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Planned a family get together about 6 months early for this hotel... Booked online 4 king bed, lakefront...

1 comment Mackinaw City Hotels

will not refund money

I booked a room for 3 nights through, for the first (and last) time. Went pretty smooth. Entered...

rooms were nasty, even found meth pipe!

Oh my goodness... I traveled a very long way making these reservation a week in advance. Looking on the...

bed bugs

Arrived at my room to find they charged the card used to hold it. I was assured it was credited back and they took cash. I went up to my room and checked my beds for bed bugs and didn't see any, so I put my things down and went out. I returned to my room late got dressed for bed and laid down. I woke up at 3am being bit by something. I jumped up turned on the lights and pulled off the sheets to find bed bugs crawling. I called the front desk and was told there was nothing he could do. I ask for a refund and was told no. I got my things (3:00 am) took the room key down and ask for the manager to call me when he/she arrived. No one called I called and was told we can only cancel your stay for 10/05 and put that money on your card used to hold the room. No refund for 10/04 I was without a room from 3:00am until 12:00 saturday when I was able to check in another motel. I will never stay at a motel 8 no matter the location and if I was the franchise I would pull my name from this location.

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    WAYNE SKAGGS Jun 23, 2011


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On 7/16/2013 I booked and paid $94.71 for a hotel room through to stay at Super 8 motel in...

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My wife and I have stayed at this hotel several times and have never had problem. This time on the morning of the second day, the morning of checkout, we noticed an infestation of ants. They were crawling on my soft drink can that i had been drinking from all night and my wife had bites on her neck. The owner would only give me 30% off for one night, we stayed two, and absolutely refused to do anything else. I contacted Super 8 Worldwide customer care and was informed that the hotels are independently owned and they refused to do anything to help me. I think this is pretty poor for their name to be on it but not held responsible for the hotel. I have pictures of the ants and the bites on my wife so my next stop is the newspaper.

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    Thetruthsohelpmegod May 08, 2013

    If that was your only problem at a Super 8, count yourself lucky.

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    Taylorh2 May 08, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You choose to stay at a Super 8 motel and have the nerve to complain about it ?

    You chose to stay there.

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motel policies & rules, privacy policy

Attn: Super 8/complaints department Confirmation No.: [protected]; Acct. No.: [protected]; under my name Serena...

bed bugs and won't even refund

This place has bedbugs we even caught the bug and brought it to the receptionist At the front desk After having huge whelps on my arms bitten up They wouldn't even give me a full refund wanted to reimburse only $20 After screaming at me at the top of her long lungs threatening to call the police if I wrote a review online about bedbugs In this location They will not want to refund you any money at all From the business aspect that all hotels have bedbugs Which isn't true And hotels would have no money if they refunded clients for their bedbug problem Went from playing dumb no recognition of the bedbugs to completely being full aware of the problem and knowledge of the present and past problems

live roaches

Let me start by saying I have stayed at several super 8's, days inn’s, ramada’s microtel...

Riverside Hotels

no refund

We paid for at room before seeing it. We packed our bags in from our vehicles to room. We couldn't find...

never again

We stopped at the Bishop, Ca Super 8 on 10/11/11 to spend one night. it was not a planned stop but we were too tired. the woman at the desk was so unfriendly that we almost left, but just didn’t have the energy. the next morning I sent my husband in to return the door keys and had him ask if there was a senior discount of any kind. He came out and told me the woman was so mean, and he never says that about anybody. we have stayed at many Super 8 motels and liked time but we will never stay at this one again. We go through there once a year to visit friends.

the people at the counter seemed to be from India anyway I wanted someone to know the treatment people are getting there.

charging us for rooms we didn't use

I was getting married and wanted to reserve a few hotel rooms for family flying in from out of town. We...

gave out room number

Front desk gave out my address, guest info, room number to a jelous women looking for her husband, She came...

