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the treatment you get from the employee's and the handling of the food!

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4649 highway 43
Joplin, Missouri
United States
My wife works at the connecting gas station. she seen one of the employee's let people behind the counter. Let them make food for them and people that came into order stuff and gave them their food for free and the same girl had a boyfriend that was up their from time she came in to the time she left. so she told the ### manager their. Well i guess they found out about it. Because one day we went up their. Just to drop off a key at rapid roberts (the gas station) and i see her in their just talking with a coworker. Well she comes out and the subways girl boyfriend just follows her out cussing at my wife. Now i do have a one and half year old and a 6 mo old in the car. So i am asking my wife whats that about? You know and he still just screaming away. Then the subway girl comes out... starts screaming as loud as she can all the cuss words she can. edit coworker had to come out and drag her inside. Well her boyfreind is still cussing and screaming and we haven't said anything to one of them. Well my wife turns around and saids i eat their about every day so i have a right to complain. He told her to shut the f up. So i turned and said you need to get in before their is a problem because no one tells my wife to shut up. Well he takes his 22 year old self and runs inside cussing and screaming all the way. Now this hole time the subway girls been on the clock at work. Well me and my wife go to the cops. He calls her and gets all the subway girls info. and tell hers if she bothers her again. We can get a xparte she wont be allowed with 150 ft that means she couldn't go to work. Well her bf gets told by the rapid roberts manager hes not allowed back in their. The next day and that subway girl is just running her mouth at edith the hole time. Well it took the manager of rapid roberts to say hey you wont be allowed back in here if you keep that up to. To shut her up. because i don't know if the manager is their family or friend or incompetent. Because i guess she don't see anything wrong she did? I guess thats a ok to way for her employee's to act. I never seen anyone do that over a complaint. She was even cussing the cop on the phone. and her manager wants to keep her. So i have complain to www.subway.com and my wife called their complaint line. Now if the owner does something about it that would be nice, but i am not sure about that. All this happened in 5 month-2017 year. If theirs more i can do about this i would like the info, because i am going to tell everyone that i know.
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Subway - terrible experience!
2485 possum run rd
United States
Phone: 419-756-7181

Service was slow because it looks like the owner and his son our the only ones always working , waited about 15 min before being asked what you want then we ordered two subs oven roasted chicken with bacon and another Chicken he put 1 pc of bacon on sub and then it goes to his helper/ son he puts vegetables on a ton of lettuce and very little veggies and rings us up as 2 subs almost $9.00 instead of a 1ft long like the other Subways because it was same bread and both chicken, sat down to eat it tasted like dish soap and we could not eat them poor service bad taste on top of it, we eat at Subway all the time and this was a poor excuse for a business yes we are all out to make money and make cuts to do so but this place has went beyond we will not eat there again. We told some people they said pretty much the same thing!
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Subway - bad service!
United States
Phone: 515-532-6917

Ok you know what is sad? When you go into a subway and two high school kids are arguing who should wait on the customer because neither one wants to. Isn't that the workers job? I believe one kids name was tommy and the other was shelly or shell or something like that. These two were literally pushing and shoving each other friday night about 830 pm to wait on the customers. One was saying i am off the clock u have to get them. while i was there eating they were like wrestling in the back and using vulgarities. Not impressed.
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Subway - would not give me a sub for 5.00
United States

I was at subway on 04/11/08 . I wanted to order the chicken bacon ranch footlong sub which on the sign said any footlong sub for $5.00. I was told it could not get it for $5.00 because it was one of the subs not included in the $5.00 range. the chicken bacon ranch sub is not a special sub. It was in the list with all the other subs for $5.00. I had to order another sub wich i didn't really want. I would like to know why i couldn't get it for $5.00 ? This may be my last visit to subway. And the thing is it is advertised all over for any footlong sub for $5.00 . I call that false advertisement.
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Subway - do not go there
United States

All I am going to say is this: Anyone who continuously eats at a Subway must not have taste buds or a preference for decent food. Look at what they offer! Dry, tasteless bread, processed meats and cheeses (quality greatly lacking here too), dried out vegetables, and you walk out of there smelling like the place! I ordered a chicken breast sandwich and was disgusted to see the person pick up what was clearly a processed patio NOT a chicken breast, and it tasted horrible. Screw Subway I'd rather pay the extra to go to Quiznoes and get REAL chicken breast!
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Subway - poor food service and terrible customer service
6217 n highway 1
port st john
United States
Phone: 3216903391

