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bottom service!

I recently changed banks. As such, I need to change my automatic payment from one checking account to another. For nearly two weeks, I have tried to make the change through the Web site, which, each time I tried, told me the "Service is currently not available. Please try again later." Well, since my next payment is due next Friday, I felt the change needed to be made ASAP. So, I called customer service yesterday. My first call was cut off. My second call was cut off. My third call resulted in my being transferred to four different people, with the final one telling me "You can only do that online." No matter how many times I tried to explain to him that I can't do it online because it didn't work, that was the only answer he gave, presumably, due to the heavy Indian accent, it was the only English he knew.

So, I went to my local Sprint store. They gave me a red phone and told me to call customer service. I resisted killing the store employees with the phone, and tried again. I got a customer service representative this time who, at least, spoke English, but was no more help. She had no idea what I was trying to do. She did open a case for me and give me a case number. At this point, I told her all I wanted to do was completely cancel automatic payment, and mail a check. I was then told that once you create automatic payment, you can never cancel it, only change it from one bank to another. What?!?!? Then Why is that also a non-functioning option on the Web site?

So I came home, e-mailed customer service detailing my problem, and received this response:

Dear Steven,

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I understand your concern regarding the automatic payment option.

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. I can assure you that the difficulty you faced while contacting us was not intentional.

You have been a valued member of the Sprint family for quite some time. It has been a privilege to serve a valued customer like you. So, we will never intentionally have you face any inconvenience.

However, as you have mentioned that the specialist was rude, I do apologize for that. I am sure you will agree that exceptions are always there. I have forwarded your feedback to the concerned department.

We appreciate feedback from all our customers. If the feedback is from a valued customer like you, we certainly take action.

So, I can assure you that we will look into this matter and take the neccessary action.

Now, lets assist you in modifying the checking account information.

To do so, I request you to follow the given steps:

1. Log on to, select My PCS Wireless in the Manage accounts drop down.
2. Enter your PCS Phone Number and password and click "Log In".
3. Click on the "Pay Now" [upper right section] under the "Payment Due" section.
4. Click on Modify check payment' under 'Automatic Payment'. This is reflected under 'Payment Options'.

On the next page, you would be required to enter your checking account information.

So, following these steps, you would be able to change the bank information easily.

I would also like to request you to feel free to us if you have any questions in future. We are always here for a valued customer like you.

Thank you for writing to us. It was my pleasure to serve you. Have a great day.

Ragin B.
Business E-Care
Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

Notice that his solution to my problem is MY PROBLEM. The Web site doesn't work! Where our customers come first, my ###. Apparently, Sprint customer service reps are not only rude and incompetent, they are also illiterate.

Today, I am going to Verizon and change services. I noticed Verizon customer service was very highly rated by Consumer Reports, whereas Sprint's was at the bottom. Now, I know from first-hand experience, why. Of course, I imagine I will wind up in court before I'm able to force Sprint to cancel my service.


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    8186139630 Jun 09, 2008
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    without me cancelling their contract sprint when ahead and cancelled it without me authorizing it and charge a disactivation ffee

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    Bert T. Jul 17, 2008
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    I am a customer Service agent and you aint seen nothin. i work for teletech in guadalajara. teletech is a global company. Sprint/nextel outsouced a lot of their jobs overseas to save money...funnything is, the way we´re trained out here is so ambigous that when we are out on the floor taking customer calls on everything from problems with the phone to changes in service, and yes, of course billing issues, and i might add, we have questions on how to handle customer issues, we are always in jeopardy of doing it wrong. Only when our sales for new price plans, extensions on contract or new phones go up do we get help here by our superiors who have the knowledge of truly helping customers out. those who don't sell well are always being told that their "customer's issue resolution" is poor, and you may loose your job. The thing is, customers aren´t the respondants on customer resolution, but the "deported homies" from the usa-who speak english realwell- they are the actuall determining quality agents...the ones who have been patted on the back for ..uh hmmm.. extending customers contracts, mostly without customers knowledge cuz all they were doing was adding on a service, and selling pones that are suppose to be compatible with Sprint services and price plans.Yup this aint a joke. i see this everyday.Except my day off of course. Things should be done right. Plus i shouldn't loose my job for knowing how all this affects you all, and crying FOUL hear.

