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I have tardive dyskinesia it is severe with out medication I carry card with me at all times because I have been through the ringer with police and other's who mistake it for me being high on speed. Anyways, I wrote a check out at the checkout. I've done it many times now I should add I had to stop taking my medication because I developed an allergic reaction. Okay so the girl looks at my check and she says Just one moment she takes it over to the night manager. Jordan who looks at it and looks up at me and stares at me and then goes back or he comes to me and he hands me the check and he says we're not going to accept this check. I will admit that it was messy and very illegible but he asked me if I had another check or if it was the only one I had.I said no. I have my checkbook right here. I was going to write another check he said no. We just decide we're not taking this check. I had to use another means to pay with. I handed him my medical card which explains my disorder and he says what is this. I said it's My medical card which explains about my medical condition that people assume is something else. Oh nobody's assuming anything here. We're just not going to take your check. This was the most humiliating thing I've ever been through. Almost the other time was having the police called on me but that was taken care of. You know every time I turn around in the store there were two box boys behind me that had a shopping cart with nothing in it. When I went up to the register the girl. Got a call and staring at me and said yes I had two orders the first one I paid with an EBT card the second one for my dad I had forgotten my debit card at home so I had to write the check. I've never had a problem like that before there. I admit the writing Was messy on the check but they didn't even run the check and see if it was good or not. They just refused to take it. I'm really hoping that somebody does something about this because it's humiliating if there isn't and I really really will not go back to that store again. Unless something is done about him. I want an apology. You know I can understand if I hadn't had the card or I was putting stuff in my purse or whatever. But the fact of the matter is I handed him my medical card that states everything about tardive dyskinesia. He wouldn't allow me to write another check out. He wouldn't n I ain't nothing. He was just like no and was so rude when I heard it in the card and told him you know you need to read this. It's a lot. This disorder is mistaken for other things that people assume and he said I'm not assuming nothing and gave me the card back. I don't even think he read it. I don't know what else I'm led to left with to believe