State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / payment

Was told on June 17th a check would be sent to my Insurance agent, via next day. A letter (dated June 18th) and no check was sent that arrived on June 21st. I went to pick up the check on the 24th and was told someone authorized a direct deposit (I never did). My agent called Total Loss and was told I wanted direct deposit. I never did AND they had the account number for my husband's account, not mine. But, why did their letter say a check was enclosed? Well On the 24th my agent was told a check would be sent overnight mail. Guess what, it wasn't. The check was issued AFTER mail pick up on the 25th so it will be picked up on the 26th and I won't get it until Monday July 1st. My agent's office closes early Friday. Why so many lies? Now I'm being told that in order to send the check by another means (post office guaranteed next day, FedEx guaranteed next day) the check will need to be cancelled (it hasn't been picked up yet) and a new one issued and that takes 2 days? Really. Seems no one at State Farm knows how to correct their mistakes and no one knows how to open the envelope, remove the check, go to the Post Office and mail it from there guaranteed next day. I really wonder at the competence of this company. My Agent is wonderful it's just these people that need to learn how to deal with people and blame themselves for their mistakes and jump through hoops to correct their mistakes not blame the customer.

Jun 26, 2019

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