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    Scott Dec 24, 2008

    I have a horrible story to tell, probably will top Steven's with regards to Sprint..

    Sprint PCS Case#: C2120394. BBB case# 99231891.

    On August 31st, 2008 Sprint customer rep offered me a $150 creadit towards my account plus $150/phone (I have 3 phones) towards each new phones if I renewal a 2 year contract with them. I explained to the customer rep that all three of my phones are working fine and don't need any new phones. He then offerred me to use the $150/phone credit -- this amounts to $450 (3*$150) to use towards my Sprint PCS account for renewing the contract. I agreed to renew for a 2-year plan based on the conditions stated above that day.

    In mid Dec, 2008 my cell servicew was cut off, so I called sprint and found out that I only received $150 creadit to my account not the remaining $450 as was promised by the Sprint PCS rep back in August. The Sprint PCS customer personnel who answered the phone could not make decision and promised to escalated to the next level and have someone call me back within a week. Meanwhile the customer rep. tunred the cell service back on while this is being investigated. As the week went by and NO ONE from Sprint PCS called back.

    On Dec. 22nd, my cell phone service was cut off again. I made another call to Sprint's customer service that day. After repeated explaining my story 3 times to 3 different Sprint customer reps, no one seemed able to resolve this issue nor can tell me waht's going on with my case. Due to Sprint can NOT fulfill its promised remaining $450 creadit towards my account, I asked the 3rd customer rep. to cancel my service and told her I'll pay back the already credited $150 from Sprint plus any outstanding charges. By this time, April, the Sprint cancellation customer rep (employee ID AN252117) informed me a $200 early cancellation fee on top of the $150 credit will charged to my account. I explained to her the reason I renewed for a new 2-yr contract was based on the $600 ($150+3*150) credit Sprint was offering to me back in August 2008. Since Sprint was not going to fulfilled its promise, I'll only pay back the $150 creadit plus any outstanding balance, but NOT the early cancellation fee. April insisted to transfer me to the cancellation escalation team, and told me to talk with Joe. Joe did not answer his phone, and I left my name and phone number and asked him to call me ASAP.

    Today is Dec. 24th, 2 days later and 2 subsequent follow up calls to Sprint within the past two days, still no calls from Sprint. Made another call to Sprint to ask to talk to the cancellation team, the rep told me someone from that team will call in the next few minutes. That was nine hrs hours ago, NO ONE called... Phone service is still cut off...

    Not hearing back from Sprint on the phone, I am desperate to get this issue resolved, I sent Sprint an email stating my issue, the automated response back is we will get back to you within 24 hrs (see below)... Just like they told me on 3 occassions they will get back to me in one week, 24hrs, a few minutes...

    I have been with Sprint PCS from day one (many years ago). I am very disappointed with their false promises and its customer services. Everytime I called, it seemed each of the customer service personnel always trandferred me to some other departments... No one answered wanted to resolve any issue, or take the cancellation of my service...
    They promise to call you back and NEVER call back...


    From:Sprint Customer Solutions <[email protected]>
    [Add to Address Book]

    To:Scott Chu <[email protected]>
    Subject:Sprint has received your email (KMM57147707I15977L0KM)
    Date:Wednesday, December 24, 2008 2:40:24 PM
    [View Source]

    Thank you for contacting Sprint Online. Customer E-Care has received
    your email and will respond to your request within 24 hours

    The email ID for this interaction is (Re: Care #20081224141223 (Billing
    / Payment - Billing Inquiry/Invoice Charges) (KMM57147265I15977L0KM)),
    and will be located in the subject line of our response back to you.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint.

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    Dollfincutie Aug 29, 2009

    i as well worked for tele hell...and of course got fired for not following proper protical and not asking a customer that hung up if i had resolved her issue. telehell is the worse company every to work for. they have to keep 300 employees at all times and with the jobs so scarce even teletech is having a hard time keeping employees cuz they fire/or people quit so much that the door is always spinning.

