Taco Bellcustomer server.

C Jul 26, 2019

Good evening, this morning I submitted an order for tonight at 7pm for my fiancée to pick up at your Richmond, IL. I entered her name (Betsy) as the name of the pickup. When she went to pick it up through the drive through, they said they had no order for Betsy. She went up and said maybe it's for Chris. They said no and for her to leave and figure it out. She showed them her text alerts on her phone and they said they have no order for Betsy or Chris. The manager then started yelling at my fiancée that there was only an order for Christopher and next time she needed to be better prepared. I'm assuming the online order simply reset the name and just took the name on my credit card, totally understandable. But when my fiancée said "Chris", the manager said there was no name under that...rather than suggesting Christopher, she yelled at her about being wrong and needing to leave. This is very disappointing!

customer server.

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