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Aug 11, 2019

Starbucks - coffee not as described - told medium but is dark roast

I bought some Yunan coffee beans from the Starbucks at Terminal 2 at the Beijing Capital Airport on 23 July. There was no information on the package so I asked what kind of roast it was and they told me medium, which was what I wanted. However, when I got home and opened the package it turned out to be a dark roast. I don't like that type of roast and would not have bought that coffee had they given me the correct information.

I think they should send me a replacement with the right roast.



Starbucks - macchiato

Hi there I was in Collingwood this weekend at the Blue Mountain location and my order was incorrect multiple times. The first time I ordered a latte macchiato iced with just cinnamon no caramel or...

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Aug 06, 2019

Starbucks - tall hot vanilla latte

I have been going to the Palm City location since it opened. I've had a complaint in the past for which I was compensated for. This time I'm not looking for compensation. I just wanted to say how fed...

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Aug 05, 2019

Starbucks - starbucks insulated water bottle (vacuum flask)

Dear Sir/Madam, Yesterday (04/08/19) while traveling back to Dubai from Shnaghai China airport, I have purchased insulation water bottle (Vacuum flask) but when I filled it with water it is leaking...

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Aug 04, 2019

Starbucks - service

Today the 4th of August, at 8:00 P.M. at the nile city branch, the barista there was extremely rude and kept violating the line and talking to the customers in a very rude way saying that he doesn't...

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Starbucks - iced white mocha

I was at Starbucks City Stars branch in Cairo. I ordered iced white mocha with ice cubes not blended. The order was not understood by the barista so I explained that its not a frappacino it is white...

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Starbucks - not opening store on time

This location is ridiculous. They are supposed to open at 5:30 am and when I got there today it was 5:45 and pitch black. I had to leave and go to the Greenhouse location which put me 20 minutes late...

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Starbucks - the iced cocoa cloud macchiato

I recently discovered this wonderful drink, the iced cocoa cloud macchiato. But first let me say this- I have been a Starbucks customer for many years. I frequent the flagship stores as well as the...

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Jul 26, 2019

Starbucks - coffee

I ordered a venti caramel frappuccino and a cafe mocha, after waiting 25 min for my order I received what tasted like an iced milk with whipped cream and a hot chocolate. Couldn't taste a hint of...

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Jul 25, 2019

Starbucks - they don't call when the order is ready

Yesterday 25th July 2019 at 13:00, I went to this branch for the third time and the last time. The woman was sleeping, while the guy taking the order. He woke her up as it was getting busy. The...

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Jul 25, 2019

Starbucks - I am complaining about customer service - barista wanted me to pay for a small cup of extra milk on the side!!!

I am a regular customer at Starbucks Tawam Hospital, Al Ain UAE. I prefer to have my take-away coffee with milk and extra milk on the side, in a smaller cup, also take away. Since last week one...

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Jul 24, 2019

Starbucks - overall sanitary conditions from entrance, sitting areas, and bathrooms, etc.

On July 11, 2019 I was meeting with a client meeting at the Starbucks located at 11 E Central Street in Worcester, MA To my unfortunate surprise the conditions of this Starbucks was beyond gross in...

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Starbucks - no ice

I went to starbucks on 7/18/2019 at 5:30 am to get a tomato panini and iced green tea. well the sign said no ice. so I asked if I could still have the green tea just no ice and was told the brewing...

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Jul 11, 2019

Starbucks - treatment of law enforcement

I find this behavior from starbucks outrageous!!! I have been a fan and patron of starbucks since 1991, I will no longer be a patron!! I have been a gold member for over 15 years now. Police are not...

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Jul 07, 2019

Starbucks - arizona treatment of police officers

Unfortunately I am extremely disappointed in the way Starbucks employees in tempe Arizona treated police officers. I am waiting for the final story to come out. This is absolutely disrespectful. I have been a starbucks cutover for a very long time and I am on the edge of no longer going there and not paying for my family to get anything there as well. How dare you don't treat Police, Fire and Military with respect. This hate cop etc is being supported by you at Starbucks! If you have an emergency maybe you shouldn't be calling Police officers for help and protection!
This was in the news:
Over the past few years, the left-wing created a culture of hostility towards police officers and other members of law enforcement. Americans have witnessed this as various progressives took to the streets in protest and baselessly accused police officers of harboring racial prejudice. It's also worth noting that many protesters have called for the deaths of law enforcement officers and attacked police in the streets.

Sadly, the anti-police culture remains alive and well to this very day. On Independence Day, five police officers were requested by a barista to leave a Starbucks based in Tempe, Arizona,

Jul 07, 2019

Starbucks - abuse to tempe az police officers

I am so distressed over the treatment of the six police officers on our July 4, 2019 Independence Day! How can a barista be so rude and kick these six protectors of citizens out of the store at the request of one customer even under the supervision of the manager? I wonder if possibly that one customer felt threatened because that person maybe had a warrant for armed robbery or some other crime? That could surely cause one uncomfortable distress!
I myself would feel safe with law enforcement near as would many others who have no reason to be uncomfortable around those working for our protection. Some of these officers are veterans of our military who have fought for our constitutional freedom which our country enjoys even though Starbucks likes to damper some of those rights even for private citizens.
Yes Starbucks apologizes to the Tempe Police Department but will Starbucks go to the extreme to close stores to retrain the employees as it did a couple years ago for three young men asked to leave a store? My guess is it will not though it certainly should to teach some respect for those called upon when they have situations they want/need protection. I have had my gold card for several years but I'm strongly considering surrendering it as there is more and more disturbing actions within the Starbucks Corporation.
Respect and #backtheblue and lose the disrespectful persons behind that counter
Cindy Spiva

Jul 11, 2019

I find this behavior from Starbucks outrageous! I have been a fan and patron of Starbucks since 1991, I will NO LONGER be a patron! Police are NOT THE enemy! I'll guarantee if this person is ever in need of a police office they sure won't feel "uncomfortable" about calling them or asking for help. This is completely unacceptable, you really have to question the employee as well for even going along with this request. The person or persons that were "uncomfortable" should have been told to leave or deal with it! Come on people...get serious!

