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I felt so cheated by starhub!!! In may 2010 I sign a 2 years (Powervalue 300) contract to get a iphone 3gs and I paid $ 248 for it, so after one year later which is may 2011 I go for early recontract to get iphone 4.. But the staff told me I need to pay $300 for early recontract, but if I upgarde my plan to smartsurf 700 which is $98 per month then I dont need to pay $300 early recontract fee... The staff also told me even next time I want to early recontact I also dont need to pay $300 early recontract fee non upgarde my plan anymore.. But but but... Today I went down to starhub and I wanted early recontract to get samsung galaxy s3 for $198.. They told me I need to pay $300 for early recontract-_-" they told me the rule has change!!! How come rule change without informing customers?? I really felt so cheated! I using starhub so many years already and I am happy with it.. But this time round I very very disappointed with starhub. This will my last time using starhub line after my contract end next may:~

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      Apr 24, 2013

    Can I suggest that people facing problems with star hub services to lodge a complaint via email to Infocom/IDA and MICA Singapore. They will help you to investigate and settle the issues. Upon investigation from the above gov. Authorities, star hub will take actions to resolve whatever problems that you are . The mentioned gov bodies have the authority to handle and investigate.

    I have very bad experiences with star hub just like the people complaining here. With their broadband and especially hp department. After some time, I got very frustrated and desperate. I decided to write to Infocom/IDA sg. Star hub render their assistance to me then.

    I hope the people here will seek help from proper channel for their grievances and etc...
    In my personal circumstances/ experiences. It is the only hope to resolve problems with star hub else they will just ignore you, keep transferring you to don't know who or give endless excuses etc... Which is a total waste of our personal resources, not forgetting that we are paying our bills to them. We are consumers, we must bring our grievances to proper channels if we are ignored or not treated right.

    We need to bring our issues to IDA/Infocom and to MICA, the gov authorities. They seems to be our only hope when it comes to star hub.

    I hope that my advice helps.

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      Jun 05, 2016

    I totally agree with you. I having a terrible experience with starhub today.
    I just receive my re-contract letter w voucher $100. So i went down to their shop to do a re-contract.
    I saw the latest Samsung galaxy S7 4G+ stated Original(S$299) promo for (S$149) now.
    When i wanted to sign it with my $100 Voucher. They told me that i cannot use it with their promo. Which do not stated on the voucher or the phone flyer. They told me that this is starhub management issue. There is nothing, they can do anything.
    When i call up the hotline. Same reply, i get from it. If i want to use the voucher, I have to use the original price.($299)
    If that is the case. Why do starhub send me this voucher. This is the reward for hardcore customer.
    I think i will switch to M1 or singtel. As they do not have issue over it.

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