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Sundance Vacationsrip off

All I will say is that I will laugh my # off at anyone who will fall for their # sales tactics. Thank god, I go to depaul university and have some "basic training" in marketing. First of all, when someone has a flip book of # vacations that you have no idea what hotels and locations will be included, there's your sign. When you have "won" a free vacation, what does that mean? You don't pay a cent! In other words, no matter what they say according to corporate standards they must award you with a free vacation. Now, that means don't buy their crap vacations, bottom of the barrel crap. They are selling middle class people on vacations that suck donkey life, remember one thing... "you get what you pay for!"
When it come down to reading what I have written, be skeptical of the corporate monster. Oh yes, those people know how to take this fantastic session of writing, put a spin on it, and try to convince you that they are righteous. They have done nothing wrong, and we don't have two wars, a crisis in gaza, airplanes crashing in the hudson, and the uncontrolled abuse of american citizens! Put it this way, we are sick and tired offers that are too good to be true! Last thing I need is a cruise that will lead me to a timeshare presentation. # you sundance!


  • Me
    me26 May 04, 2011

    YOUR AN IDIOT!!! How you could get into De Paul University I don't know. I bet your professors would love to see your conjecture in a public forum! You are going to make a great Marketing Major some day. Good Luck buddy boy

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  • Nl
    nl3146 Aug 31, 2010

    I recently received the infamous "PHONE CALL" from Sundance. Sat thru the presentation and the selling vultures. But i'd like to get a response from someone who actually went on the free cruise trip. What was that experience like?

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  • Do
    Dolores Feb 27, 2010
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    I personally monitor the Sundance Vacations developments quite closely as do many of my friends and associates in the media. And although I perceive your comments to be intelligent, articulate and well contemplated, I am of a different opinion as to why the Better Business Bureau “revoked” Sundance Vacations membership accreditation.

    The state of Wisconsin “revoked” their membership on January 25, 2010, while their membership in another branch of the BBB “expired” on January 4, 2010.

    In both instances I suspect that the “revocation” and “expiation” was the result of declining to renew their paid membership in the BBB. I further believe that Sundance Vacations has concluded that the time and effort invested in responding to the overwhelming complaints was not cost effective and, therefore, allowed one membership to be “revoked” while the other membership expired.

    What I find most disappointing is that rather than engage in legal, ethical and moral marketing and selling practices, Sundance Vacations opted to relinquish their BBB memberships as I suspect they may do in other jurisdictions where they operate. I also believe that Wisconsin is less tolerant of their questionable tactics than other jurisdictions.

    Despite the fact that the BBB is nothing more than a paper tiger the average consumer doesn’t know that, notwithstanding the argument that a BBB membership may be a good selling point. I wonder if Sundance Vacations’ is still proclaiming the invalidated BBB memberships during their sales presentations!

    Oh, by the way Deserie, although I do my best to refrain from ad hominem writing, I loved your characterization of the Sundance Vacations’ communications director as a “myrmidon.” For those who may not know the meaning of the word, it describes a subordinate who executes orders unquestioningly or unscrupulously.

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  • Ka
    kay Dec 02, 2009

    I am sorry. For all the people that state no one made you sign up. You are 100 percent correct. IT is like paying for a car and the car stops running 3-6 months in. You are angry and upset. I have dealt with this company. THEY NEVER have rooms available (I need a room that sleeps 4 they have a room that sleeps 8.)You must upgrade. This is where the rip off comes in. They charge you upwards of 325.00 for maintenance fee every October. I HAD a room from them filled with roaches. I was stuck for the whole week and it took 3 months to get my money back.. losing out of my 99.00 . I need not lie. I am already 12, 000 in with them. I am the one that report ### room. It is the truth. All I am saying is give a person what they are paying for. Do i feel duped YES could i have said NO -Yes, however I thought it was a nice vacation club.. unlike Timeshares. I STILL say buyer beware. These are the tactics I have 32 vacations-12, 000 dollars I put 4000 down with 8000 being finance with NO interest.. Right Can't beat that! I have used it twice. The first time I had to cancel ..Note had to write to the BBB to get a booked vacation 3 months in when I could get a vacation. NOTHING AVAILABLE HOW CONVENIENT. I get the vacation and it cost me with flight 2000 dollars. Tan 500.00 .Had to cancel due to death in family Could get money back for that(flight).. oh but guess what couldn't get it from TAN because i didnt call 60 days in advance.. Well sorry should have told my Grandma not to die I had a vacation planned .. Second Vacation full of roaches. Now, for people who want to say this and that about getting a point across. IT IS A RIP OFF and it should be shut down. People cut me a break with some of these legitimate Business.. yeah right!