Becker Hotels

Filthy Motel Bedding & Refusal of Refund

Our daughter and her family paid for a suite at Super 8 Motel in Florence, Ky. on 6/11/11. Upon arriving it appeared not to be quite as portrayed on the internet. The management offered my son-in-law a walk through. After seeing it, he wanted his wife to see it. Not great, but doable. They said they'd stay. After putting their luggage in the room they left for the evening. Returning with their five kids around 11 pm only to find there had been trouble there and the police were on the scene. They went to their suite to get ready to retire for the night. The boys were making down the hide a bed sofa only to find the mattress saturated in urine. Upon calling the motel office they told my son in law they'd bring up a different hide a bed. While making down one of the other beds they found it to have a dried blood ring on the blanket. At this point enough is enough. My son in law packed up the car and they requested their money back. The manager/owner refused to give them a refund saying, you did a walk through and said it was fine. NOW really, how many people during a walk through inspection would check the mattress of a hide a bed and the blankets of the beds. Isn't it logical to expect cleanliness of the beds and bedding of hide a beds in a Motel. A Corp. chain at that!!

unclean and unsafe hotel

My Family and I booked 2 rooms and 2 nights online at the Super 8 hotel in Wahpeton ND. When I booked these...

5 comments Wahpeton Hotels

bad hotels, horrible service

I am a V.I.P. member for Super 8 hotels. I travel very frequently for business. My last three experiences at Super Eights have been terrible. In all three cases, I have not received my wakeup call. In all three cases, this has cost me business. When I report this and ask for a discount or a free room due to their neglegence, they give me excuses. They tell me how their system doesn't always work. They tell me 'that is why they put alarm clocks in the room.' When I ask why this wasn't told to me when I asked for a wake-up call, they respond by telling me that 'I should be smart enough to know that something could go wrong.' 'That is why they spend the money to put alarm clocks in the room.' As though taking 2 seconds to tell me this would have been a large investment. At all three places they didn't care at all. Major credit cards seem to be on to this horrible hotel chain as well. They seem to readily refund your money when you discuss their methods of treating their own customers. Super Eight just doesn't understand that it's their customers that keep them in business. There is a lot more detail I'm leaving out. Trust me, I travel 3 weeks a month and I only stay at Super 8 if absolutely necessary. They cause you to lose business and then blame it on you.

  • Tr
    TravellerUSA Sep 12, 2011

    Wake up calls should be considered an amenity not a must have. If your have an "important" meeting in the morning, perhaps you should get used to being an adult and learn to wake up on your own. I too rely on my own alarm (cell phone alarm or travel alarm) and only use the hotel wake up service as a backup.

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I stayed at the motel at the 5-6 of September 2008, but they only charged my credit card at January 2009. The order was made at their website, and when I arrived they signed me on a registration form stating that the room rates are 59$ + taxes for the 5th of september, and 89$ + taxes for the 6th, with a total estimated amount of 170.24$.
When they finally charged my credit card (as stated above) the amount was 215.44$, and when I asked for clarifications they sent me the form I signed and a detailed "folio" where the room rate for the 6th of september was 129$ instead of 89$.
I should mention that when I left the motel and asked if I need to sign anything, they told me that every thing is according to what we agreed, and never mentioned that they decided to overcharge me for the second night.
Because of the fact that at the registration form the word "estimated" was mentioned, my credit card company doesn't agree to give me back the difference between the stated room rate and the final one.

super 8 motel

I was denied a room upon arrival at the super 8 motel at 728 horizon drive in grand junction, colorado. Many rooms were in fact available and full standard identification was provided even including an aaa member card and a super 8 rewards club member card. All normal and usual methods of payment were offered including credit cards and travelers checks. The desk clerk however refused to provide a room and refused to provide a reason for this action.

Multiple formal written complaints have been made to both super 8 management and the franchise owner, the feeley family limited partnership. Both the company and the owner have refused however to provide any reason for their action, have refused to provide location information for witnesses to the incident, and have refused to provide any information on the results of the internal investigations they claim to have undertaken. They have completely stonewalled and have not made any good fasith effort at a just resolution of the case.