Well were do I begin... I have been enjoying subway for many years... I used to think there quickness and friendliness was one of the greatest assets..but recently my family and I visited this location as we had recently moved to the area... when we entered the establishment we created with, " How can I help you make it quick I don't have time to wait.", as there was no other customers in the store. We didn't pay any mind and then proceeded to place our order we were rushed into ordering rudely getting cut off in mid-stream of ordering... The associate who was waiting on us incorrectly prepared one of our sandwich's... put tomatoes on a sub which normal would not be a big deal... but recently diagnosed with an user... I asked the associate if they could be removed I was treated like a 5 yr old child who just broke a priceless glass. I briefly explained my situation to her but was snickered at and told, " well you must have said tomatoes because I have been doing this for 9 yrs and this is the first time I have ever made a mistake on ANYONE'S sandwich.." At that point I asked to speak to a manager I was then told that the person I was dealing with was the manager in a very rude manor... I turned to my wife and we both agree to leave the establishment... my point being is were does customer service go and I always thought that someone being in a managerial position should have a little more coach than that...! Maybe subway's commercials should re-evaluate the modo!
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You need to quit wasting your time writing complaints and mabe they were hsve a bad day. Did you ever think of that you inconsiderate human. Mabe we will go to your job and complain about you you got that how pathetic come on GET A LIFE.
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Subway - they do not know how to handle bad situations
141 Finchley Road, London NW3 6JH
England, Greater London
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 77223006

Well... i was with my mate ordering a sub as i was hungry. The procedure of ordering went normally and i took the sub home to share with my sister. I had finished eating and so had my sister and she then pointed out that she found a bone (thin, long and pointy) in the sub that she almost choked on. I took this seriously and then went to complain. There was no-one in line and only one customer sitting down eating, so this was the right time to make a complaint (in case it turned into conflict). I told the man the situation. He took everything on board of what i had said to him. he even admitted it was a bone, and i pointed out that my sister almost choked and i wanted something done about it. A lady that worked there then walked in and got herself involved. I explained again what the situation was. She then observed the bone, and said by looking at the texture it was a vegetable. I was then confused on how she could think it was a vegetable. I made my point more clearly and she then started laughing. she then bribed me with a cookie. She told me nothing can happen, or i take the cookie and go away. I was not falling for this bribe. i then asked for the manager. He apparently was at home. After they had finished observing the bone, he put it on the plastic bag and on his plastics gloves and then threw it behind the wall. I then asked for the evidence back as they wanted me to come in tomorrow to speak to the manager. I then got him to call up the manager in front of me. The manager also said nothing can be done. He gave me back the plastic bag in which the bone was in. i went just outside and then remembered that he did not put it back into the bag. I went back in saying he did not put it back in the bag. They were also saying that they had put it back in. They were obviously trying to make a fool out of me. She then started laughing and called me an idiot. I then noted to her that staff cannot call customers rude names. i took this situation very calmly. I think all subway staff need to go through a conflict resolution training course because they have obviously not been trained. They showed disrespect and very bad customer service. The only solution was for me to accept the cookie. I was not at all happy about this so am now going to complain to their head office and tell all people i know not to eat at subway anymore.
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Subway - he threatened me and attemped to hit me!
United States

The owner at a subway went crazy out of his mind, pchyco! just because i made a simple mistake, he yelled the loudest and threatend and attempted to hit me, in front of so many customer, the customers turned red and were in shock because he made a scene. He acts and thinks hes a terrorist, i didnt retaliate, because im better than that, i seek justice.
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This comment was really written by Jashanna King of Clarion, IA
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i go to because i like to pay less for good and health food so i will never complain even if i get bad service when u are cheap somestimes there is a price to pay
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Subway - refusing to honor listed prices
United States

Twice (at two different locations in Wichita) this year, Subway has refused to honor listed prices. The first time, I chalked it up to the confusing wording on their sign. I asked for double meat on a six-inch sub, which was supposed to be $1.00 extra, but was charged almost $3 extra. Later, after scrutinizing the menu more thoroughly, it appears there are certain sandwiches that are *excluded* from the double-meat offer. However, the clerk should have TOLD me this, instead of silently charging me more.

Today, though, I'm sure I didn't misread. In addition to $5 footlongs, Subway has added $5 six-inch meal deals on the same select sandwiches. The tuna is one of them. The tuna also gets double meat for $1 (I asked at the drive-thru speaker). I ordered the six-inch tuna with double meat, gave my selection for chips and a drink, and expected a total of about $6.40 (tax is 6.3% here) at the window (I was not told the total at the speaker). The actual price was almost $8. When I questioned it, the woman at the window told me it was $2.50 for more the meal deal. I told her the sign said select six-inch subs are $5 for a meal deal (it's listed in the same area as the $5 footlong by itself deal). She argued with me, said she had already READ the sign, and when I asked to speak to the manager, she told me she WAS the manager. I politely asked for my debit card back, told her to cancel the order, and drove way out of my way to Quiznos where they DO honor their new $5 meal deal.