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deceptive business practices

I filed the cancellation on the account on June22 of 2006. Instead of $200.00 cancellation fee I kept receiving monthly charges.
I and my son whose name is on the account, tried calling in July, August to confirm the cancellation, then in September, then on 10/17/06.
The plan expires on 11/28/06.
When I tried to clear the situation with Customer Service I had to explain situation to four(4) different people and spent 1 hour of my time ($50.00hr).
After five months(services not used) of unsuccessful attempts Nextel suggesting to pay $200.00 when the plan expires in one month, plus five months of not used plan services.
Nextel customer service trying to justify this as "No request to cancel on record" when in reality every one of the times I called, they would convince me that the request is being processed.

This is by far one of the most unsatisfying experiences. My family will never be Nextel customer again and definitely would not recommend the services to any one we know.
I truly believe that Nextel deliberately postponed the cancellation of the account charging monthly fee up to a last month of plan expiration and charge the fee on the last month of 2 year plan.

I feel that NEXTEL is guilty of deceptive business practices.
I also believe they are in violation of the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Services of which they are a signatory to.


  • Valerie Dec 27, 2006

    Not to even begin with the dropped calls or c4 errors. They have the most pathetic customer service dept I have ever encountered. They gave me the run around for hours just trying to figure out if it was a Nextel or Sprint issue, When I kept bring up the fact that their slogan states TOGETHER WITH I would get transfered to no man's land and be required to call back. The FCC or whoever regulates theses idiots should et involved.

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    Dolores Mar 05, 2008
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    I emailed the customer service and wanted to check out my contract satisfaction date. I have in writing it was 08/27/07 from them. We cancelled in December, 2007, they sent me a bill in Jan, 08 showing an early termination fee of $200. I called the customer service line, they said they were sorry, they had me on the line for approx 45 minutes and said they were crediting my account, the rep even had his supervisor come and approve it, he told me the next statement I will receive will reflect a zero balance. Nope, it didn't happen. I am still getting statements. They even emailed where they sent me to a collection agency. I have written letters, provided a copy of the email, called customer service they gave me a tracking number and said they would get back to me... they didn't get back with me. I did receive a letter back stating my contract end date was now May of 2008. I wrote another letter with a copy of the email showing I was told August 2007, I have heard nothing from them, just another monthly statement.

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  • Wi
    Will Apr 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been going through the same exact thing you all have been going through. Sprint is trying to still charge me on an account that has been closed since 11-8-06. I even paid the $200 early term fee (it was terminated early, so I paid it) and they are still trying to extort money from me. I finally got my attorney involved. His name is Alan Angelo and his # is 609 572-7532. I am ready to file siut against them. Anyone want to join me?

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service restriction problem

At the end of Sept or beginning of Oct 2006, I found my service had been restricted - I wasn't able to make outgoing calls nor was I able to check my voice mail. Due to financial difficulties, I was not able to pay my bill (~$276) when I intended to. When I was able to pay my bill, I contacted "customer service" (CS) to find an authorized payment center. Believe it or not, THEY DID NOT KNOW! They suggested I go to WalMart and get a money gram (at a cost, of course). So, upon arriving at WalMart, I shut my phone off as suggested in order to get service restored. When service was restored, I checked my voice mail. Lo and behold, there was a message from Sprint/Nextel letting me know they would offer assistance in getting my service restored anywhere from $300 to 15% off my bill. I called the number they gave me [protected]) along with a reference number. So I called and was on hold for 10 minutes. A message came on saying I could call a different number [protected]) at a later time. I called the 2nd number about an hour later and was put on hold for 40 minutes (thankfully I was reading a book and had my headset). My call went back into queue 4 times. I finally hung up and called the 1st number back. After being on hold for another 10 minutes, a message came on and told me, 'due to technical difficulties, please try your call another time'. They never took my call because I had already paid my bill. I called the 1st number Thurs, Oct 5 and was told since I had already paid my bill, there was nothing they could do for me. After ###, the guy said he could give me a 5% credit (a whopping $13!).

So, my service had been restricted and I can't check my voice mails. Sprint/Nextel thought it would be cute to leave me an unobtainable message knowing full well I wouldn't be able to take advantage of their 'sympathetic' offer. Why didn't they make this offer when I had spoken to CS the first time (about an hour before I paid my bill)?

