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Reviews and Complaints

Taco Bellthe staff is unstable

When I arrived at this Taco Bell location, the dining room had just been mopped and there was no "wet floor" sign. That was the best I can say about my experience. There were approximately 7 employees working behind the counter. They were all arguing with one another. The employee on the register was telling (what I believe to be) the shift leader that he wasn't taking anymore orders. I used the kiosk. Then things escalated from there. The staff began shooting at each other using profanity, specifically [censored]. The shift leader yelled back at them to not use that kind of language and then turned to all the customers, as if on stage, and asked, "You don't want to hear that, do you?". There was no attempt to even reprimand any of the employees. In addition, the drink station was out of order and one of the employees had to get my drink, in which he spilled due to the chaos behind the counter-everyone bumping into each other. At the same time, he was trying to find out where the order was he had just made. Everyone was yelling and scrambling to find that order. The condiment station was bare. No napkins, no sauces, etc. This is not an acceptable experience anyplace! You could tell all the customers were just as uncomfortable as I. I inhaled my food and got out of there. I literally thought a physical fight was going to ensue among the staff. I feared for my safety. This location should be closed. No if, ands, or buts. Even though I know this will not happen, my resolution would be to replace the management as it is evident that their job is not being performed properly. I can literally cross the street to a Wendy's and have an unbelievably positive experience. Very well managed! Management makes all the difference. I will refrain from patronizing this Taco Bell again.

  • Bu
    buildere May 09, 2019

    Little boy, he is not going to reprimand the employees in front of you all. Besides if he did that then you would be complaining about him not helping you. Then again maybe you are Wendy's trying to make your competitor look bad?

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  • Bm
    BMB5 Jun 07, 2019

    What is wrong with you people!!! He was explaining the situation to paint a picture. You know...what normal people do. I just went to a taco bell in Bonner Springs and almost witnessed the same thing. That's why I'm on here. Because these kids don't have any respect or work ethic. This guy said there were multiple employees. In the Taco Bell handbook, it states how to handle employees like that. And yes, the manager should have immediately pulled the employee off the floor and reprimanded them. There were obviously other capable employees. If the manager had been doing his job properly, the employees wouldn't have thought for a second that they could get away with that crap.

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