I too find this terribly upsetting. Our police are not the enemy! Is the next person they ask to leave the store someone who is displaying wearing a cross because it "offends" someone? I am offended by a lot of tattoos but believe in freedom of expression. I cannot in good conscience continue to purchase at Starbucks. Sad.

Bakersfield Christian

Starbucks, 👎👎👎The behavior displayed by the employee who asked officers to leave is totally unacceptable! Others in the store felt “uncomfortable”? Seems to me this is more discrimination than discomfort. Should a robbery occur I suggest these “uncomfortable customers” be called rather than the police. I was a regular visitor to Starbucks and purchaser of cold brew in supermarket. No more. Dunkin’ here I come! Dunkin’ app is downloading as I write this..
PShoemaker, upstate NY

Jul 06, 2019

Starbucks - no decaf coffee.

In May 12-14 we took a train to NYC! It turned out to be very rainy and not very warm. Went to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. I can only have decaf. No decaf. They never offered to make any. Went a couple of blocks up to another Starbucks. They had decaf. This was on 8th and 51 st. Much cleaner and very friendly. Other one I think was 48 and 6 th. Then a new Starbucks was opened in New Hartford New York. No decaf. Never offered to make any. I will never take the time to go again. Then tonight on the news We hear that police where asked to leave a Starbucks in Arizona because a person was not feeling safe because 6 cops went in to have coffee. Yikes!

Jul 05, 2019

Starbucks - I had to clean the toilet to sit on it

To whom it may concern.
My name is Rehana. I am a regular person who goes to costa and Starbucks. I went inside this Starbucks a few times because I had work to finish in the Egyptian embassy. The first time I entered Starbucks im city centre nasr city Cairo it was a big hassle I wasn't allowed to sit upstairs or far back downstairs because it was closed due to ramadaan. The employee literally was shouting.
I ignored it then I went the second time and I bought my coffee and walked out because they are very unmannered very minor skills. The latte tastes very bad at times if purchased from this Starbucks. I went a few days ago I'm suffering skin infection on my hands and feet I had a stomach problem and went inside this same Starbucks to use the bathroom. It loyally had stool spots all over it disgusting I quickly asked the staff if she can clean it they said fine but totally ignored it I spoke to the lady maha I think it was her name but she went inside clean the floors and walked out I asked her is this cleaning she replied yes I will not do more do it yourself as I had taken pictures I was literally in pain cleaning that toilet to use it
After that I spoke to the lady down stairs and they said the manager is off since days at one point she said he is here his name is Hassan then something changed they literally ignored it
I had to come home and take a shower all though I was in pain as it was
They had no manners of speech I will take this further because it was the most discussing thing to do clean a international toilet to use it because it was in a bad state the floor the toilets the sink hygiene standard are poor
Also they never give my change back when asked they grin at it !
Over whelming experience
Inside rehab city square they never have change when you give 40 le or 50 le loyally a con also the full the takeaway cups less in rehab city in Ramadaan I bought a water bottle my daughter Molly sat down to drink it and he said no get out or buy something it is not allowed to sit here if you are purchasing water and we were only going to sit it here for 15/20 mins and leave he did not let us
After that I started using costa and after a long time I went back to Starbucks a few days ago same thing they never have change
It's your company it's your duty to stay on top of things CHECK YOUR CAMERAS YOU WILL HAVE THE PROOF here are a few pics I have taken in nasr city city centre Starbucks
The most filthy toilet Owner Starbucks wow that is shocking looking at it in uk or USA they are pretty upto standards with hygiene
Also another thing the managers are never seen or found that's amazing!


Jun 25, 2019

Starbucks - caramel ribbon crunch drink.

I am a regular customer at the Starbucks at 800 7st NW Suite 305 Washington DC.

I come to store every morning for coffee. I usually get hot coffee but I recently tried a caramel ribbon crunch, that drink is awesome. Very sad to say, that within the last two weeks, the store has been out one or more products, that has prevented the drink to purchase. Whip cream, the Crunch and then today the special caramel sauce. I just feel as being a consumer that comes into this store faithfully, every morning a little after 5am, you would be able to purchase this coffee. I spoke with the store lead/supervisor, which I believe her name Marrissa, stated that this drink is only for the summer, and it will always be missing something. That really sadden me as an consumer that a corporation large as Starbucks can't keep stock for a signature summer drink, why advertise if you can't sell the product. This is just not a one time deal where the Caramel Ribbon Crunch couldn't be purchase, it's going on day seven as of this morning June 24, 2019. The store was out of the specialty caramel this morning to give the drink the caramel taste it should have. Shame on Starbucks to promote a summer drink and can't deliver on it, let alone have employees knowing they want be getting deliveries of certain items where the product cannot be available. Fix it Starbucks. I purchase coffee here every morning around 5:10 am before my commute on the train

Anthony Wilks


Starbucks - the branch is a mess

all the tables are dirty and filled with used tissue and dirty wipes with trays with leftovers from previous customers cant find clean space ti sit in it...and this is repeated on many branches .very poor one care to clean where the customers should stay and I'm not supposed to clean others spots to find where to sit! photis are from the branch is n Cairo festival city ...

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