So I sent a complaint on Thurs Oct 5 via their online website. I received an email ([protected]@yahoo) saying they would make every effort to address my complaint in 24-48 hours. If I didn't hear back from them within 48 hours, I was to reply to the email and they would let me know the status. The following Wed Oct 11 (6 days later), I replied to the email (along with the tracking number - NT20061005_[protected]). Today is Mon Oct 16. Do you think I have been contacted by Sprint/Nextel in any way? They definately should change their motto (their current motto is, "Where customers come first"). What a scam.

Also, when I signed the contract, I purchased an additional phone and service for my 14 year old daughter. Our numbers differ by 1 number, with mine sequentially coming first with my number being the 'admin'. Somehow, someway, my daughters number was changed to the 'admin'. Upon contacting Sprint/Nextel to change this, they said they have NO way of doing this. Huh?

Had I known Nextel would merge with Sprint, I would have NEVER signed the contract. Isn't that called 'bait and switch'? My service has been extremely ### since the merge including dropped calls (which I didn't have with Nextel) and delayed voice mails (up to 4 hours).

I'm not looking for a 'free ride'; I realize it is my responsibility to pay my bills. Being a single parent, financial difficulties do arise and the only contact with my daughter is via phone. I figured it would cost just as much to have a land line as cell phones so I cancelled our land line. I can't wait for my contract to expire!

Oh, I just want to say I don't blame the employees who work as customer service reps, I blame the higher ups for the crappy policies they put in place and the standards set for jacking customers around. I'm sure the President and other bigshots are living a life of luxury and really don't care how their pockets get lined. I feel sorry for the employees who feel they have no choice but to work for such a ### company.


Grand Blanc MI

  • Valerie Dec 11, 2006

    This is by far the absolute WORST and I mean WORST cell phone provider on the face of the planet. I purchased a a Blackberry 7100i with GPS and was told that was the only Blackberry available with GPS (a total lie).I will never use this company for anything and will resort to tiering two cans together with string to communicate before I ever use them. It is by no coincidence that their stock performance is dismal and C Level Execs turn the door quicker than your neighborhood fast food joint turns burger flippers! They do not back any of their products and hire sub standard employees.

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  • Tm
    TMAC Jan 22, 2008
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    Without question, NEXTEL and SPRINT combine to be the worst company for communications and customer service. I have spend at least 10 hours trying to resolve a NEXTEL screw up. THEY OWE ME $400 plus and they know how to take money but seem to have forgotten how to credit money.

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  • Ka
    Kaw900r Oct 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Sprint sucks on customer service. I was informed my phone could be used as a modem and now they want me to pay an additional $15.00 amonth for this now. This company is just as bad as W. Bush and his lies. Well no matter how good a plan i had at one time i will be leaving this horrible provider and maybe never having another cell phone since it is just bull sh!t anyway.

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rebate problem

Sprint has no facility to provide you with a rebate form if you did not receive one with your phone. They tell you to go to a Sprint store. Only after calling their corporate office in Virginia (do a search on "Sprint") did I get satisfaction. The Bristol call center takes corporate calls and you will find someone there who is not a programmed robot. They credited my account. Please ask them to enable Sprint Customer Service to email forms to customers. Eventually, I did find a rebate PDF file but after reading all the compalints about receiving rebates, I called the Cororate Office instead.

totally incapable of fixing their own billing process

This story now is 3 months and running. I paid my Sprint Bill in July and August directly from my bank and...

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sprint cancellation - doesn't prorate

I have 2 phone services(mobile) from Sprint. I wanted to cancel one of the phone. I called Sprint last Saturday (07/15/2006) and talked to a customer service representative, adked them if I can cancel one of the service. They told me Yes, I can cancel since my terms of service has been completed (2 yrs) and it will be prorated from the day we cancel the service. I ordered my LAN line from some other carrier today [07/19/2006] and called back sprint to cancel my service as of today. I was transfered to some other department and was told it won't be prorated, I have to use it until end of my billing period.

If that is the case, why did Sprint provide wrong information when I called them last week. Unnecessarily I have to pay 2 bills now, my LAN line as well as my mobile. I could have postponded my LAN line until the billing cycle had they told me correctly when I called last week.

wish me luck because I know I need it!

My family has been part of the slimy Sprint contract web for too many years. I'd get a new service if it...

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