Subway Sandwichessubway sandwiches manager theft and racial issues

B Aug 05, 2018

This is about the Subway Sandwiches next to the Dollar Store on Deer Valley Road in Antioch, CA.

The address is believed to be 3303 Deer Valley Road, Antioch, CA. The store phone number is [protected]. They'll be able to confirm that they are, or are not, the correct store. I believe that they are and I don't wish to speak with these people again myself.

My experience with Subway is positive in general, but this review is about a surprisingly negative situation.

I'd like to be clear that I've talked with the store owner and he's expressed no interest or concern regarding the behavior of his employees.

So, I'm not blind-siding the owner. I'd have preferred to work this out. Instead, I'll need to post this story on multiple websites. I've got better uses for my time, but people need to know about that store.

Issues involved in the story include race hatred at Subway, sanitation issues, theft by store employees, and broken machines.

If I go to a Subway store, I don't expect a restaurant-quality experience. I do expect polite service, a clean and well-maintained store, and to be able to make a purchase without an angry person of color taking out the sins of the white people that she dislikes on me.

Many Subway stores are nice places. The employees are eager to please and not self-righteous. This Subway, not so much.

If you're white, and you go to this Subway store, be prepared for self-righteous diatribes about your cultural insensitivity even if you've done nothing wrong and have gone out of your way to be polite.

That was the part that led me to lose my own temper when dealing with this person.

The last time that I was at this store, I paused on my way out and took the time to thank a sandwich worker for her efforts.

But the manager this time -- who I believe had been present on the previous occasion and knew that I'd tried to be supportive of the sandwich worker -- lectured me about her perceptions of my perceptions of people of color.

She was remarkably pompous for the junior manager --- one who appears to be all of 19 years old -- of a run-down sandwich store with broken equipment and sanitation issues.

I'm familiar with civil rights. My experience goes back nearly to the Civil Rights era. Civil Rights doesn't mean "mea culpa" to a rude and self-righteous child for being white.

This was about a broken machine at the Subway store.

The equipment at the store in question is poorly maintained. The Health Department needs to look at this; more than one thing may be broken. I plan to file a report with them next week.

The manager wasn't able to provide the meal that I'd paid for. When I asked for a refund, she was sanctimonious, offered me water as a replacement, and lectured me about ethnic issues.

She declined to return my money and threatened to call the police if I didn't let her keep it. In short, she committed theft.

I said, "I'll be happy to wait for the police and to charge you with theft". She then returned my money, grudgingly, but added hostile remarks as she did so.

I don't think that this is quite the atmosphere that the corporate level of Subway is hoping to see in its franchise stores.

The owner is Indian. He doesn't care about these issues. He prefers Social Justice for Minorities over the business of selling meals in a positive environment.

But Social Justice might start with addressing the self-righteous behavior of employees of color who are seeking to get back at white people.

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