Steak 'n Shake Enterprises — food and service

Y Aug 05, 2018

We had just got here from colorado to visit my family the kids were hungry and we wanted to take them somewhere where we know well get good food and good service. So I took them steak ‘n shake we walked in and right away my wife said look at that floors they are uncleared I said maybe they were busy. Anyways there was 8 people the server came by and said are you guys ready to order I looked at my wife and said guys. No big deal. The server had a very mad look on his face 0 customer service. The food came out and the fries were very cold so we asked the server to get as some hot 🍟 he got as more fries and took my fries off the table. After a minute or 2 I told the server that I need some fries too since o ordered 2 meals and his reply was I think you have enough fries??? After I hard that I got mad 😡 so he walked away I called for a manager she came by the table I nicely atold her what just happened and all she had to is i'll take off your fries the bill I looked at her and said I am still hungry and she just stood there didn't know what to do.
I can hear 👂 the server and the manager talking about as. This was not a good experience at all and I hope 🤞 that some one steps it up and fix these problems because I will never ever again take my family to this location again. That is 😢 #364 server is jayson.

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