Taco Bell / 2390 stop 11 rd indianapolis in 46227 drive through

United States

Drove up to the drive through window, woman dressed in regular clothing, placed her arm out the facility window to take my debit card, there was a gap of 6-12 inches between her hand and mine, she did not attempt to reach further for my card, so i reached as far as i could to hand her my payment, then when she returned my card to me, once again she just extended her arm out the window not attempting to hand me the card, i then said to her "aren't you going to reach?" she said "reach out of the window?" i responded "yes whatever it takes" she said "no" and shut the window in my face, then when handing me the purchase she again just comfortably extended her arm outside the window without reaching the food to me, i had to over reach again to reach my purchase from her hand.
I called the store to submit a complaint and it turned out that she was the manager. This is very poor customer service!! and a manager with a poor servants attitude. She has no business being in customer service

May 15, 2019

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