Super 8 1040 Bill Tuck Hyw. South Boston, Va. 24592charges on my checking account

J Aug 13, 2018

I checked into the Super 8 in South Boston, Va. on 8-10-2018. I later found out that they were charging me a pet fee that they never explained to me or had me sign for. Then what was even worse they have charged my checking account 4 different charges after stating they wouldn't and now my vacation that I planned back in May has been totally screwed up. traveled from St.Louis MO. to Va. for my Mom's 83rd birthday. Now that Super 8 has messed up my vacation money I had put aside, I am screwed. My reference # is 4080394. Super 8 is appalling to me

  • Updated by John Terry · Aug 13, 2018

    My reference # is 4080394. Our stay at this Super 8 was horrible. The safe didn't work and never fixed it. The bathroom smelled like urine. The remote did not work for the TV half way. I have several charges on my checking acct. now and it has ruined my vacation after planning it for 3 years from MO. to VA. There are 4 charges pending and now my saved up money is all screwed up, so Super 8 has ruined my vacation. Never again will I stay in Super 8. I am a Marine Disabled Veteran and I am appalled at the way they handled this. The commode was loose in the room and moved around. The remote didn't work properly for the TV. Now that they have charged me for 4 different charges my saved money is all out of whack. What a way to ruin my vacation. Thanks Super 8. I will go n social media and let everyone know who I was treated, especially with my service animal due to my Anxiety from the Marine Corps. Can not believe the amount of headaches you all gave me and how much you made my Anxiety go up. had to take medication for it due to the level it went to. Again, thanks for such a horrible experience.

  • Updated by John Terry · Aug 13, 2018

    Super 8 was horrible in South Boston, Va.

  • Updated by John Terry · Aug 15, 2018

    Well, its still going on. Super 8 charged me for a pet fee of $60.00 and refunded it and then charged me again for it on my credit card. What a wild place to stay. The worse experience I have ever had. They stated that they would waive the pet fee due to my service animal for my illness from the Marine Corps. I am a Disabled Veteran and I can not believe how they messed my entire vacation up due to the entire lack of policy at that Super 8. I will continue to post until I am reimbursed what I am owed. The headaches and Anxiety they have caused me is unbelievable.

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