I've submitted this information to Subway corporate. I did the same with the first incident as well (and even if I was wrong then about the price of double meat, I *wasn't* wrong in thinking they had saturated my sandwich in mustard when I never ASKED for mustard on my sandwich to begin with). I got a letter back saying they would forward the info to the regional office, and to that specific store, but that was the last I heard.

Way to go, Subway.
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I am a regular customer at Subway, but I have noticed at a lot of times, the subways I visit frequently, people serving the food do not wash their hands, and when they do it is without soap. I do suggest that one person should handle the register and someone else handle the food, since it seem to be an on going occurance. I have had to on many occassion sasked the person handling the food to please wash their hands. Customers should never have to ask the person serving the food to wash their hands.
Thank you.
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Subway - legit complaint
New York
United States

I'm a former employee the Suway's in Hornell, NY and I have some legit complaints. When I was let go the owner accused me of running the buiness in the ground and it isn't true, it's the parents that are running the buisness in the ground. The owner's mother kusses the employee's out in front of customers almost on a daily basis and is rude to customer's. Would you as a customer want to watch the employees being kussed out infront of you? Would want the owner's mother being rude and nasty to you? It's horribble working conditions and going home almost everyday in tears, because of the horribble treatment you receive, it feels like you're in a slave camp. Isn't illegal in this country to be treates so horribly at work?
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Subway advertises $5 foot longs.
Many Franshised Subways refuse to take credit cards and only take debit cards for a fee or surcharge.
The surcharge contradicts the advertisements.
The surcharge is NOT listed in the small print online, on TV or on the radio...it only says plus applicable sales tax. www.subway.com has absolutely zero legal on the $5 footlong ad...not even plus applicable sales tax.

Below is a copy & paste from www.subway.com copyright Subway Fair use claimed: Taken from http://www.subwayfreshbuzz.com/menu/every_day_value/

Every Day Value

With SUBWAY Every Day Value™ you can have your favorite regular footlong, piled-high with fresh veggies for just $5. Lots and lots of footlongs, lots and lots of flavor, for not a lot of money. With value like that you can eat fresh every day.
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Subway - manager was very rude
Subway resturant
1420 West victory way
United States
Phone: 970 824 2900

My complaint is on a new Manager I believe her name is Nancey! Not only does she have a very Hateful, rude and smart ### attitude with customers i have also noticed and witnessed her being very rude and demanding to her employees while out on the line in front of many customers. I also feel the tension between her and the employees. I have been going to this Subway for many, many years but in the last month and a half i refuse to go there to eat while she is on shift! Knowing almost all of the employees that work here i truly feel they should not have to put up with that kind of disrespect. I'm am hoping that with my complaint and concerns that the Owner and General Manager will get these matters taken care of A.S.A.P !

Thank you for your time
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Subway - mistake in order
Port Colborne

I ordered 2- 5 foot subs and when i went to pick them up they gave me 10 reg. subs all with beef and ham. What was very upsetting was i called to confirm the day before and she said everything was ok. I was very disappointed because it was for our staff appreciation day. This was very upsetting to me. I had to order pizza for the evening staff. Since the new people have taken over it has not been the same. There is a language barrier between the subway personnel and the customers. The worker even quoted me $ 141.00. When i picked it up it was $ 60.00.

Very Disappointed
Sharon Kelley
Dietary Manager
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I am sure they realize that this wasn't written by a customer and instead by a disgruntled employee who is still working there and has it in for their new boss.

To the manager, Nancy, you better watch your back, someone you supervise obviously has it in for you.
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Subway - very rude behaviour
Subway restaurant
Deux Montagnes

I have never written a letter of complaint before however I guess there is a first time for everything. I am totally discussed at the manner that I was treated not only by one, but by two Subway employees that looked to me to be mere ‘children’. The Subways I refer to is located in Deux Montagnes, Quebec and the employees, one making the subs and her friend at the cash that both refused to speak English and were downright rude to my wife and I, who proceeded to deliberately blunder both our orders. Well, I decided enough is enough. I am the paying customer who deserves to be treated properly and with respect. As far as I am concerned if they were my employees, I would have terminated them both immediately. Furthermore why was the manager of the restaurant not present? I will not tolerate such behaviour by employees representing a Subway restaurant nor any other establishment. There no need for such manners. My wife and I simply left all everything on the table and walked out. I noticed security cameras and maybe it would be a good idea for the Subway management at the head office to review the tapes. This occurred on Tuesday, June 2/2017 at 6:20pm. The girls did not give their names, nor were they wearing name tags. The one that proceeded with this childlike mannerism had a piercing between her chin and lower lip. I do believe it would be in your best interest to address this situation and to ensure no future behaviour such as this.
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I am aware that some french speaking people in Quebec are rude to non french speaking people. Of course, they had no right to treat you that way.

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