Suntrust Bedfordservice

B Aug 07, 2018

I have been banking with suntrust for over 20 years. I went into a branch today and have been here an hour waiting to simply get something notarized and still
Waiting. There are six desks here and one person working with customers and three girls at the front desk and no one can notarize? The lady working with the client literally was working with the client and looking up how he can file a complaint with the news paper about a bad truck deal. I had an hour for my lunch and now I am still sitting here. There is literally no one else here but yet water bottles on desks and lights on coats on chairs etc. this is terrible service been here since 11 and now is 12:05. Please Train your people to multitask!!! Wells Fargo and other banks always have plenty of people on hand to help but would like to stay at same place but with suntrust continually charging fees and providing lack of service may be time for a change which is sad when you have banked here for so long.

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