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On May 22, 2014 Stanley Steemer came to my home to clean and deodorize the wall-to-wall carpet in two bedrooms. One room is 12' x 14' and the other is 18' x 18. They arrived at my home at 1:55 P.M., set up their equipment, cleaned the two rooms, and began to pack up their equipment at 2:16 p.m. This is only 20 minutes to set up, clean, and deodorize two decent sized rooms. When I questioned the technicians about this, their response was that these were very small rooms and just didn't take long to do. I am attaching a copy of the receipt showing the time of arrival and the packup time. I feel it's not possible to do a proper and thorough job in this short amount of time and that I was grossly overcharged for the service provided. Obviously, I will not use this company again.

Stanley Steemer

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