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I wish to complain about a disappointing experience that i'm facing with Starhub and to my dismay, it is one that i will never forget and quite honestly i am shocked and disappointed with how the situation was handled from a customer service perspective. I have been a Starhub Hub Club customer for the past 7 years but from what i went through the past few days, i can see that Starhub do not really care about their customers.

One of my mobile line was suspended on 3 October ( Mobile No: [protected] ). I understand that i have outstanding amount that i need to pay in order for the line to resume its service. There was no notification given or even a call from any Starhub representative stating that my line will be suspended. In normal circumstances i would have expected the line to be barred but i should still be able to receive incoming calls. However, the line was suspended totally, and i couldn't even receive incoming calls. Immediately i made the necessary payment online and called the hotline number and requested for a service resumption. I was told that the line would be resumed in 1 hour. I waited for 3 hours and yet my line has yet to be resumed. I called the customer service centre again to check on the status and was informed that there is a technical glitch with the line resumption and they are looking into the matter. Apparently, it was due to some compatibility issue with the mobile wallet set up on my phone. I find it really strange because i did not even setup any mobile wallet function.

Nevertheless, i was patience enough and understand that sometimes technical glitches occurs and checked with the customer service representative on how long before my line can resume its service and i was told that it will be fixed within 24hours. I waited and waited till the next day and the line is still suspended. Called the customer service centre again on 4th October and i was told the same issue and that it will only be resolved in 24 hours. I waited again and yet this has not been solved and it is already the 2nd day i am without a phone line. I called 4 times on 4th October and each time i was informed the same thing, that Starhub is looking into the technical glitch and it will be resumed within 24 hours. And this time round i lost my composure because my issue is not being solved. I lost my composure and threatened to cancel the line and change to a service provider in hopes that Starhub would at least expedite this issue i'm facing and i expected the line to be resumed on the 3rd day, 5th October. Unfortunately, nothing changes.

Called the customer service centre again in the morning of 5th October and requested to speak to a manager instead as i really need to escalate this issue to a personnel of a higher ranking that can help expedite this situation i'm in and unfortunately i was told that the managers are busy and that they will arrange for a call back by 6pm. So here i am again being told to wait and do nothing for another day without a line. I called for more than 10 times and no one does anything. No manager called me on that day.

At the end of the 3rd day, i called the centre again and very frustrated because no one is entertaining my request and no one bothers about the importance of me not having a line where people couldn't even reach me. I was shocked that your customer service rep said that all they can do is to get the managers to call back and submitted the order to expedite for a service resumption. It was mentioned to me that they are based in Malaysia and do not have the proper channels to escalate this matter to a higher authority.

And this puzzles me even more knowing that the Customer Service can only entertain calls and repeat the same issue why the line cannot be resumed and that they are looking into the matter and that a manager will call back. I called more than 10 times and each and every representative mentions the same thing to me.

I really do not know what else i can do and who i can relate this matter to because even the managers do not call back. How long am i supposed to wait for my line to be resumed? Is there no technical support in Starhub to look into this matter?

I hope you understand the frustration that i am facing and i believed if you were in my shoes, you will be frustrated as well. Imagine that no one can contact you and you can't even contact anyone and your own Telco provider can't do anything.

I hope that with this email, you will be able to link me to the proper channel that can help solve the situation i'm in.

Thank You

Melinda Wong

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