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33% of 3 complaints were resolved
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9:22 pm EDT
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I would like to let Caravan tours know what a terrible tour guide Lynn Swiriduk is: 1) she made numerous disparaging remarks about diet coke and that no one should drink this. 2) she publicly humiliated me on the bus for being 2 minutes late one day and 5 minutes late the second day. She forced us to be on the bus at 7:45 two different days (the day I was 5...

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8:45 pm EDT

Caravan Tours Inc New England Fall Foliage tour

Our tour began on Sunday September 25th. On day 2 the itinerary said we would have a brief visit to Feneuil Hall Marketplace, we did not stop there. On day 3 it said we would be taking the morning ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, we didn’t go until 1:30. So we only had a half day there. On day 5 it said we would be visiting the Norman Rockwell’s studio. We did not because we didn’t have reservations. Kennebunkport was marked as a day stop but we did not stop. I feel we didn’t get what we paid for. I feel we should be compensated some how.

Desired outcome: Compensation of some kind

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Chris Hager
, US
Oct 08, 2022 12:22 pm EDT

I was on the Caravan Maritimes tour Sept 15-13. After 5 days, we were in Baddeck, NS near Cape Breton (with Hurricane Fiona on the way). I tested positive for COVID (cough and congestion) and was REMOVED from the tour, even though I had paid for 3 more days and there was NO transportation or even an ER. I am 75 years old and solo. The guide, Greg Roy, knew the LOCAL buses. The Inn (NOT Caravan) found a driver who took me to a TRUCK stop on TransCanada HWY where I caught the once a day airport shuttle to Halifax airport. I found a hotel and was able to take my flight the next day. I had to pay for driver, shuttle, hotels and meals even though I had paid FULL price to Caravan. In addition, our food was just fast food places, we had to tip local guides, and even the Tall Ship (before I was ousted from the tour) was cancelled. Caravan and insurance company are useless and I have not been compensated at all. I am still looking for ways to complain.

7:48 pm EDT
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We took a nine-day Canadian Rockies and Glacier tour by Caravan Tours. I later learned that three unrelated travelers phoned Caravan Tours DURING THE TOUR to ask for their money back, or that our tour guide be replaced. (They were ignored.) The tour "guide" was SOOOO bad... he made numerous sexist remarks (i.e. he told us how a woman had been tragically...

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terrible guide ruined entire tour
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