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I am only taking the time to complain because I hate to see managers that are not trained to handle a very small issue. I went to the 6404 Glenwood Ave

Raleigh, NC 27612

[protected] and went to use a gift card that I received a a gift and that I have used this same card on several other occasions and had no issues, but this time the card strip would not read.. The young lad y clearly did not know what to do so I ask for the manager, said her name was of Piffany (sound like Tiffany) the manger stated the card machine could not read the strip and They could not punch in the number in to the cash register computer (which everyone knows or should know how to do on a computer). Told me I had to call gift card services and pay to get a new card, even though card was purchased at this location and has been used here before. I called gift card services and they immediately took the number and said the manager should know how to punch it in the computer and took the card. I hate to see lazy or not trained employees but clearly the manager should have a little more training if she did not know how to enter it into the system. She was clearly sure of her answer to me. So I have to assume she just not trained to do the job efficiently.


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