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  • Sm
    Smills Nov 23, 2009

    First of all you people who are mad should read what u sign up for. If you dont want a call, then dont fill things out. It is a ligit company, and they do have great savings. Yeah it might not be for you, but that doesnt mean you have to slam the company just because its something u didnt like. Not everyone will like the same things, and this world would be pretty damn boring if we did.

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  • Jc
    JCvi Sep 27, 2009

    I have no connection to Sundance companies - neither customer nor employee. My husband received the phone call telling him that he won a trip. After consulting with one of our friends regarding this phone call, she informed us that a few months earlier, she had gotten the same phone call and had already gone through the whole process of booking her trip. I asked her numerous questions, as I was skeptical, and most of what she said sounded like it wasn't a vicious scam. I figured we didn't have anything to lose, so we made an appointment.

    The casual remarks they make during the presentation and while they are trying to persuade you to purchase make offers more convincing than the actual talk of sales. The offers are lowered until you receive your voucher. In their defense, they have developed their sales tactics very well and the associates are well-trained and very smart. Even still, it's not a terrible scam if you are really interested in vacationing often for a week at a time. The longer you take to use the packaged vacations, the more money it will cost you.

    We got down to a 10 vacation package for $4, 000, with $100 down payment, to be paid over 4 years at 8% interest. With the addition $350 "membership" fee each year and the $99 registration fee for each vacation you book, should you use all 10 vacations in 5 years, the total will come to a total of just under $700/vacation - not including interest toward the purchase price. Adding airfare for each vacation for the number of vacationers raises that price in addition to extra activities (scuba diving, golf, water/amusement parks, spas, etc.). Should it be a vacation for 2 with airfare at $150 round trip each, this vacation is now at $1, 000 without extra activities. To us, it wasn't worth it at this stage in our lives, but maybe when we were older and almost at retirement age.

    I do not know the quality of the accommodations or resorts that they own or operate out of, so I cannot testify to that. However, I can testify that this is really not that big of a scam. It really isn't that difficult to say no to them; especially if you cannot afford it and your priorities are in check.

    Do they tell you upfront that you really haven't won anything? Yes. They hand you paperwork with that statement on there as well.

    Was this tricky? Yes. You feel duped when you arrive and see at least 5 other couples here, too.

    Do they offer you free airfare if you come in by the end of the week? Yes. They use various other sentences to make you feel more special and more exclusively privileged even though you are treated very similar, if not the same, to everyone who has walked through the same door.

    Do I think that it's cheesy for the company to post on here, again, trying to get customers to contact them? Yes.

    Do I think that their practices should be reported? Not necessarily. There were a few points that were stretched or maybe even entirely untrue during our experience with this company. Bottom line: we didn't purchase anything. We have no association with this company at all. Their attempt to complete a sale with us is over (so far) so there is no reason to report them. They haven't stolen money or committed anything like that. Their tactics are simply well thought out and just barely on the borderline of being a little unethical.

    Of course they are trying to sell their company ideas and products to you - that is what companies do. If they have nothing to sell you, they make no money which, in turn, makes no sense.

    Those of you who are sincerely against this company because of reasons you've mentioned, don't really have valid points. Out of ignorance, maybe you don't understand the concept of a for-profit business or maybe you feel victim to marketing and sales practices leading you to entirely do away with anything positive that this company really has to offer. If you could bend the laws to get benefit out of them, wouldn't you? They are as well regarding Do Not Call lists and other ways.

    Next time you try to argue so strongly against something:
    a) find out for yourself and make your own opinion regarding your own personal experience.
    Sites like these are useful as a 'heads' up' so you can go in expecting the aforementioned. You just have to be alert and skeptical when pursuing questionable offers. For those of you who did go through this experience, your opinion is only valid if you understood the entire concept of what you got yourself into. Those uneducated will feel vulnerable, and feel the need to make a nasty remark. Educate yourself to make an educated opinion.
    b) use language that is not profane.
    The validity of your discussion regarding your opinion of anything is incredibly decreased when you cannot use appropriate language. Conduct yourself professionally if you really want your opinion to be worth something. If not, why bother posting? Go back to the trailer park.
    c) use correct grammar.
    Again, the validity of your opinion is still incredibly decreased when you cannot use the English language correctly. Get an education.

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  • Sc
    scammed_too! Jun 19, 2009

    I agree with the legitimate business comment that rips people off. It is a hard sale, just have to work there and read the scripts! It's another example of BUYER BEWARE or in this case "WINNER". wait they don't say winner, it's selected, but everyone is selected, EVERYONE that fills out one of those forms at games, in restaurants, EVERYWHERE, and then they can CALL CALL CALL, without breaking any DO NOT CALL laws, should say PREYED upon.

