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Okay, this is complaint is target really against 3 different co conspirators: Suntrust Mortgage, Zenta, and Accenture Credit Services. Here is the interplay: I worked for an "outsource" company by the name of Zenta, that was taken over Jan 1, 2012 by Accenture Credit Services and I was dedicated to working on SunTrust Mortgage underwriting account. I mention Suntrust Mortgage because, I believe, they were to principle "driver" of how we were compensated as mortgage credit underwriters (we are the people that approve or deny your home loan request): we are NOT management people, but simply hired labor BUT Suntrust/Accenture/Zenta ILLEGALLY classified us as exempt from overtime pay while requiring a 55 hour work week.

ZENTA and Accenture Credit Services is s****!! As a mortgage underwriter for SunTrust, we were ordered to meet unreasonable production goals- this created the need to work overtime- without pay!! There was constantly pressure from our team leader, Janet M Green and Joe Pickett, and Brian Nicholson (Suntrust person in charge of the outsource company vendors) to stay late and come in weekends! THEY PROMISED ME AND EVERYONE WHO WORKS AT ZENTA (NOW ACCENTURE) THAT THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE A WORKLOAD SO GREAT THAT WOULD REQUIRE WORKING PAST FORTY HOURS IN A WEEK!! They are such [censored] liars and I am in the beginning stages of a federal class action lawsuit for the non-payment of overtime wages. AS MORTGAGE UNDERWRITERS WE ARE NOT MANAGERS!! THEY ALL MADE US SIGN A FORM THAT WE AGREED TO BE CALLED "EXEMPT" RATHER THAN NON EXEMPT. WE (MORTGAGE UNDERWRITERS) DID NOT HAVE ANY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY AT ALL!! THEY TOLD US WHEN TO COME IN (BETTER NOT BE A MINUTE PAST 8AM) AND WE CERTAINLY DID NOT MANAGE OR OVERSEE ANYONE. BEING CLASSIFIED AS "EXEMPT" IS WRONG AND ILLEGAL.


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    Heather Leverson Aug 04, 2012

    I totally agree!! I was an underwriter there and they screwed mee as well. Do you have information on the class action lawsuit??

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    Outsourced Jan 26, 2013

    You definitely have a case for action. Similar suits have been file in the banking industry. Most suits found that a non manger must be classified as non exempt. One point of clarification: the lender would have no say in how you are paid or the number of hours you work. Contracts between lenders and third party service providers are based on per unit costs. The service provider would receive compensation for each unit worked. Your pay would be taken out of the fees paid from the lender to the service provider. Your employer would determine how you are paid (exempt or non), the number of underwriters needed to meet production commitments and how many hours should be worked

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