Straight Talk WirelessLast product I will buy from you

W Nov 15, 2018

Name: william davis/ have bought several products from wal-mart by straight talk. No problems in the past. However, this j3 luna (samsung) is a crock. Your people cant supply a new number for a new phone. Why!!!??? I only need the phone to make calls for work & keep in touch w/aging family members in another state. Im homeless and barely had money to get this new phone. Bought it last friday! I have everything I dont need & still, no dammm number!!! Why!!!??? Your support personnel need new jobs. If you people cant figure it out, im out $100 dollars & still have the same problem I started with!!! Thanks for nothing. Have a nice life. Going to social media now. That works. Maybe you guys and wal-mart can get together & play jacks on the floor or something. Both of you guys are done in my book. Virgin is building a new corporate hq here in nashville, maybe he can help me solve my problem. You people are worthless & have wasted a lot of my time that I dont have to spare.

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