of them so I am expecting problems with the other as the one I carried today actually broke beyond a common repair job. Needless to say, Talbots has lost me as a consumer.

  • Ed
    ediapet Oct 13, 2011

    No, and neither am I. A bad manufacturing practice will go unnoticed for a time until something fails. Also, I am a long-time Talbots consumer, and your snide remarks are absolutely unnecessary. Try to be nice to someone today. It will go rewarded.

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  • Ed
    ediapet Oct 13, 2011

    I just contacted Nordstrom's and the message I got was as follows:

    "We stand behind the items we sell, if there is ever an ongoing quality issue we would discuss it with the manufacturer, we also offer wonderful return/exchange policies, with no specified time frame for return/exchanges."

    It never hurts to ask, so good-bye Talbots, and goodbye trolls. Have a blessed life.

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  • Ed
    ediapet Oct 13, 2011

    Trying this post again. I just contacted Nordstrom's and got this reply:

    "We stand behind the items we sell, if there is ever an ongoing quality issue we would discuss it with the manufacturer, we also offer wonderful return/exchange policies, with no specified time frame for return/exchanges.

    It never hurts to ask. so goodbye Talbots, and to you folks who like to offer your opinions, have a great life.

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Resolved poor quality - poor fit - over priced

Don't waste your money. The clothing is of very poor quality. The fits are erratic and, from my experience, never quite right. The cheap material in some clothing causes it to stretch as you wear it to the point that you look like you are wearing rags. I have had clothing shrink such that I can not wear it - and I followed the washing instructions.
It used to be that you could count on Talbots for quality and style, but that simply is no longer the case. The cheap, imported clothing is over priced, the quality is gone and frumpy simply isn't stylish! I have several outfits that I simply cannot wear -- I was told by an unhelpful clerk that she could recommend a tailor!
I don't mind paying for a quality product, but I hate to feel that I have wasted my money. I am now looking for boutique lines of clothing made in America out of American produced cloth and materials.
Talbots lost focus on quality has lead to its demise and the company has only itself to blame.

  • Ei
    Eileen Reynolds Jul 18, 2012

    I have shopped Talbots for 27 years. Once was that I'd go in and be helped cheerfully by a savvy lady to find classic clothing, size 8, and everything to complete the outfit. I never questioned if it would fit. Everything was a perfect fit. All these years later, these clothes still fit perfectly. Now, however, I can wear a 10, 12, 8 from Talbots and none of it fit! The quality is nonexistent and service, what service??? My old size 8 pants are STILL fitting and looking new. When I began shopping Talbots and for many years after, under every description in every catalog, it proudly stated "Made In The USA"! I calculated I have spent $25, 000 easily in 27 years. This year I have spent 0.

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Resolved poor quality

Just an overall disgruntled complaint. I have been an avid Talbots shopper for as far back as I...

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Resolved talbots store south lake, tx

south lake store manager Kelly is very rude. Talbots customer service is really going downhill. I am not going to shopping there again. I paid $160 in cash, but the store manager Kelly told me I can only get store credit for refund because the store does not have cash, can you believe it - i hope this does not mean it will be going out of business soon.

Resolved return policy

I have been shopping at talbots for over 20 years and I have never been so outraged. I recently purchased a...

Resolved online price increase

Beware of Talbots increasing their prices online! I have been a loyal customer for years. I have noticed that customer service in their stores has gone downhill. However, when I call about a problem they try to do the right thing. Recently I have noticed online sales claiming additional 25% off and it is the same price as previously. I overlooked this but today I placed pants in my cart and was completing the transaction when the website went down. Several hours later when I was able to connect to Talbot's again they were $10 higher...2 separate pair of pants!!! Customer service claimed they could not do anything. I am not sure I will continue shopping here! Sad because this use to be one of the finest apparel stores around!

deceptive practices and late fees

I received a bill from them with a specific due date. I went to their website a day early to pay.

Their system would not allow the payment to be dated on my payment date and instead dated the payment two days later.

They charged me a $29.00 late fee.

No where is there a caveat that bills must be paid two days before the due date marked on the invoice.

This is a fradulent and deceptive practice. There should be a class action suit to recover all of the money they made from this practice.

