Supercutseyebrow wax


I walked out of the Supercuts with two completely different eyebrows. My sister posted a picture on twitter (@asalwaysjules) earlier today and it's already past 20 likes because it's so comical. The employee started with "have your eye brows always been different sizes" and closed with "nothing a pencil can't fix". I went to Supercuts because I had a difficult day (was issued a ticket and my cat is currently missing) and was really hoping to have a positive experience to feel like a new woman and cheer myself up. This was the compelete opposite. After an additional $12 to get my eyebrows threaded (no longer trust waxing) and $45 on eyebrow product at Sephora, I can finally walk out in public. A $9 eye brow wax has cost me over $60 at this point. I'd really be grateful for any sort of repayment, although I'm not sure I'm prepared to ever step foot in another Supercuts. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.


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