I have concluded that after many months of unsuccessful efforts to obtain just treatment, that only formal complaints will cause this motel company to respond properly and justly to my complaint. Since they have refused to provide the requested reason for their refusal to provide a room to me, it must be concluded that their denial was based on what I believe to be unlawful and improper discriminatory factors. There is simply no other plausible reason for their denial of a room to me.

  • Jo
    joyce a. walton Mar 21, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife and I recently rented a room at Super 8 Motel on hwy 84 in Donalsonville, Georgia. Once we were ready to retire for bed, as we always do we scrutinize the bed linen from past experiences. What we discovered was totally unacceptable and gross, the linen was stained with spots of blood, yellow spots which appeared to be semen, and pubic hairs all over the sheets. Management was called and informed on what we had discovered, he came down and changed the linen as if everything was okay. He did not offer us a refund or another room, in which plenty was available. I will never stay there again or advise anyone else to do so.

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Paid 27 seaters bus ticket fees and get 44 seaters bus

We bought 4 bus tickets from the express bus liner Super 88 to travel from Ipoh to Singapore on the 5-Feb-2011 with RM 105/seat. The bus tickets we paid for 1 month in advanced supposed to be a 27 seaters Super VIP bus but on the departure date, it became a 44 seaters chartered bus which is a very much uncomfortable bus. The reason given was the scheduled bus broke down and the bus company had to replace with the 44 seaters bus. We found out that coincidentally 2 44 seaters chartered buses arrived on the same destination (New Park Hotel, Singapore). We felt cheated. On a regular day, the bus fees from Ipoh to Singapore will cost about RM 75 for a 27 seaters Super VIP but many bus companies jacked up the price because of the CNY and the demand of the transportation is high. However, it is very unethical for the bus company to replace the 27 seaters Super VIP with the 44 seaters hard cushion, less comfortable chartered bus without paying back some discount to the customers.

  • An
    AndersonSmith Mar 14, 2014

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  • An
    AndersonSmith Mar 18, 2014

    I do not know if it was "unethical" of the Singapore bus company; it may have just had practical causes. If you did not spend a lot, then it may not matter; but if you did spend a lot, then you may want to speak to an attorney
    buy bus ticket online

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dirty motel, greedy owners

We were forced to stay at this hotel because of power outages due to heavy summer rain storms in our town twice in one week. The Pakistani people that own this motel are very greedy.

The Pakistani people who run this hotel were very rude to everyone not to mention greedy. This hotel is primarily used for prostitution and they know it. My husband went in to make the reservation and while in line, noticed severy dirty and seemy couples reserving rooms. The clerk asked, "how many people staying?" and charged PER PERSON PER ROOM!!! When my husband got to the counter he said it was only him.

We noticed that people were hiding in the stairwells and in cars waiting for their family and friends to go into the office to make the reservation as to not be charged PER PERSON. This policy is ridiculous, but the owners and staf know that it is used for prositution and are profiting from it by charging PER PERSON PER ROOM.

The hotel is very nasty and not very clean. Hair and dirt everywhere, a ring in the tub that would not wash away. No microwave or refridgerator. Prositutes sit on their beds with the doors open calling to men passing by. Very dirty and pathetic!

  • Tr
    TravellerUSA Sep 12, 2011

    Well said Stealth Pilot! Why complain about "dishonest" people when he also did the same thing by lieing about "only me" and "hiding" his "wife" in the car so as not to pay the per person charge! LOL.
    When I travel, if I find the hotel to be unexceptable for any reason, I simply keep driving...plenty of other hotels in each town to choose from!
    As to the "Pakistani" comment...totally uncalled for as they have every right to conduct their business as they wish...if you dont like it, buy your own hotel and run it the way YOU want!
    SAD comments from a sad person. Get a life!

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