Resolved talbot's is now a store of last resort for me

I shop at the Talbot's Outlet in Lexington because I can generally get decent clothes there for my job as a teacher. However, I'm really tired of the rude and condescending treatment I get from the majority of the salestaff at this particular store. They act as if they're too busy to ring up your order or answer a fact, they act as if they'd rather not have my business! I don't have this problem in other stores, and since my most recent experience shopping there on Mother's Day I've talked to several other people who say they've received similarly rude treatment at this same store. It makes me wonder what's going on with management if the sales staff are allowed to act like this! Talbot's is now a store of last resort for me: I'll look everywhere else first.

  • 93
    93palmer Jun 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered stuff online on March 16 and today is March 24 and still no delivery. Talbots charges a lot of money for shipping and it is a rip off. Furthermore their designs and quality of fabric is not as good as it was and they are charging more - not pleased with Talbots.
    I ordered stuff from Cuddledown and within 3 days it was delivered at no charge.

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Resolved talbot's is not what it used to be

Talbot's is not what it used to be. Just made a large purchase there in the last month and was very unhappy with one part of the purchase. The reason for shopping there and paying the higher amount is for quality in fabric and fit. One of the pairs' of trousers I purchased was made of the poorest quality cotton. I actually purchased two of the same style in different colors. After washing the khaki pair once, and before even wearing, the pants were extremely wrinkled, far more than the other color (dk brown). Even after ironing on a cotton setting, still very wrinkled.

When I took them back to Talbots' (a different location from the one purchased at) the sales clerk said their return policy has changed they will not take them back because they were worn (even though they weren't) and that I "will need to get the iron out and use it".

Needless to say I told her I won't be shopping at Talbots anymore. I would have exected this fabric quality at Walmart, but I doubt their sales clerks would be so rude.

  • Na
    Natacha Dec 08, 2010

    I just had the same problem...There policy sucks...Now i'm stuck with items i cant fit and all I wanted was to get a bigger size

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  • Pe
    Penel May 20, 2011

    I had the same experience. The items were unworn with the original tags. Full price was paid. They refused to take these unworn, new itmes back and refused a store credit. Talbots was unwilling to offer any type of compensation. Do not shop at Talbots. They don't deserve good customers. Shop at Nordstroms. They are consistently good and are helpful with returns.

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Resolved holding back checks and late fees

I recently opened a charge account with Talbots. I received my first bill on 12/9/09 and mailed the payment same day. A month later they claim that my check "must have gotten lost in the mail" and have now charged me $31.64 in late fees and finance charges. I called to request the charges be removed but they refused. I pay all bills early and in full. I am completely disgusted with this scam and will be filing a complaint with consumer agencies. BEWARE of using their credit accounts!!

  • michelle2010 Jan 11, 2010

    I have gone a online bank to withdraw money. There saw a new device (iPhone’s Credit Card Terminal) Have anyone any idea about iPhone’s Credit Card Terminal?

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Resolved customer service

Beware of using Talbots credit card and the late charges and additional fees you are charged. I've been a...

Resolved unprofessional service

I was in your 12 Oak mall location the week of Thanksgiving.
Shopping for Christmas, I over heard a pregnant worker talking about a black lady that was working there too.
I was very offended and felt she should have kept her thoughts to herself and not use the sale floor for discussion.
It was very unprofessional for Talbots standards. I did not plan to return to that location, but I did and things seemed a little better.
Hopefully that worker will learn that everyone is different.

  • Qu
    queenie1956 Mar 02, 2012

    total agreement! i heard a MANAGER say the other day she had ###s working for her!

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  • Ge
    Get_lost Sep 18, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The manager at Talbots, 100 Greyrock Pl, Stamford, Connecticut is rude, obnoxious and must be fired right away. She literally threw m out of the shop because I came in an hour before closing time. She says her name is Jeannette, but I don't believe her. PLEASE fire that nasty woman. She is an African American, older age woman.

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  • Ti
    Tinaos Oct 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Both service's are rude. And when a package is lost it's very complicated. If I didn't like the clothes I would not shop here. And the quality of the clothing is not made as well, product's are being bought from a bad supplier.

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