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  • Ka
    kay Jun 07, 2009

    All i can say is Sundance Vacations is a legitimate Business that rips off people. They sell them vacations only to take their money and give them ### hotel rooms.. so take this how you want it IT IS A RIP OFF

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  • Wh
    whitleybree May 16, 2009

    Well, everyone’s first mistake seems to be thinking this is something they have "won." We, here at Sundance Vacations make it vary clear that this promotional item is NOT something you have won. So you did not in fact win it, we offer it to everyone who fills out an entry form, equal opportunity; everyone has a chance to take it. You are simply asked to visit one of our local offices for 60 minutes, no longer, this is because we have presentations every hour, on the hour between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and if we were to keep you longer, it would conflict with our next showing. This is not a free item. At this time, May of 2009, we are offering a 4 day, 3 night cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines to the Bahamas for two passengers leaving from Port Canaveral or Miami, Florida, your choice. This is a $1200 package that my company, Sundance Vacations, is paying for, what you are asked to pay is simply the port charges, taxes and security fees, which totals $189 in the off season and $225 in the peak season. The only thing we ask of you is the 60 minutes I mentioned earlier, if you are physically capable of sitting in a chair and listening for 60 minutes, you will leave with the 2 travel vouchers. You don't have to buy anything to receive the cruise either. You aren't even required to have anything on you to purchase anything with; you don't have to have cash, check or plastic on your person when you come in. We are also offering 2 round trip airfares, these are absolutely free, simply because we purchased overstock of them and they work with our promotional item quite well.

    My second item of discussion is the fact that if you don't want to be called by us, you simply pick up the phone and say "Please, don't call me again." Ignoring the phone calls won't do anything unless you want us to call you back tomorrow or later on that day. We have a 'DO NOT CALL' list and you will be placed on it immediately. Of course we're persistent; of course our first response will be something along the lines of "Are you sure?", or "This is a wonderful offer!” something to get you to change your mind, but that is because that is what we are paid to do. Do you understand that in our job, yes, we are paid hourly, however that doesn't pay much, we make our money by booking you and you showing up. We NEED you to come into the office because if you come and sit for the 60 minutes, we get paid for it. That's a pretty small price to pay to help someone out, don't you think. You sit, view a presentation, are informed about our company, receive a cruise and I get paid for it. You know, to become a part of this company I had to sit through the presentation too, and all I got out of it was a ham sandwich, you get a cruise.

    My third item for you is something you should think about. Now-a-days, everyone has or had or will be a victim of fraud, therefore we should all be wary of where we write our names, our numbers, our addresses, and any other confidential information we don't want others to have. When you see a contest or a give-away, you already know they are going to want your contact information, to contact you should you win the grand prize, right? You are also aware that on the back of the card you fill out there is tiny print that you should read, tiny print that is legible and is written there because you were meant to read it. If we wanted to hide it from you, it would not be on there. READ IT. In there it says that in putting your contact information on this card you are giving us the right to contact you for any reason, not only if you win the prize, but for advertising purposes as well. Hence the phone call you just received.

    Lastly, I’m just going to put in my two cents (the rest has been factual information I think you should know). Why be rude? If you get a call from me, I’m very pleasant when you pick up, why don’t you do the same. This is my job. I did not come to work today with the attitude, “well, I wonder how
    I can piss the next person off.” I came in with the same attitude we all have when we go to work… “I need to make money today.” Make my job easier, pick up the phone when it rings, listen to me talk for just a few minutes (we have this thing called ‘talk time’ and you being on the phone for an extra two or three minutes adds up as the night progresses), and tell me if you’re interested or not, consider that you spending that hour of time with us will earn you a cruise and me my dinner, my bill payments, my kids clothes and my home.

    My name is Whitley Bailey and my extension at Sundance Vacations is 112.

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  • Je
    jessicer420 Mar 18, 2009 don't listen well. All you have to do is sit there for an hour and listen to them try and sell you a vacation package. Which is also worth it if you payed attention. Plus, may i add that no one will pay your taxes, port charges and airfare. IT"S ILLEGAL. THEY HAVE TO BE PAID FOR BY THE PERSON.

    You got a phone call that you signed up for...and your judging to company without any solid proof of scamming. You shouldn't write bad reviews when you haven't been mistreated! They are a legitimate company with legitimate employees who are just trying to put food on the table for they're families. It's not like they're a foreign company who operates under 12 different names. They're located in the united states and it's very easy to just go there and see what they're about!

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  • Ch
    cheryl brown Jan 26, 2009

    Who ever sent this review is awsome. He frank word choice is bulleye

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