Stater Bros Marketsrib eye steaks false advertisement

S Jan 14, 2020 Review updated:

your ad for 1/08/20 to 1/14/20 for rib eye steaks for 4.99 a lb it does not say packaged or counter, choice or select. I did not like the way the package looked so i went to the counter and it was 8.99 a lb and i was told it was because it was choice not select but i told them the add does not say that, all it says 4.99 lb. I went to 2 more markets and it was the same thing. bought rib eye roast had it cut in half but it was the toughest steak i had, now i went back to market and the package steaks look like the counter seaks with pleanty of marble in steaks. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT Now your new ad says t-bone or porterhouse steak choice at 5.99 lb and i still have my receipt thank u. my email adress i [protected]

  • Updated by steveo1625 · Jan 17, 2020

    Did u see the ad, u do not know what u are talking about sorry? have a nice day

  • Updated by steveo1625 · Jan 17, 2020

    did u see the ad have a good day

  • Updated by steveo1625 · Jan 17, 2020

    look at the ad


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